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  • Ponant-sunset.jpg - Ponant will take you to exotic ports around the world on its yacht-style luxury ships.
  • Ponant-maldives5.jpg - Vist the gorgeous Maldives, off the coast of Africa, as part of a Ponant yacht cruise.
  • Ponant-stateroom.jpg - A stateroom on Le Ponant, part of the Ponant fleet of yachts cruising the seas.
  • le-ponant-in-maldives.jpg - The small masted luxury cruise ship Le Ponant sailing in the Maldives at sunset.
  • Ponant-in-Greenland.jpg - L'Austral and Le Boreal are among the luxury expedition ships from Ponant that visit Greenland.
  • Ponant-dining.jpg -  Dine on French fusion cuisine, such as carpaccio of yellow fin tuna or pan-fried filet steak and finish your meal with panna cotta with red berry fruits on your Ponant sailing.
  • Ponant-Yacht-Cruise-poolside.jpg - Relax poolside as your Ponant ship slips into small bays and secluded coves.
  • le-boreal-Aitcho-Islands.jpg - Le Boreal sails past the Aitcho Islands in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica.
  • Ponant-Lyrial2.jpg - It's all about comfort, style, and relaxation in the staterooms on Ponant's Le Lyrial.
  • Ponant-maldives2.jpg - Sail Le Ponant through the Mediterranean or the Caribbean.
  • Ponant-Lyrial.jpg - Take in the sweeping views on Ponant's luxury ship Le Lyrial.
  • le-soleal-in-venice.jpg - Ponant's Le Soleal cruises into Venice.
  • le-lyrial-meditation.jpg - Find your perfect state of bliss on a luxury cruise aboard Ponant's Le Lyrial.
  • Ponant-Soleal-cove.jpg - Relax in the lounge of Le Soleal. The Ponant ship sails the world from Easter Island to Copenhagen to Tahiti.
  • Ponant-general2.jpg - An aerial view of Le Ponant. Enjoy an intimate getaway on the three-masted luxury ship.
  • Ponant-Soleal-cabin.jpg - Your cabin on the Ponant luxury ship Le Soleal is your home away from home.
  • Ponant-Boreal-relax.jpg - Take in the exotic passing landscapes on Le Boreal, a Ponant luxury ship.
  • Ponant-Lyrial-lounge.jpg - Socialize in the main lounge of Ponant's luxury ship Le Lyrial.
  • Ponant-Lyrial-suite.jpg - Relax in the comfort of your suite on Le Lyrial, a Ponant luxury ship.
  • Ponant-Lyrial-cabin.jpg - Your cabin on Ponant's Le Lyrial is light and airy, and designed for comfort and style.
  • Ponant-Lyrial-snack.jpg - Enjoy good conversation and a light snack the lounge of Le Lyrial on your Ponant sailing.
  • Ponant-Lyrial-wine.jpg - The sommelier on Ponant's Le Lyrial can offer suggestions for the perfect wine to accompany your meals.
  • Ponant-Lyrial-chef.jpg - The head chef can assist with menu choices during your luxury cruise on Ponant's Le Lyrial.
  • Le-Boreal-pool.jpg - The pool aboard the luxury expedition ship Le Boreal.
  • Le-Soleal-reception.jpg - The classy reception area of the Ponant luxury ship Le Soleal.
  • Ponant-Le-Soleal-exterior.jpg - Ponant's luxury expedition ship Le Soleal docked in port.
  • le-lyrial-dining.jpg - Dine in style on French dishes, cheeses and desserts on Ponant's luxury ship Le Lyrial.
  • le-boreal-in-antarctica.jpg - The Ponant luxury expedition ship Le Boreal in Antarctica.
  • Ponant-Pacific.jpg - The Ponant ship L'Austral passes a waterfall in the Geiranger Fjord of Norway.
  • Ponant-Observatory-lounge.jpg - Spend an afternoon in the Observatory Lounge on your Ponant sailing.
  • Ponant-Yacht.jpg - Le Ponant, carrying only 64 passengers, sets sail for ports of call around the world.
  • Ponant-Yacht2.jpg - Ponant can drop anchor in small bays, such as Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska, to give you a closeup view of wildlife.
  • Ponant-Katmail-bear.jpg - A bear, spotted on a Ponant cruise, takes a dip on a warm day in Alaska's Katmai National Park.
  • Ponant-glacier.jpg - See the glaciers of Alaska from a whole new perspective on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Antarctica2.png - Experience the raw beauty of Antarctica on a Ponant expedition cruise.
  • Ponant-BoraBora.png - Dive into the clear waters of Bora Bora in the South Seas on your Ponant luxury cruise.
  • Ponant-crew-service.png - Experience attentive service on your cruise aboard Ponant's Le Soleal.
