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The Place de la Comedie, home of The Opéra national de Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon opera company in Montpellier, France.

Paul Palau / Courtesy of Sud de France Developpement

The Place de la Comedie, home of The Opéra national de Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon opera company in Montpellier, France.

Travel guides: Europe & the Mediterranean

Our original travel guides cover the best things to do & see in port

Travel guides: Europe & the Mediterranean

Cruiseable's editorial team has written the following guides to help travelers prepare for your time on shore during your cruise travels. Use them to prepare for your visit to a foreign city or port. Save bookmarked pages to your My Planner page. bookmark


Region: Europe / Ports: Vienna
Austria has the glory of European sophistication with breathtaking natural scenery. With influences from its German, Italian, Czech and Swiss neighbors, Austria is a mesh of cultures while offering its own unique history as a cosmopolitan destination of Europe. Made up of nine different states, each one has its own unique flavor to offer visitors. ... See more
The world-famous State Opera House (Wiener Staatsoper) in Vienna, Austria.
Region: Europe / Port in: Austria
Art and culture have a long tradition in Austria's capital and largest city, Vienna, including theater, opera, classical music and fine arts. River cruises along the Danube often take passengers to Vienna to explore the city's imperial architecture and gracious culture. If it's Christmas spirit you're looking for, ... See more

Belgium (Brussels)

Region: Europe / Port in: Belgium
Brussels is a fabulous gateway to the charm and sophistication of European culture. Even with the regal assembly of Art Nouveau architecture and fine cuisine, Brussels is a city that truly values casual atmosphere and café culture. The bilingual capital of Belgium is alive with French and Dutch influences ... See more

Croatia (Dubrovnik)

The historic fortified city walls and tower in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in Croatia
The extraordinary beauty of Dubrovnik, "city made of stone and light," has inspired countless poetic exclamations. A beautiful walled city of cobblestone streets, dramatic stone ramparts, fortresses and medieval buildings with orange-tiled roofs, ... See more

Czech Republic (Prague)

Region: Europe / Port in: Czech Republic
Prague is a stunning European city where dropping by a corner pub for a locally brewed Czech beer is just as impressive as taking a stroll down the street to see the architectural marvels, like the Dancing House or famed Astronomical ... See more

Denmark (Copenhagen)

Region: Europe / Port in: Denmark
Copenhagen offers an exhilarating mix of historic charm and youthful exuberance, a place where baroque palaces and modern Danish design happily co-exist in a walkable and bike-friendly city center. Its spires, cobblestone squares and weaving canals emit ... See more

Estonia (Tallinn)

Charming, colorful shops line the streets of Tallinn, Estonia. Book a cruise to see it on Azamara Journey or Quest.
Region: Europe / Port in: Estonia
Tallinn sits in the north of Estonia, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. It was settled more than 3,500 years ago and is one of the best destinations on a Baltic cruise itinerary. The Old Town section of Tallinn has remained mostly unchanged throughout the years ... See more

Finland (Helsinki)

Region: Europe / Port in: Finland
Born as a trading post in 1550, Helsinki now stands out as a world design capital and European cultural center. The compact and elegant city, home to some 800,000 friendly and helpful citizens, is laced with green parks, fabulous sculptures and ... See more


Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte, which makes well-regarded Bordeaux reds, in Bordeaux, France.
Region: Europe / Port in: France
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Bordeaux sits in the heart of one of the largest wine-producing regions in the world. The wine would be reason enough to visit, but there is so much more. Bordeaux today enjoys the benefits of a well-planned refurbishment that ... See more
Region: Europe / Port in: France
The city of Cannes (pronounced "can") is in the Provence-Alpes/Cote- d’Azur region of the French Riviera. It entertains the rich and famous while drawing a multitude of visitors with its world-class festivals, shopping and attractions. ... See more
Region: Europe / Port in: France
Corsica, the sparkling jewel of an island midway between France (Provence) and Italy (Tuscany), has a multicultural Mediterranean personality. Called a perfect holiday destination, the French hideaway beckons as a perfect little find for day-trippers ... See more
The Place de la Comedie, home of The Opéra national de Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon opera company in Montpellier, France.
Region: Europe / Port in: France
Between France's Provence and Spain's Costa del Sol lies Languedoc-Roussillon, a large region of southern France with a long Mediterranean coastline and a border that presses up against the Pyrenees and Spain. ... See more
Region: Europe / Port in: France
Marseille is France's largest port and one of its oldest cities, yet it often goes unnoticed and unvisited by travelers who instead spend their time in Paris or along the sunny beaches of St. Tropez, Cannes and Nice. They are missing out on one of France's most diverse cities, both in terms of people and activities.. ... See more
The Promenade du Paillon in Nice, France.
Region: Europe / City in: France
Located in the heart of the Côte d'Azur on the southeast coast of France, Nice is the second largest city on the Mediterranean after Marseille. The natural beauty of the region and its mild climate came to the attention of the English upper classes in the second half of the 1700s, ... See more
Region: Europe / City in: France
The City of Light is a pleasure to behold, whether it’s from the graceful bridges spanning the riverboat-friendly Seine, atop the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame, or among the backstreets and hidden courtyards of the Left Bank. It’s simply the ultimate destination for anyone ... See more
St. Tropez
Region: Europe / Port in: France
St. Tropez has come to define the French Riviera. The world's wealthiest and most eccentric flock here in the summertime. Some travel by yacht, and others arrive by jet, but all come to enjoy a season-long party before departing to let the small town recover again in time for next year. ... See more


Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Germany
Bamberg is known as Seven Hill City or Franconian Rome, a nod to the region’s medieval name for today’s Bavaria, Alsace and Rhine Valley. All of medieval Bamberg has been designated as one of only 890 worldwide UNESCO World Heritage Sites ... See more
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Germany
Since World War II, Germany's capital has emerged from the past and undergone the biggest construction project in Europe. It’s now a thriving, modern and exciting city, welcoming both tourists and business visitors. ... See more
Sunset over Hamburg, Germany.
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Germany
Hamburg is a beautiful and successful commercial port city that has been nicknamed the Hollywood of Germany. All of the German bigwigs call Hamburg their home, which is no surprise. Simply stroll though the canal region of Hamburg, dine in ... See more


Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Greece
It’s hard to pinpoint the one thing that makes Athens so attractive. It’s not just a museum or an olive tree or a local tavern; it’s a vibrant and contemporary city with a rich past. The three-acre pedestrian mall in the city’s historic center lies in the shadow of the Acropolis. ... See more
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Greece
More like a separate country than just another Greek island, Crete casts a spell with its untamed landscapes and ancient sites shrouded in legend. Cruise visitors will discover an island of ancient treasures, ruggedly beautiful mountain and coastal ... See more
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Greece
Mykonos epitomizes that iconic Greek fishing village — whitewashed Cycladic architecture and labyrinthine streets that are a crisp contrast to a shimmering blue sea. It has been as important a stop for international jet-setters as it once was for Venetian traders since the 1960s, when the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy ... See more
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Greece
A beguiling island that combines medieval architecture with beautiful Aegean beaches, ancient temples, and outdoor markets and cafes, Rhodes is a complete contrast to other Greek Islands. Cruising here is like stepping back into a medieval world of ... See more
Oia, on the Greek island of Santorini, offers one of the most scenic lookouts in the world.
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Greece
The words magical, iconic and breathtaking don’t do justice to Santorini. Recently I cruised on Viking Star to Santorini after a 20-year absence and became swept up once again by her Mediterranean charms. First-time visitors will be enchanted by the crescent-shaped ... See more

Hungary (Budapest)

Region: Europe / Port in: Hungary
As you enter vibrant and historic Budapest, it's only natural that your thoughts turn to Cold War intrigue, beautiful music and delicious wine. The towns of Buda and Pest, split by the Danube River but connected by eight magnificent bridges, combine to make one of Eastern Europe’s most striking cities. ... See more


