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Azamara, Cunard Line, Hapag-Lloyd, Paul Gauguin, SeaDream, Star Clippers, Windstar

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Cruiseable's editorial team has written and curated editorial reviews and overviews of the following cruise ships.


Azamara Club Cruises

Walking wanderlust: Take in the passing scenery aboard an Azamara cruise.
Azamara Journey

Reading about how Azamara Club Cruises delivers destination-rich cruise experiences does not do the line justice. But when you are sailing to exotic ports of call or visiting places off the beaten path, then you understand. On board you will enjoy complimentary amenities that include select standard spirits, beer and wine. Also, your cruise fare includes gratuities ... See more


Destinations: Latin America, Europe, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific and Antarctica

Sail with Azamara Quest to the sunny shores of Îles des Saintes, Guadeloupe.
Azamara Quest

If you're on a quest for destination immersion on a mid-size ship, then Azamara Quest can take you there. One of the best features of sailing on Azamara Quest is longer stays in port. With more time available to explore, you get a better sense of the culture, history and people who live in the ports that Azamara Quest calls on. ... See more


Destinations: Off-the-beaten-path ports in Asia, the South Pacific, Australia, the Mediterranean, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America

Cunard Line

Queen Elizabeth, Cunard's newest luxury cruise ship, has won multiple awards for its features.
Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth has become a favorite among travelers who adore her rich Art Deco interiors and plush decor. Cunard has done an excellent job at building on feedback from passengers and crew from the other ships to ensure that the Queen Elizabeth was created to embody the heritage and feel of the golden days of cruising in the 1930s and 1940s. ... See more


Destinations: Queen Elizabeth sails on a world tour in winter; during the summer she sails routes around Northern Europe, Mediterranean and occasionally the Canary Islands

Take in breathtaking views of the beautiful mountainsides and fjords of Norway on a sailing aboard Queen Mary 2.
Queen Mary 2

In addition to being the only ship in operation that retains a scheduled transatlantic service, Queen Mary 2 is uniquely designed as a liner along the lines of the ships from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. This means it has a distinctive shaped bow and reinforced hull to withstand the rigors of the frequently aggressive North Atlantic ocean. Clinging to its British roots, it provides a more formal cruise experience than many of its more contemporary competitors ... See more


Destinations: Ports in Europe, with world cruises available

Cunard's Queen Victoria at sea. The ocean liner travels to the Caribbean, Central America, South Pacific, Mediterranean, Northern Europe and transatlantic routes.
Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria's decor and style draw heavily on the line's British roots with a nod to the colors and shapes of the Art Deco era. The ship is full of rich marbles, woods, deep-pile carpets and soft furnishings to create a feeling of elegance. As with all Cunard ships, Queen Victoria offers a more formal cruise experience than many of its more contemporary competitors. ... See more


Destinations: Ports in Europe and the Mediterranean

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

Europa 2 en route to an exotic destination. The ship sails to familiar ports worldwide — but also to Beirut, Jordan, Morocco and other ports in North Africa.
Europa 2

Don’t be fooled by ms Europa 2’s reputation as a looker. “World’s most beautiful cruise ship,” an accolade bestowed by some members of the media, can give you the wrong idea about this 565-passenger ship launched in 2013. The ship’s good looks are not about fussy elegance. In fact, traipsing through reception in a sweaty T-shirt won’t attract a glance.  ... See more


Destinations: Does sailing around South America on a 76-day cruise appeal to you? Or perhaps a 13-day cruise called Eternal Spring in the Atlantic?

Paul Gauguin Cruises

The Paul Gauguin has three restaurants, a luxury spa and its own watersports marina, as well as an attentive staff of 217.
Paul Gauguin

Step onto ms Paul Gauguin and sail into the dream world of Tahiti, French Polynesia and the South Pacific. Built specifically to sail the shallow waters of the region, the Gauguin can explore the remote areas inaccessible to bigger ships. Since its maiden voyage in 1998, Paul Gauguin has been the longest continually operating, year-round luxury cruise ship in the South Pacific .... See more


Destinations: Tahiti, the Society Islands, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji and Marquesas

Isn't she pretty? The yachtlike Tere Moana sails through the waters of Hvar in the Dalmation Islands of Croatia.
Tere Moana

Tere Moana is the newer of the two Paul Gauguin Cruises ships. The Moana carries the cruise line’s spirit of Polynesian welcome, geniality and hospitality into the wider world. Literally “Ocean Traveler” in Tahitian, the Moana specializes in warm-weather destinations, going where larger ships cannot and exploring hidden ports throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe. Best of all, the price is all-inclusive ... See more


Destinations: Ports in the Caribbean in winter months and in the Mediterranean in summer

SeaDream Yacht Club

SeaDream II moors off Gustavia, the capital of Saint Barthélemy in the Caribbean.
SeaDream I

SeaDream Yacht Club's twin luxury mega-yachts SeaDream I and SeaDream II were designed as prototypes for the ultra-luxury yachting experience. Teak decks, inviting seating and lounging areas give passengers plenty of room to stroll or simply relax. SeaDream promotes its style of all-inclusive cruising as "yacht-like" with a "resort-casual" dress code, which means your clothes don't have to be formal but you can expect upscale amenities and dining options ... See more