  • Ponant-Leboreal-stateroom.jpg - After a day exploring the Caribbean, Scandinavia or Antartica, relax in style in your stateroom on Ponant's luxury expedition ship Le Boreal.
  • Ponant-Laustral-deck-port.jpg - Enjoy scenic ports from the deck of a Ponant Yacht. Book a cruise on L'Austral today.
  • Ponant-Leboreal-deck-chair.jpg - Enjoy deck time on Le Boreal, a Ponant Yacht Cruise.
  • Ponant-Leboreal-deck.jpg - Take in panoramic views of charming European port cities from the deck of Le Boreal, a Ponant yacht.
  • Ponant-HaLongBay.jpg - Hạ Long Bay, in northeast Vietnam, is known for its emerald waters and towering limestone islands topped by rainforests.
  • Ponant-Victoria-Island.jpg - Victoria Island (Ile Victoria) is an island in the Canadian Arctic, the perfect spot to view the Northern Lights from the deck of a Ponant yacht. 
  • Ponant-Venice.jpg - Sail on Le Lyrial to take in the romantic ports of the Adriatic Sea, including Venice.
  • Ponant-Alaska-bay.jpg - Share the bays of Alaska with a variety of watercraft. Le Boreal offers expedition cruises to Nome, Savoonga, St. George, Katmai and other scenic locations.
  • Ponant-al-fresco.jpg - Al fresco dining is always an option on a Ponant yacht cruise.
  • Ponant-LePonant-sail.jpg - Experience the most scenic ports of France and the Caribbean on Le Ponant.
  • Ponant-LeBoreal-stateroom1.jpg - Relax in your plush, modern stateroom on Ponant's Le Boreal.
  • Ponant-LeBoreal-stateroom2.jpg - Enjoy the comfort of your stateroom after a day of show excursions on Ponant's Le Boreal.
  • Ponant-LeBoreal-Theater.jpg - The Theater on Le Boreal features informational sessions as well as music.
  • Ponant-LeBoreal-deck-champagne.jpg - Sip fine Champagne on deck with fellow shipmates as you leave port on deck on your Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-LeLyrial-deck-sunset.jpg - Watch the sun go down over a glass of Champagne on the deck of Le Lyrial, a Ponant yacht.
  • Ponant-couple.png - Enjoy a leisurely breakfast on Le Ponant.
  • Ponant-LeSoleal-library.jpg - Spend time in the Library on Ponant's Le Soleal for some quiet reading.
  • Ponant-LeSoleal-lounge.jpg - The lounge on Le Soleal is a meeting place for passengers traveling to French Polynesia and Easter Island.
  • Ponant-LeSoleal-stateroom1.jpg -  Book a stateroom on Le Soleal for quiet luxury on a Ponant expedition cruise.
  • Ponant-LeBoreal-sea.jpg - Sail off into the sunset on Le Boreal, a Ponant yacht.
  • Ponant-Sydney.jpg - A Ponant ship approaches Sydney Harbor, one of many ports of call in Australia.
  • Ponant-tropical-fish.png - Snorkel and scuba dive to see tropical fish up close as part of your Ponant cruise experience.
  • Ponant-whale-fin.png - See nature in a whole new way on a Ponant luxury expedition cruise when you set sail on Le Boreal from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Antarctica.
  • Ponant-Bellot-polar.jpg - Cruise the Bellot Strait of Canada for closeup views of polar bears.
  • Ponant-Bellot-polar2.jpg - Ponant can take you to the inlets and bays of Canada to see polar bears in their native habitat.
  • Ponant-Bellot-polar3.jpg - Watch the locals take a dip on a Ponant cruise through Northern Canada.
  • Ponant-cruise-life.jpg - Enjoy a good book + cool drink + sunshine on deck on your Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-whale.jpg - A humpback whale breaches the surface, seen on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-champagne1.jpg -
  • Ponant-Vietnam-Hoi-An-boats-women.jpg - Traverse the canals of Hoi An, Vietnam, on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Antarctica-penguin.jpg - Cruise Ponant to Antarctica. Formal night optional.
  • Ponant-Antarctica-Salisbury-penguin.jpg - The Salisbury Plain in the far south Pacific in the breeding ground for 60,000 king penguins.
  • Ponant-Antarctica-whale.jpg - See whales close up on your Ponant cruise to Antarctica.
  • Ponant-Arctic-polar-bear.jpg - Explore the Arctic, or even the entire Northwest Passage, on a Ponant luxury expedition ship.
  • Ponant-Austral-poolside.jpg - Relax by the pool on Ponant's luxury expedition ship L'Austral.
  • Ponant-Australia-island.jpg - Take a Ponant cruise to visit nooks, crannies and small islands along the coast of Australia.