Region: Europe / Cruise destination in Italy
The Amalfi Coast in southern Italy is as much a state of mind as an actual place. The endlessly deep blue of its sea vistas, the confetti colors of towns rising out of the cliffs and its seemingly endless sunshine make it the “go-to” place for an escape from the rigors of everyday life. ... See more
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Italy
Capri, known in Greek mythology as the isle of the sirens, was a favored resort of the Roman emperors. Most notoriously, the emperor Tiberius had his villa on the island, the location (supposedly) of debauched orgies. Those who displeased ... See more
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Italy
Florence is an architectural and artistic gem, one of Italy's most beautiful cities. Its storied history as a center in medieval trade and finance,  home of the powerful Medici family and cradle of the Renaissance give ... See more
A giant biosphere in the port of Genoa created by famed Italian architect Renzo Piano.
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in Italy
Genoa was once a major player in European politics. The Republic of Genoa called itself the Republica Superba, or Proud Republic. What's ironic is that Genoa's favorite son, Christopher Columbus, ... See more
Cruise Italy and explore Naples, internationally famous for its art, architecture, cuisine and wine.
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in Italy
Italy's third largest city is crowded, gritty, polluted and a bit chaotic. But as travel writer Rick Steves says, “This tangled mess still somehow manages to breathe, laugh, and sing with a joyful Italian accent. It's the closest thing to 'reality travel' in Western Europe — fertile, churning, ... See more
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Italy
Pisa lies along the Arno River, about six miles from the Ligurian Sea and 20 miles from the port city of Livorno, where most cruise ships stop before visitors decide whether to head off to Pisa or Florence. While Florence is more renowned than Pisa, it wasn't always that way. ... See more
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Italy
Portofino is the destination of choice for many of Europe's wealthiest tourists. Yachts are as common as cars and pretty little villas are built into the hills. The locals may thumb their noses at the tourists who invade this sleepy Italian Riviera town every day, ... See more
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Italy
Rome, one of the oldest named cities in the world, dazzles the eyes at every turn with glorious architecture and lively piazzas adorned with elaborate fountains and sculpture. Innumerable sidewalk cafes serve as places to perch while art- or ... See more
Pacific Princess cruises through picturesque Sorrento, Italy.
Region: Europe / Cruise destination in: Italy
Sorrento has long held a special place in the heart of Italians. Its rugged beauty has attracted poets, philosophers, playwrights and authors for centuries. Roman mythology places Sorrento as the spot where sailors were lured to their death by the songs of the sirens ... See more
Region: Europe / Port in: Italy
You know before you go that this city of islands and canals is like no other. But not until you see with your own eyes (and smell with your own nose) can you appreciate the sublime colors, exquisite (if crumbling) architecture and the dense mantle of  ... See more


Region: Europe
Growing up in a Maltese family, I heard time and time again about Malta’s natural beauty, ancient ruins and charming, sun-drenched towns. By all accounts, it was an island of blissful perfection where time paused and ancient ruins co-existed with a young, vibrant Maltese culture. ... See more

Monaco (Monte Carlo)

Monte Carlo
Region: Europe / Port in: Monaco
Monte Carlo is synonymous with three things: high rollers at casino tables, the Formula 1 Grand Prix and Princess Grace, with maybe a James Bond movie or two thrown in for good measure. Travelers and cruise passengers can make the most of a day trip to ... See more

Montenegro (Kotor)

Region: Europe / Port in: Montenegro
Spectacularly beautiful, steeped in history and more accessible than other medieval outposts like Dubrovnik or Rhodes, Kotor sits on a gleaming jade-colored bay, wedged in by towering limestone cliffs and a steep stone stairway, straight out of a storybook ... See more

Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Region: Europe / Port in: the Netherlands
Art, architecture, history, canals, ethnic foods and nightlife — Amsterdam boasts big city chops while retaining a certain counterculture charm. Both hip and historic, Amsterdam is an eclectic mix of cyclists, street artists and musicians, stately canal ... See more


Region: Europe / Ports: Bergen, Oslo
Norway offers cruise passengers some of the most spectacular coastal scenery anywhere. And great adventures await by taking excursions along the fjords and up into the mountains and meadows. Oslo is rich in museums and cultural offerings, especially ... See more
Region: Europe / Port in: Norway
Bergen is a picturesque city in the western part of Norway. Bergen is a beautiful and diverse city with world-class museums — the Bergen Art Museum in particular is a real gem. The visual splendor of Bergen is remarkable, and you will never tire of this ... See more
Region: Europe / Port in: Norway
Oslo is one of the oldest capitals in Scandinavia. Because of increased interest in tourism, Oslo has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade. Just 20 or 30 years ago, visitors to Oslo would have had to rely solely on the intrinsic beauty of the area ... See more


