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Spectacular Bora Bora: Built to navigate the narrow inlets of French Polynesia, the Paul Gauguin can maneuver from open ocean to shallow lagoon as nimbly as a yacht.

Courtesy of Paul Gauguin Cruises

Spectacular Bora Bora: Built to navigate the narrow inlets of French Polynesia, the Paul Gauguin can maneuver from open ocean to shallow lagoon as nimbly as a yacht.

Travel guides: Australia, New Zealand & Pacific

Our original travel guides cover the best things to do & see in port

Travel guides: Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific

Cruiseable's editorial team has written the following guides to help travelers prepare for your time on shore during your cruise travels. Use them to prepare for your visit to a foreign city or port. Save bookmarked pages to your My Planner page. bookmark


Region: Australia
There are a lot of natural wonders Down Under, and the best way to experience a lot of them is by cruise ship. Whether you venture into the wild or visit a nature preserve, it's a memorable experience to observe wild parakeets, kangaroos and koalas or to explore the incredible reefs below the surface of the sea. ... See more
Region: Australia / Port in: Australia
Adelaide, with a population of 1.3 million, is the capital of the province of South Australia, with a population of 1.6 million covering an area slightly larger than Texas. That means lots of open space. So, enjoy Adelaide, but leave time to explore the gorgeous coastal areas and the South Australian Outback. ... See more
Region: Australia / Port in: Australia
Brisbane, a playground for the culturally inclined, is an electric meld of old and new. Its cluster of colonial structures stand alongside modern skyscrapers stretching along the Brisbane River, earning the city its nickname of "New World City." ... See more
Region: Australia / Port in: Australia
Cairns is a naturalist's heaven. The city offers everything from perfect beaches to a pristine rain forest. Just offshore is the world-famous Great Barrier Reef. The emphasis in Cairns is clearly on nature and natural wonders. You'll find that most activities in town are geared toward getting you out to the reef or to exploring the nearby Wet Tropics Rain Forest. ... See more
People enjoy drinks at the Rooftop Bar & Cinema at Curtin House at twilight in Melbourne.
Region: Australia / Port in: Australia
Lively cosmopolitan Melbourne offers everything most visitors want in a city destination: great shopping, nightlife, entertainment and culture all in a fairly condensed urban package. Located on the southeast coast of Australia in the state of Victoria, Melbourne has long been a center for performing and visual arts. ... See more
Region: Australia / Port in: Australia
Sydney greets visitors with one of the world’s most spectacular harbors, marked by the sail-roofed Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and thousands of yachts bobbing in azure waters. The city's OPT terminal offers just-arriving cruise passengers access ... See more

New Zealand

Region: Australia & New Zealand / Port in: New Zealand
Auckland is a spectacular mash-up of urban sophistication, Maori culture, mountains, sea, wineries and heart-thumping adventure. It's also one of the friendliest places on the planet. Known as the City of Sails thanks to a boat-loving population, ... See more

Pacific/South Pacific

Region: South Pacific / Port in: Indonesia
Seaside resorts and ancient Hindu culture exist side by side on this alluring island. While Bali has its share of pleasant beaches, even more arresting beauty lies in its interior landscape of emerald green terraced rice fields, waterfalls and volcanic ... See more
Region: Pacific
The small island of Bora Bora is only 18 miles in circumference, but it’s home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and waters, and the luxurious pampering resorts with overwater bungalows and thatched roofs we dream of for our ultimate retreats. Add to that scenery the sharply rising Mount Otemanu ... See more
Region: Pacific
About 1,600 miles east of Australia, Fiji's 333 idyllic islands (110 of which are inhabited) are made for romance and destination weddings, and they're also perfect for travelers looking for an active vacation or for big swaths of relaxation. A few years back I decided to splurge a little by heading to the South Seas for two blissed-out weeks. ... See more
Region: Pacific
The Galapagos Islands, straddling the equator 600 miles west of Ecuador in the Pacific, are among the few places on Earth where visitors can get a feel for what the world was like before the arrival of man. The archipelago’s 18 islands and 107 rocks and islets, undisturbed by humans until the whaling era, are today a protected wildlife sanctuary and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. ... See more
Region: South Pacific
Tahiti, the main island of French Polynesia, is almost like two islands in one: the main area of Tahiti Nui, home to the bustling port of Papeete and major tourist attractions; and Tahiti Iti, a laid-back region of small villages, lush mountains and ... See more
Sailors and fishermen populate the harbor at Papeete on Tahiti.
Region: South Pacific
Papeete, capital of Tahiti and arguably the epicenter of French Polynesia, offers visitors a tropical paradise laced with a French flair. Papeete is bordered by an aqua-blue sea and gorgeous beaches rimmed with palm trees. The landscape is downright magnificent, and the people are friendly and helpful. ... See more
Tropical fish in Tonga.
Region: South Pacific
From steep, active volcanoes to low coral atolls, Tonga's 176 islands offer a wealth of backdrops. The "Friendly Islands" archipelago of Tonga in the South Pacific is imbued with an unspoiled beauty and laid-back vibe that travelers find alluring, whether relaxing on its white sandy beaches, snorkeling or diving in its gorgeous coral reefs, ... See more

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