  • Ponant-Bordeaux-pano.jpg - Visit Bordeaux, France, and other dreamy destinations on Ponant's L'Austral.
  • Ponant-Brazil-Bahia.jpg - Stroll the streets of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil on your next Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Brazil-fernando-de-Noronha.jpg - Visit Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago of 21 islands, on a Ponant cruise to Brazil.
  • Ponant-Brazil-Olinda-church.jpg -   Stroll the scenic streets of Olinda, Brazil, on your next Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Brazil-Paraty.jpg - Visit Paraty, a small town backed by mountains on Brazil's Costa Verde, on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-butler-on-deck.jpg - Have a butler pamper yourself on a Ponant cruise with canapes on deck.
  • Ponant-Cape-Verde.jpg - Visit the island nation of Cape Verde, northwest of Africa, on a Ponant Cruise.
  • Ponant-cruise-mammal.jpg - See orcas and wildlife on a luxury expedition cruise from Ponant.
  • Ponant-dining-alfresco.jpg - Enjoy exquisite foods and well paired wines when dining al fresco on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Easter-Island1.jpg - See the ancient culture of Easter Island (Rapa Nui), a Chilean territory in the South Pacific, on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Easter-Island2.jpg - Ponant takes you to the exotic places around the globe like Easter Island.
  • Ponant-Easter-Island3.jpg - See the moai of Easter Island on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Easter-Island4.jpg - See the moai of Easter Island on a Ponant Cruise.
  • Ponant-Easter-Island5.jpg - The dramatic moai of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) stand guard after years of wind and rain.
  • Ponant-France-Bordeaux-bridge.jpg - Stroll the Pont de Pierre in Bordeaux, France, on your next Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-France-Bordeaux-Place.jpg - Cruise to Bordeaux, France, on Ponant and visit Place de la Bourse.
  • Ponant-French Polynesia-Fatu-Hiva.jpg - Cruise through French Polynesia and stop at exotic Fatu Hiva on your Ponant sailing.
  • Ponant-French-Polynesia-girl.jpg - Head to French Polynesia and get immersed in local culture.
  • Ponant-French-Polynesia-Hatiheu-man.jpg - Head to French Polynesia and get immersed in local culture.
  • Ponant-French-Polynesia-plumeria.jpg - Take time to smell the plumeria in the South Seas on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-French-Polynesia-woman.jpg - Visit small ports of call in French Polynesia and meet the locals on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-French-Polynesia.jpg - Head to French Polynesia on a Ponant cruise and live the dream.
  • Ponant-Gold-Harbour-penguins.jpg - Gold Harbour on South Georgia Island in the South Pacific is the home of a large king penguin colony.
  • Ponant-Greece-beach.jpg - The cove at Navagio Beach, or Shipwreck Beach, on the coast of Zakynthos in the Ionian Islands of Greece.
  • Ponant-Greece-Corfu-church.jpg - Stroll the streets of Corfu, Greece, and return to the luxury of a Ponant ship.
  • Ponant-Greece-Corfu-vista.jpg - Enjoy the Mediterranean climate of Corfu, Greece, on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Greece-Corinth-Canal-sunset.jpg - Enjoy the end to a perfect day cruising the Corinth Canal on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Greece-Corinth-Canal.jpg - Ponant's Le Lyrial slices through the Corinth Canal in the Aegean Sea.
  • Ponant-Greenland-village.jpg - Visit the picturesque coastal villages of Greenland on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Greenland-village2.jpg - Let the dramatic landscapes of Greenland inspire you during a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Hawaii-Honolulu.jpg - See the downtown skyline of Honolulu in style on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Hong-Kong.jpg - Enjoy the brilliantly lit skyline of Hong Kong on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Iceland-lake.jpg - Explore the waterways of Iceland on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Indonesia.jpg - Explore Indonesia in comfort on Ponant's L'Austral.
  • Ponant-Indonesia2.jpg - Cruise through Indonesia on Ponant's Le Soleal.