Guests will marvel at majestic scenery as Uniworld's Queen Isabel makes her journey along the serene Douro River Valley in Portugal and Spain.
Region: Europe
Portugal, especially beyond its cities, is a country dreamily contemplating its powerful past while enjoying the present with just a touch of gentle ruefulness. The Atlantic that surrounds half of this small nation defines the Portuguese, who used their seafaring genius to build a global economic empire ... See more
Region: Europe
The exquisite city of Funchal, on Portugal's island of Madeira, is a place of incredible lights and sights, dreamy sunsets and gorgeous scenery. The wildlife in the surrounding area is remarkable, and the museums are outstanding. Funchal is an architecturally diverse city ... See more
Visit Lisbon, Portugal. with trained tour guides while sailing on Crystal Serenity.
Region: Europe / Port in: Portugal
Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, was the crown jewel of the Portuguese maritime trading empire in its heyday; it was built by traders who roamed the world and their global view is reflected in Lisbon today. It has the great palaces and churches ... See more

Russia (St. Petersburg)

St. Petersburg
Region: Europe / Port in: Russia
Fashioned by Peter the Great as Russia’s window on the West, St. Petersburg recalls the heyday of the tsars, yet is cosmopolitan and up-to-the-minute. Whether you're visiting for just a few hours on a cruise stopover or spending a couple days in St. Petersburg ... See more


Region: Europe
Spain evokes images of whirling flamenco dancers, ritualistic bullfights, medieval Moorish palaces and sunny beaches. Located on the Iberian Peninsula, the partying pais — the Spanish word for country — is known for its relaxed lifestyle, late-night meals and all-night party scene. ... See more
Region: Europe / Port in: Spain
Barcelona is a beautiful, vibrant city, full of what European cities are known for: outdoor markets, restaurants, shops, museums and churches. The city offers an extensive and reliable Metro system when you want to travel a distance, but don't resist ... See more
Canary Islands
Region: Europe / Port in: Spain
The Canary Islands, a beautiful Spanish archipelago just off the northwest coast of mainland Africa, have been an exquisite getaway for cruisers in the know for some time. The islands are subtropical, and even the winter months are relatively mild, offering travelers virtually perfect weather year-round. ... See more
Region: Europe / Port in: Spain
Where sandy beaches lead to the picturesque landscape, the Balearic Islands of Spain are majestic jewels that sparkle in the Mediterranean Sea. The archipelago consists of five major islands: Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Formentera and Cabrera. .... See more
El Tajo, the historic bridge in Ronda in Spain's province of Málaga
Region: Europe / Port in: Spain
Málaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, is home to 550,000 residents and is a marvelous city for visiting and sightseeing. Its wide array of activities and interesting features will have you begging for more. .... See more
The most popular marina for Mediterranean yacht owners and a host of international celebrities is Puerto Portals in Mallorca. Majorca is also the longtime home of tennis star Rafael Nadal.
Region: Europe / Port in: Spain
The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca, also known as Majorca, is a wind-swept island in the Mediterranean Sea about 130 miles from Barcelona. Defined by steep jagged cliffs, thousand-year-old olive groves, ancient architecture, a coastline stretching some 350 miles and sunlit beaches, it's not surprising that ... See more
Region: Europe / Port in: Spain
Seville, a cruise port and the capital of Spain's Andalusia region, has become famous simply for its beauty. The intrinsic splendor of the region has been complemented by amazing manmade architecture, combining to form one of the most visually appealing cities ... See more

Sweden (Stockholm)

Region: Europe / Port in: Sweden
Stockholm may be the cultural, media, political and economic center of Sweden, but it's also an exquisite town for visitors. Consisting of 14 small islands on Lake Malaren, Sweden’s capital city is an organized maze of narrow cobblestone streets; stone ... See more

United Kingdom (London)

Region: Europe / Port in: the United Kingdom
As one of the most internationally diverse and cosmopolitan destinations in the world, it’s with good reason that London entertains over 27 million visitors a year. With a rich heritage and history that greets you everywhere you go, present-day London ... See more
Region: Europe / Port in: the United Kingdom
The British overseas territory of Gibraltar, a picturesque global landmark at the entrance of the Mediterranean, is a popular port of call for many cruise ships, especially during the summer season. ... See more

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