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  • Abbey-Lerins-Cannes-France - The fortified monastery of Abbey Lérins on Île Saint-Honorat, about a mile off shore from Cannes in the French Riviera.
  • art-park-Cannes-France - Art in the Park in Cannes in the south of France.
  • chapel-Grasse-Cannes-France - The Blessed Sacrament Chapel in Grasse, outside of Cannes, France.
  • windsurfers-Cannes-France - Windsurfers in Cannes, France.
  • Valbonne-Cannes-France - Walking toward the square in Valbonne, outside of Cannes, France.
  • shop-Cannes-France - A shop window in Cannes, France.
  • Gorges-Du-Verdon-Cannes-France - The Gorges Du Verdon near Cannes, France.
  • windows-Cannes-France - Windows of Cannes, France.
  • France-Cannes-Saint-Honorat-Island.jpg - Isle Saint Honorate Island is a short ferry ride from Cannes, France.
  • France-Cannes-Croisette.jpg - Walk along the beautiful beach of Cannes, France.
  • France-Cap-dAli.jpg - Cap d'Ail is a seaside resort between Nice and Monte Carlo in the South of France.
  • France-Cap-dAntibe.jpg - Cap d'Antibes is a four-mile-long peninsula south of Antibes, France.
  • France-Nice-Carnaval.jpg -  Carnaval, the two-week celebration full of parades, costumes and parties in Nice, France.
  • France-Coceau-Museum.jpg - Visit the Jean Cocteau Museum in Menton, France.
  • France-Ephrussi-de-Rothschild.jpg - Tour the Ephrussi de Rothschild Museum in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, near the port of Nice, France.
  • France-Eze.jpg - The medieval town of Eze offers spectacular views of the Cote d'Azur, France.
  • France-Cannes-Film-Festival.jpg - Walk the red carpet in Cannes at the famous Cannes Film Festival, held each May.
  • France-Fete-du-Citron.jpg - Lemon Fest transforms the streets of Menton, France, each winter.
  • France-Cannes-Foundation-Maeght.jpg - The Maeght Foundation  in Saint-Paul de Vence, near Nice, France, has one of the largest collections of 20th century European paintings, sculptures and graphic works.
  • France-Gourdon.jpg - Gourdon is a former feudal village high on a mountaintop near Nice, France.
  • Monaco-Grand-Prix.jpg - Cruise to Monaco in May to be part of the excitement of the Monaco Grand Prix.
  • France-Grasse.jpg - Grasse, north of Cannes, has been a key city in the French perfume industry.
  • France-La-Turbie.jpg - La Turbie, France, overlooks the principality of Monaco on the Cote d'Azur.
  • France-Nice-MAMAC.jpg - The Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art in Nice, France, is dedicated to the history of the European and American avant-garde movement.
  • France-Menton-garden.jpg - The Garden Maria Serena overlooks the sea in Menton, France.
  • France-Menton-harbor.jpg - Stroll through the streets of Menton, France, to the scenic harbor.
  • France-Mercantour-National-Park.jpg - Mercantour National Park in southern France is home to more than 2,000 species of flowering plants.
  • France-Mercantour-National-Park2.jpg - Cyclists love the challenge of the mountainous terrain of Mercantour National Park, France.
  • Monaco-Monte-Carlo-Casino.jpg - Tuxedos are optional, but a visit to the Casino in Monte Carlo is a must.
  • Monaco-Monte-Carlo.jpg - The lovely principality of Monaco hugs the coast on France's Cote d'Azur.
  • France-Mougins-Museum-Classique.jpg - The Museum of Classical Art in Mougins, France, features Egyptian, Greek and Roman antiquities.
  • France-Mougins-Muesum-Classique2.jpg - Enjoy classical art in a very modern setting at the Museum of Classical Art in Mougins, France.
  • France-Mougins.jpg - The medieval center of Mougins, France.
  • France-Nice-Musee-Chagall.jpg - Stroll through the Musee Chagall in Nice, France.
  • France-Biot-Musee-Leger.jpg - The Ferdinand Leger Museum stands at the foot of the village of Biot, France.
  • France-Nice-Musee-Matisse.jpg - Musee Matisse in Nice, France, houses the largest collection of Henri Matisse's works.
  • France-Antibes-Musee-Picasso.jpg - The Musee Picasso is housed in what was formerly Chateau Grimaldi in Antibes In the South of France.
  • France-Golfe-Juan.jpg - You can see re-creations of Napolean's landing after his escape from exile in Elba in Golfe-Juan, France.
  • France-Mercantour-National-Park-snow.jpg - Mercantour National Park offers winter skiing and incredible views.
  • France-Nice-Massena-Square.jpg - Massena Square in Nice is a hub of local transportation and commerce.
  • France-Golfe-Juan-port.jpg - The marina in Golfe-Juan along the French Riviera.
  • France-St-Paul-de-Vence.jpg - Saint Paul de Vence is one of the oldest medieval towns on the French Riviera.
  • France-St-Tropez-old-port.jpg - St. Tropez is known for both the old port and its beautiful beaches.
  • France-Tourettes-sur-Loup.jpg - Tourrettes sur Loup is a charming medieval village between Nice and Cannes, France.
  • France-Cote-dAzur-trail.jpc.jpg - The temperate climate of the Cote d'Azur makes it a great vacation spot for runners.
  • France-Vallauris.jpg - Vallauris, once the home of Pablo Picasso, is an artists' haven.
  • France-Vence-Chapelle-du-Rosaire.jpg - The Vence Chapelle du Rosaire was designed by Henri Matisse.
  • France-Vence.jpg - The historic village of Vence, France.
  • France-Villefranche-old-town.jpg - The old town of Villefranche sur Mer, France.
  • Silver_Spirit_at_sea_4 - Silver Spirit sails into ports in South America, the Caribbean, the Black Sea and Mediterranean, including the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco’s Grand Prix.
  • France-Villeneuve-Loubet.jpg - Villefranche sur Mer is a mix of old and new.
  • France-Antibes.jpg - Antibes is a resort on the Cote d'Azur, France.
  • France-Villefrance-sur-Mer.jpg - The beautiful town of Villefranche sur Mer is a suburb of Nice, France.
  • France-Beaulieu-sur-Mer.jpg - Beaulieu sur Mer is a picturesque village near Nice, France.
  • France-Biot.jpg - Visit Biot, a hillside village north of Cannes, France.
  • France-Le-Cannet-Bonnard-Museum.jpg - The Bonnard Museum in Le Cannet, France, features the work of the post-Impressionist artist Pierre Bonnard.
  • France-Cagnes-sur-Mer.jpg - Cagnes sur Mer is a picturesque village minutes from the airport in Nice, France.
  • France-Cannes-harbor.jpg - The harbor and old quarter of Cannes, France.