  • Ponant-Italy-Amalfi2.jpg - Cruise the Amalfi Coast on your next Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Italy-general.jpg - Explore classic ruins along the coast of Italy on your next Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Italy-general2b.jpg - Visit smaller ports of call while enjoying the luxury of a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Italy-general-3.jpg - Enjoy the smaller ports of call in Italy on your next Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Japan-Adashi.jpg - Adachi Kenko created the gardens of the Adachi Museum of Art in the hopes that visitors would be "moved by beauty." It's in Yasugi, Japan.
  • Ponant-Japan-Hiroshima-Shukkeien-Garden.jpg - Shukkei-en is a historic Japanese garden in the city of Hiroshima, Japan.
  • Ponant-Japan-Korajuen-Garden.jpg - Stroll Korakuen, one of the three great gardens of Japan, in Okayama during a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Japan-Miyajima.jpg -  The Floating Otorii gate at Miyajima, Japan.
  • Ponant-Japan-Miyajima2.jpg - Miyajima, a small island in Hiroshima Bay, Japan, is known for its forests and ancient temples.
  • Ponant-Japan-Sakaminato.jpg - Sakaiminato, Japan, is a modern city near medieval historic sites.
  • Ponant-Japan-shrine-buddha.jpg - Visit Japan on a Ponant cruise to see reclining Buddhas and other shrines.
  • Ponant-Korea-Busan-Haedong-Yonggungsa-Temple.jpg - A laughing Buddha at the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Busan, South Korea.
  • Ponant-L'Austral-Lisbon.jpg - Cruise Ponant's L'Austral from Lisbon to the Canary Islands and Cape Verde.
  • Ponant-Laustral-Indonesia.jpg - Take a 12-day cruise to discover Indonesia on Ponant's L'Austral.
  • Ponant-Laustral-London-bridge.jpg - An aerial of Ponant's L'Austral sailing beneath Tower Bridge in London.
  • Ponant-Laustral-London-twilight.jpg - Experience the Thames at twilight during a cruise through London on Ponant's L'Austral.
  • Ponant-Laustral-Russia.jpg - The 264-passenger L'Austral from Ponant on a luxury river cruise in Russia.
  • Ponant-Le-Boreal-at-sea.jpg - The 264-passenger Le Boreal calls on ports in smaller towns and cities around the world.
  • Ponant-Le-Boreal-San-Francisco.jpg - Sail beneath the Golden Gate Bridge on Ponant's Le Boreal.
  • Ponant-Le-Boreal-San-Franciscogg2.jpg - Sail beneath the Golden Gate Bridge on Ponant's Le Boreal.
  • Ponant-Le-Boreal-Statue-of-Liberty.jpg - Ponant's Le Boreal sails by Lady Liberty on a visit to New York.
  • Ponant-Leopold-Island-polar-bears.jpg - See polar bears and other wildlife during a Ponant cruise to Prince Leopold Island in the arctic regions of Canada.
  • Ponant-London-Tower-Bridge.jpg - Passengers on a Ponant voyage get a close-up view of London's famed Tower Bridge.
  • Ponant-Manhattan6.jpg - A Ponant ship passes by Freedom Tower and Lower Manhattan.
  • Ponant-Marquesas3.jpg - Explore the Marquesas of French Polynesia by day and return to the luxury of your Ponant ship in the evening.
  • Ponant-Miyajima4.jpg - Sail to Miyajima, a small island with ancient temples in Hiroshima Bay, Japan.
  • Ponant-Mont-Saint-Michel.jpg - Explore the fortified island commune of Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France.
  • Ponant-Mont-Saint-Michel2.jpg - Wander the alleys of Mont Saint Michel, a landmark that dates to the 8th century.
  • Ponant-New-York-Manhattan.jpg - Sail from New York City on a Ponant cruise to Boston, Newport, R.I., and Bar Harbor, Maine.
  • Ponant-New-York-Manhattan2.jpg - See the magnificent skyline of Manhattan at night on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-New-York-Manhattan3.jpg - See the magnificent skyline of Manhattan at night on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-New-York-Manhattan4.jpg - Experience New York at night on a luxury Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-New-York-Manhattan5.jpg - Experience New York at night on a luxury Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-New-Zealand-Milford-Sound.jpg - Enjoy the beauty of Milford Sound, New Zealand, on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-New-Zealand-Muriwai-gannet.jpg - Visit Muriwai, New Zealand, to see a colony of gannets on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-New-Zealand-Muriwai-gannet3.jpg - View the gannets of Gannet Beach in sunny Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-New-Zealand-Napier.jpg - Stroll the charming streets of Napier, New Zealand, on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-New-Zealand-Picton1.jpg - Visit the islands and inlets of Marlborough Sound on a Ponant luxury cruise.
