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  • Hurtigruten-Nordnorge-in-Norway - Hurtigruten's Nordnorge navigates its way through Einfahrt in den Trollfjord on a tour of Norway.
  • Hurtigruten-Fram-kayaking-Antarctica - Go kayaking for an exhilarating exploration of Antarctica during your cruise aboard the Hurtigruten ship Fram.
  • Greenland-Disko-Bay-local-boy - Travel with Hurtigruten to Disko Bay, Greenland, and meet the friendly, welcoming locals of the region.
  • Northern-Lights-Norway-from-Hurtigruten-Nordlys - Travel on the Hurtigruten expedition ship Nordlys to see the amazing sky show of the Northern Lights. This aurora was seen over Lofoten, Norway.
  • Hurtigruten-Fram-in-Greenland - The 278-passenger Fram, the smallest, newest ship in Hurtigruten's fleet, sails past the small island of Uummannaq on the west coast of Greenland.
  • Northern-Lights-over-Norway - The Northern lights in Norway's Lofoten Islands, captured in 2011.
  • hurtigruten-northern-lights-1 - A display of the Northern Lights seen during a Hurtigruten sailing.
  • hurtigruten-northern-lights-2 - A display of the Northern Lights seen during a Hurtigruten sailing.
  • hurtigruten-northern-lights-3 - A dazzling display of the aurora borealis captured over Svolvaer near the coastline of Norway from the top deck of Hurtigruten's cruise ship Finnmarken.
  • hurtigruten-northern-lights-4 - The Northern Lights seen over Svolvaer in Norway's Lofoten archipelago during a Hurtigruten cruise.
  • hurtigruten-northern-lights-5 - A guest pulls up a front row seat to the Northern Lights aboard a cruise on Hurtigruten's Finnmarken between the northern ports of Kirkenes and Tromsø.
  • hurtigruten-northern-lights-6 - A display of the Northern Lights seen during a Hurtigruten sailing.
  • hurtigruten-northern-lights-7 - A display of the Northern Lights seen during a Hurtigruten sailing.
  • hurtigruten-northern-lights-8 - The Northern Lights put on a majestic display for guests aboard Hurtigruten’s Vesteralen during a cruise along Norway’s coast from Bergen to Kirkenes.
  • Nordlys-Skjervoy-Northern-Lights-Jan-Olsen -  The Northern Lights perform a night dance for passengers aboard Hurtigruten’s Nordlys in Skjervoy, Norway.
  • Hurtigruten-Midnatsol-in-Norway - Hurtigruten's Midnatsol makes her way down the coast of Norway.
  • hurtigruten-cruise-norwegian-fjords.jpg - The Northern Lights over the Norwegian fjords, as seen on a Hurtigruten cruise.
  • Hurtigruten-Fram-in-Antarctica - An adventure of a lifetime awaits you aboard Hurtigruten's flagshp Fram as it explores the icy waters of Antarctica.
  • Hurtigruten-Fram-penguins-Antarctica - Penguins near the Almirante Brown station in Antarctica seem to bid farewell to Hurtigruten's flagship the Fram.
  • Peggys-Cove-Lighthouse-Halifax - Hurtigruten guests pay a shore excursion to Peggy's Cove Lighthouse on the eastern shore of St. Margarets Bay in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The lighthouse dates to 1868.
  • Hurtigruten-Finnmarken-in-Norway - Finnmarken, a ship in the Hurtigruten fleet, makes a spring voyage through the Lofoten Islands of Norway.

Hurtigruten: A good choice for adventure cruises

Hurtigruten has navigated the spectacular west coast of Norway for 119 years, taking passengers along the fjord-filled landscape on a cruise often described by leading travel publications as “the world’s most beautiful voyage.” For the true adventure seeker, Hurtigruten offers extraordinary expeditions to the world’s most remote reaches, including Antarctica, Greenland and the Arctic's last wilderness, Spitsbergen.

If you're looking for a cruise vacation with all the creature comforts of home while being transported to rare destinations, Hurtigruten is a good option. Passengers return home with in-depth knowledge and never-to-be-forgotten memories of unspoiled destinations rich in history, culture and stunning scenery, and, best of all, new lifelong friendships.

Europeans make up the vast majority of Hurtigruten voyages, but North Americans are increasingly discovering this intrepid line, and there's no language barrier, as English is spoken throughout the sailing.  

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  • Hurtigruten’s Norwegian Coastal Cruises cover more than 1,100 miles between Bergen and Kirkenes.
  • Hurtigruten offers shore excursions ranging from coastal city tours to snowmobiling across the Tundra, viewing the Northern Lights or getting up close to Arctic birds on birding expeditions.
  • Ships visit 34 ports of call along the Norwegian coast, with some calls just 30 minutes and others as long as six hours.
  • Every Norwegian Coastal Cruise crosses the Arctic Circle.

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