Destinations: Ports in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean

SeaDream II, like its twin sister SeaDream I, carries 112 guests and 95 crew members. SeaDream's motto:
SeaDream II

Since September 2001, this yacht club has been offering all-inclusive cruises which they refer to as "yacht-like" with a "resort-casual" dress code, which means you don't have to wear a tie but you can expect luxury amenities and world-class dining options. Both SeaDream yachts also feature somewhat flexible itineraries, allowing the captain to stay in a port longer if passengers wish, or shorter if weather impedes plans. Seating is open for meals, and champagne is always available ... See more


Destinations: Ports in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean

Star Clippers

Take in Venice as you've never seen her during a sailing on the clipper ship Royal Clipper.
Royal Clipper

Royal Clipper has the distinction of being the largest and only five-masted, full-rigged sailing ship built in the past century. With her 42 sails, Star Clippers' Royal Clipper cruise ship looks as if she's from the grand age of sail, but she's got all of the new technology and amenities.For connoisseurs of sail cruising, the 439-foot vessel offers a nice combination of traditional sailing with the luxuries of a yacht. Royal Clipper carries 227 guests with a full 19,000 square feet of open deck and three swimming pools ... See more


Destinations: Ports in the Caribbean and Mediterranean

Get close-up views of Caribbean islands aboard sister clipper ships Star Flyer and Star Clipper.
Star Clipper

Star Clipper is a true clipper ship, reflecting its proud heritage in every inch of its polished brass. Star Clippers' unique vessel offers passengers a "new age of sail," where tradition meets present-day amenities. At 360 feet long, this ship carries 170 guests and aims to provide a yacht-like experience. Star Clipper also touts spacious accommodations and two swimming pools. Cruise passengers will likely find that this ship offers more outdoor .... See more


Destinations: Ports in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean 

Star Flyer anchored in Bora Bora during a South Seas sailing.
Star Flyer

Star Flyer, sister ship of Star Clipper, is a true clipper ship, reflecting her proud heritage in every inch of her brass. At 360 feet long, this ship carries 170 guests and aims to provide a yacht-like experience. Star Flyer also touts spacious accommodations and two swimming pools. Cruise passengers will likely find that this ship offers more outdoor space per passenger than a  conventional cruise ship ... See more


Destinations: Ports in the Mediterranean

Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises' Star Breeze in Venice. The new power yacht begins sailings in May 2015.
Star Breeze

The new Star Breeze sails Riviera itineraries from Nice to Rome including Monte Carlo, Portofino and St. Tropez. With only 212 guests and all-suite accommodations, Star Breeze promises to make cruise passengers feel as if they're stepping onto their own yacht. The sitting area in the suites gives you an expansive view and a feeling of a true ocean adventure. ... See more


Destinations: Ports in the Mediterranean, Latin America and the Panama Canal

Windstar Cruises' new power yacht, Star Legend, begins sailings in May 2015.
Star Legend

After an end-to-end refurbishing, Star Legend will become one of Windstar's three new power yachts. With only 212 guests, you'll feel as if Star Legend is your own private yacht when you step aboard. The sitting area of your spacious, newly refurbished suite gives you an expansive ocean view, making it a welcome retreat ... See more


Destinations: Ports in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean

Windstar Cruises' Star Pride nestles into the ancient port of Nessebar, Bulgaria, a World Heritage Site.
Star Pride

With only 212 guests, you begin to feel like Star Pride is your own private yacht almost as soon as you step aboard. The sitting area of your spacious, newly refurbished suite gives you an expansive ocean view making it a welcome retreat. When you're ready to make an appearance, the lounges, club, casino and library are waiting to be explored ... See more


Destinations: Ports in Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean

Windstar Cruises' Wind Spirit in Moorea, French Polynesia, 10 miles northwest of Tahiti.
Wind Spirit

Windstar Cruises' Wind Spirit is a sleek, four-masted sailing yacht accommodating 148 guests. With four decks, Wind Spirit feels like your own private yacht. She features wide open teak decks, which are quite unusual for small ships. Her more than 10,000 square feet of open deck space allows you to find hidden nooks for private moments that will give you the feeling of being on your own private veranda. Her service and style gives you the luxury of choice to enjoy what you like ... See more


Destinations: Ports in Latin America and the South Pacific

Windstar's Wind Surf gleams at night in the Monte Carlo harbor.
Wind Star

Wind Star brings privacy to all her guests, making them feel as if they're sailing on their own personal yacht. Her wide open teak decks (highly unusual for small ships) provide more than 10,000 square feet of open-deck space for guests to find hidden nooks and have private moments. The sleek, four-masted sailing yacht accommodates 148 guests, and her style gives you the luxury of choice to enjoy what you like, when you like ... See more


Destinations: Ports in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean

Wind Surf at sea. Windstar calls it
Wind Surf

Stepping aboard the 310-guest Wind Surf, cruise passengers will get the sense that they are about to set sail on their own yacht. Windstar Cruises' flagship now features new finishes and furnishings in suites and staterooms, as well as in the ship's public spaces. The ship is large enough to accommodate several onboard amenities such as the WindSpa, casino and a variety of clubs and lounges. However, it is also small enough to give passengers a sense of home and escape from the masses ... See more


Destinations: Ports in the Mediterranean, Europe and the Caribbean.