  • Ponant-New-Zealand-Picton2.jpg - Cruise the inlets of Marlborough Sound, New Zealand, on a Ponant sailing.
  • Ponant-New-Zealand-Picton3.jpg - Cruise the inlets of Marlborough Sound, New Zealand, on a Ponant sailing.
  • Ponant-New-Zealand-Picton4.jpg - Enjoy the beauty of New Zealand on a Ponant luxury cruise.
  • Ponant-NewZealand-Miriwai.jpg - See New Zealand's coast from aboard a cruise on a Ponant luxury expedition ship.
  • Ponant-Norway-Geiranger-Fjord.jpg - See the beauty of Norway on a Ponant cruise. Geiranger Fjord is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Ponant-NYC-Liberty.jpg - Set sail for New York on your next Ponant luxury cruise.
  • Ponant-NZ-fjord.jpg - Sail through the dramatic fjords of New Zealand on your next Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-NZ-Milford-Sound.jpg - Visit eye-popping Milford Sound, New Zealand, on your next Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-NZ-Rotorua.jpg - Visit Rotorua Museum and art gallery on your next Ponant cruise to New Zealand.
  • Ponant-NZ-Tauranga.jpg - Learn about Maori culture in Tauranga, New Zealand, on your next Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-NZ-Tauranga2.jpg - Visit the unearthly Waiotapu springs in New Zealand on your next Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-NZ-Waiotapu.jpg - Learn about Maori culture in Waiotapu near Rotorua, New Zealand, on your next Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Papua-New-Guinea-child.jpg - Discover the culture of Papua New Guinea on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Papua-New-Guinea.jpg - See the sights and hear the sounds of Papua New Guinea on a Ponant luxury expedition ship.
  • Ponant-Peru-woman-llama.jpg - Cruise to Peru on Ponant's Le Boreal and get immersed in local culture.
  • Ponant-polar-bears.jpg - Explore the Arctic and see polar bears from your Ponant luxury expedition ship.
  • Ponant-Polynesia-Rangiroa.jpg - Visit pristine Rangiroa, an atoll northeast of Tahiti in French Polynesia, on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Rio-Christ-Redeemer.jpg -  Climb Corcovado to view the Christ the Redeemer statue when you visit Rio de Janeiro on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Rio-Sugarloaf.jpg - Cruise by Sugarloaf, a landmark in Rio de Janeiro, on Ponant's L'Austral.
  • Ponant-rio1.jpg - A panorama of the Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking Guanabara Bay and Rio de Janeiro.
  • Ponant-rio2.jpg - A panorama of the Rio de Janeiro skyline.
  • Ponant-rio3.jpg - See the natural wonders of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Le-Ponant-romance-1.jpg - Discover a little romance on your Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Russia-Kuril-Islands.jpg - Visit the remoate Kuril Islands of southeastern Russia on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-San-Francisco.jpg - Set sail from San Francisco on Ponant's Le Soleal.
  • Ponant-San-Francisco3.jpg - Sail beneath the Golden Gate Bridge on Ponant's Le Soleal.
  • Ponant-San-Francisco4.jpg - Sail to San Francisco and along the California coast on Ponant's Le Soleal.
  • Ponant-Scotland-Iona.jpg - Visit Iona, one of the Hebrides Islands of Scotland, on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-ship-at-sea.jpg - Ponant ships cruises the world in search of the exotic and beautiful.
  • Ponant-South-Korea-temple.jpg - See Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Busan, South Korea, on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Sydney-Harbour2.jpg - Enjoy the warm summer months in Sydney on Ponant's L'Austral.
  • Ponant-Sydney-Harbour3.jpg - See Sydney Harbour in style on a Ponant luxury expedition ship.
  • Ponant-Vancouver-skyline.jpg - A Ponant ship passes the Vancouver skyline.