Cannes, France: Top things to to see & do

our guide

The vibe

The city of Cannes (pronounced "can," not "con") is in the Provence-Alpes/Cote- d’Azur region of the French Riviera. It entertains the rich and famous while drawing a multitude of visitors with its world-class festivals, shopping and attractions. With the historic Lérins Islands nearby, Cannes combines Mediterranean tradition and modernity. 

A place where the stars are given the red carpet treatment, this self-described "capital of cinema" is home to the legendary Cannes Film Festival, a celebration of movies as well as upcoming artists in authentic French style. The colorful boats beautifully dot along the Cannes Bay as its history remains preserved in its iconic landmarks like the Cannes Castle. The city will leave you impressed by its wide spectrum of highlights and breathless by the ghostly appearances of its classic antiques.

Cruise ships that call on Cannes

Top reasons to go

  • The Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de Provence houses artifacts from prehistoric to present, in an 18th-century mansion.
  • The cell of the "Man in the Iron Mask" can be visited in the Fort of St Marguerite, now renamed the Musée de la Mer (Museum of the Sea).
  • The Promenade de la Croisette is the waterfront avenue with palm trees. La Croisette is known for picturesque beaches and for restaurants, cafés and boutiques.
Art in the Park in Cannes in the south of France.
Rosemary Dukelow / Creative Commons BYArt in the Park in Cannes in the south of France.

Things to do & see in Cannes

Notre-Dame d'Esperance

This gothic church stands proudly in architectural magnificence, with wood paneling dating back to the 14th and 15th century. Not only does this church offer spectacular views of the town and bay, but also art offerings from the 19th century that are worth viewing for aficionados. 


Although many of the beaches in Cannes are private with entrance fees, there are public options to partake of along La Croisette and on the east and west sides of town, but they can get crowded, particularly at night when there are firework shows. If you're up for a day trip, head out to the Îles de Lérins for a quieter option.

A shop window in Cannes, France.
Craig Stanfill / Creative Commons BY-SAA shop window in Cannes, France.


No trip to Cannes would be sufficient without a visit to its vibrant shopping atmosphere.  The city’s districts are densely decorated with stores bursting at the seams with chic designer trends and souvenirs.  Head to Shopping à la Bocca, La Croisette or Marché Gambetta to explore France’s unbeatable fashions.  


If you're ready to party, then head out to the local bars and clubs. Its discos are filled with socialites dancing to popular hits with their favorite drinks in hand. Visit hotspots like Le Charly's Bar, Le Dadada or Le Night for a chance to rub elbows with locals.

Best bets for dining 

Wining and dining in Cannes means indulging in the authenticity of French cuisine. From casual to chic, beachfront restaurants to bars, there is a taste that will appeal to any taste bud, from the fresh produce of Provincial cuisine to even experimentations in Thai, Indian and Mexican flavors.

Best time to go

Cannes’ weather is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, so the best times are from June to September, where there are highs in the low-80s and lows in the mid-60s F.

Windsurfers in Cannes, France.
ludovick / Creative Commons BYWindsurfers in Cannes, France.

Fun facts

  • Cannes hosts the Cannes Mandelieu Space Center, headquarters of Thales Alenia Space, the first European satellite manufacturer.
  • Cistercian monks are the only inhabitants of the smaller, southern St Honorat Island.

When you arrive

Docking information

Cannes is a tendering port, except for very small cruise ships. The tender boats dock in two locations in the Old Port (French “Le Vieux Port”) on the east side of the downtown. The primary quay for the tenders is Quai Laubeuf, which also handles the local ferries.

Getting around

There are taxi ranks at the bus station and the railway station. Cannes’ bus (É-lo) provides transportation within various areas of the city as well as the Palm Beach Casino. Cannes also has an extensive railway line serving connections to other European destinations as well including Italy and Monte Carlo. From the Quai Croisiere, passengers can venture to the Lerins Islands via ferry.

It is not so easy to hail a cab on the street, and it is recommended you ask the price before getting in. Taxis are considered expensive, even for the Cote d'Azur.

Need to know

Documents: U.S. and Canadian citizens will require a passport.

Store hours: Shops are usually open from Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 7:30 pm. Smaller shops might close during lunch time from 12:30 am to 2 pm. As an exception boulangeries (bakeries) stay open on Sundays.

Tipping: A 10% tip is typical for any service personnel but not mandatory. Bargaining is not practiced in France.

Safety: Cannes is considered to be safe for tourists. As always, be aware of your surroundings and stay in public areas.

ShoreFox contributed to this guide.

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Published August 16, 2015

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