  • Ponant-Venice-Grand-Canal.jpg - Enjoy the beauty of Venice on your next Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Venice-Romance-couple.jpg - Discover romance in Venice on your next Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Venice-taxi.jpg - Take a water taxi or water bus on your next Ponant cruise to Venice.
  • Ponant-Venice-woman-ship.jpg - Stroll the streets of Venice in style during a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Victoria-Island-Northern-Lights.jpg - Marvel at the Northern Lights near Victoria Island in the far north of  Canada on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Vietnam-building-lanterns.jpg - Explore Hội An, Vietnam, on your Ponant cruise to smaller Asian ports of call.
  • Ponant-Vietnam-Ha-Long-Bay.jpg - See the mesmerizing limestone rock outcroppings in Ha Long Bay during a Ponant cruise of Vietnam.
  • Ponant-Vietnam-HaLongBay.jpg - Ha Long Bay, in Vietnam's Gulf of Tonkin, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Ponant-Vietnam-Hoi-An-trading-post.jpg - Explore the coastal village of Hoi An, Vietnam, on your next Ponant Cruise.
  • Ponant-Vietnam-wood-carving.jpg - A Vietnamese wood carving. Immerse yourself in the culture of Vietnam on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-woman-hat.jpg - Sail the South Pacific in style on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-woman-solo.jpg - See the world in style on a Ponant luxury expedition cruise.
  • laustral.jpg - The 264-passenger L'Austral from Ponant offers comfortable sailings to Antarctica and the Arctic regions.
  • le-bellot.jpg - The 184-passenger boutique ship Le Bellot from Ponant offers sailings to all corners of the globe.
  • reindeer-1.jpg - A reindeer seen on a Ponant polar expedition to the arctic.
  • polar-bears.jpg - Polar bears seen on a Ponant expedition sailing to the arctic.
  • shore-excursion-kimberley.jpg - A guide steers guests to a shore excursion in the Kimberley region of Australia on a Ponant cruise.
  • Kimberley-cliffs.jpg - The cliff face in Australia’s Kimberley region dwarfs a Ponant Zodiac boat.
  • ponant-aurora.jpg - An aurora borealis seen off Victoria Island during a Ponant cruise.
  • penguin-antarctica.jpg - A penguin stands guardian as a Ponant expedition Zodiac passes by in Antarctica.
  • Gentoo-penguins.jpg -
  • Le-lyrial-antarctica.jpg - Le Lyrial during a visit to  Cuverville Island in Antarctica.
  • penguins-antarctica2.jpg - Penguins in Paradise Bay during a Ponant sailing to Antarctica.
  • whale-tail.jpg - A whale tail seen during a Ponant sailing to Antarctica.
  • French-cuisine.jpg -  Dining is a gastronomical experience on Ponant voyages.
  • underwater-blue-eye-lounge.jpg - The Blue Eye lounge aboard Ponant’s new yachts gives guests a closeup view of underwater sea life.
  • Ponant-maldives4.jpg - Sail the Mediterranean or Caribbean on Le Ponant.
  • Ponant-maldives6.jpg - The three-masted sailing ship Le Ponant at twilight: cruising as it was meant to be.
  • Ponant-maldives8.jpg - Take a dream cruise on Le Ponant for a small-ship yacht experience.
  • Ponant-maldives9.jpg - Le Ponant, with just 64 passengers, sails to exotic ports of call the world over.
  • Ponant-under-sails.jpg - Set sail for the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands on a Ponant Yacht Cruise.
  • Ponant-without-sails.jpg - Drop anchor in a secluded bay and relax on the three-masted Le Ponant sailing ship.
  • Ponant-general.jpg - An aerial view of the sleek, petite luxury sailing ship Le Ponant.
  • Ponant-lounge.jpg - Relax and meet new friends in the lounge aboard Le Ponant as you sail to exotic locales.
  • Ponant-lounge2.jpg - Kick back with a cocktail in the lounge of Le Ponant during your luxury ship sailing.
  • Ponant-Yacht-Cruise-Croatia.jpg - Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia on a Ponant Yacht Cruise & Expedition.
  • Ponant-Boreal-cabin.jpg - Revel in comfort and luxury in your luxury cabin during your vacation on Ponant's Le Boreal.
  • Ponant-Austral-cabin.jpg - After a day of shore excursions you'll enjoy relaxing in your luxury cabin on Ponant's L'Austral.
  • Ponant-Austral-suite.jpg - Enjoy breakfast in bed in your suite when entering a new port on Ponant's L'Austral.
  • Ponant-Austral-lounge.jpg - Relax and meet new friends in the lounge on L'Austral, a luxury ship from Ponant.

Ponant: Discover ooh-la-la French ambience aboard a super-yacht

There are only a handful of cruise lines that are all about luxurious, intimate high-end ocean cruising in the style of a super-yacht. Ponant is at the very top of the list. Its boutique-size, high-tech ships are not widely known to American audiences, but they're a superb choice for a memorable voyage of a lifetime.

The only French cruise line, Ponant is headquartered in Marseille, France. And while its ships maintain a French flair, they have an increasingly international complexion, with expedition-style, eco-friendly sailings to far-flung corners of the globe. Ponant has gained a reputation for sophistication, charm and convivial service. Its French-inspired cuisine is among the best at sea, and its accommodations are somewhat smallish but classy.

The fleet's original ship, Le Ponant (32 staterooms), is a small three-masted sailing ship. After that, Ponant launched four nearly identical luxury sister ships: Le Boréal, L'Austral, Le Soleal and Le Lyrial. All four state-of-the-art ships have 132 cabins, 95 percent of them with balconies), two restaurants, three lounges, a library/card room, Internet nook, spa and fitness center.

More recently, Ponant has launched a new class of expedition vessels that voyage to Antarctica and the Arctic but most of which also spend a lot of time in tropical climes or the Great Lakes region: Le Champlain (2018),  Le Jacques Cartier (2020), Le Bellot (2020) and Le Commandant Charcot (2021). All of them sport the groundbreaking Blue Eye lounge, which lets visitors see the sealife outside the ship. On all ships  announcements are made in both English and French. 

The company is owned by Bridgepoint, a European private equity company. 

Who will enjoy sailing on Ponant

Ponant ships attract a diverse, affluent set of passengers, generally age 50 and up, who are looking for a high-end, French-flavored small-ship experience with off-the-beaten-track itineraries. The ships tend to attract passengers from France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium in addition to Americans and Australians, though full-ship charters tend to attract mostly North Americans. Children are welcome, and a few children's activities are available (such as a Wii gaming console), but don't expect to see a lot of kids on a Ponant ship. 

Where the Ponant fleet sails

Ponant ships traverse the globe on wide-ranging itineraries, calling on ports that are inaccessible to larger vessels. Ponant ships sail to:

  • Northern Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic, Greenland and Iceland
  • Mediterranean region, including Spain, Portugal, Corsica, Italy, Croatia, Aegean, Adriatic and Black Sea
  • Red Sea and Persian Gulf
  • Indian Ocean, including the Maldives
  • South Pacific, French Polynesia
  • Asia
  • South and Central America
  • Antarctica

New ships

Four new 184-passenger expedition ships from Ponant debuted in 2018 and 2019: Le Laperouse, Le Champlain, Le Bougainville and Le Dumont-d'Urville (August 2019). They all have 92 cabins and are Ice Class rated for polar expeditions.

Ratings & awards


About Ratings & awards

Highlights and what impressed us

  • The cuisine! French cheeses, French desserts, French wines.
  • Chic French ambience, relaxed atmosphere, gorgeous decor
  • Intriguing, wide-ranging itineraries around the world.

Fast facts

12 Ships
1988 Founded
Boutique Style
Marseille, France HQ


“With distinctively French flair, the cruise company strikes an
appealing balance between destination choice and price point on luxuriously refurbished modern sailing vessels that feature French gastronomy, elegant styling, and unique voyages with all-inclusive packages. Travel is privileged yet unpretentious aboard a small majestic three-masted sailing yacht or larger megayacht.”


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