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  • Scarlet-Lady-pink-agave.jpg - Head to Pink Agave for upscale Mexican fare on your Scarlet Lady sailing.
  • Scarlet-Lady-at-sea.jpg - The 2,770-passenger Scarlet Lady is the groundbreaking  ship with an upscale vibe from Virgin Voyages.
  • Scarlet-Lady-gunbae.jpg - Enjoy flavorful Korean barbecue at Gunbae, one of the complimentary restaurants on Scarlet Lady.
  • Scarlet-Lady-pool-deck.jpg - A look at the pool deck on Scarlet Lady from Virgin Voyages.
  • Scarlet-Lady-stateroom.jpg - Another look at a Sea Cabin on Scarlet Lady from Virgin Voyages.
  • Scarlet-Lady-staircase.jpg - Scarlet Lady was designed with touches that resemble a superyacht.
  • Scarlet-Lady-wake-interior.jpg - There's no assigned seating at the Wake, the complimentary steak and seafood venue on Scarlet Lady.
  • Scarlet-Lady-top-deck.jpg - Guests can relax on a lounger or sidle up to the bar on the top deck of Scarlet Lady.
  • Scarlet-Lady-bar.jpg - One of the bars aboard the upscale premium ship Scarlet Lady.

Virgin Voyages brings its sassy, innovative brand to cruising

When Richard Branson launches a cruise company, you know it’s going to be a different kind of expereince, one that brims with inventiveness, good humor and a bit of cheekiness.

Virgin Voyages, long in the planning, launched its first ship launch in August 2021 in the United Kingdom, quickly followed by Scarlet Lady's inaugural sailings in the Caribbean starting in October 2021. The adults-only cruise line requires guests (or “sailors,” as they're called) to be 18 or older. 

As a brand, Virgin likes to innovate by questioning basic assumptions that undergird a sector (think airlines or space travel). It's no different here. Virgin Voyages takes its cues not from other cruise ships but from the design aesthetic of super-yachts. 

It also brings along an upscale vibe and a sassy sensibility that declares things will be slightly different on its ships.

For instance, there are no set mealtimes and no dress code (but please, do wear pants). There's no extra charge for gratituies after the fact. Fun touches include mood lighting and hammocks throughout the ships. Virgin Voyages focuses on the well being of passengers, with yoga, meditation, spa and onshore biking all included. You can get that tattoo you've long wanted at Squid Ink, its floating tattoo parlor. Other highlights include more than 20 dining venues — all of them complimentary — and port stays that stray into the late-night hours.

Following Scarlet Lady, sister ship Valiant Lady debuted in spring 2022 with journeys from Barcelona followed by Resilient Lady in late 2022 with sailings out of Athens. A fourth ship, Brilliant Lady, is on hold for the moment.

The ships are midsize but small enough to call on ports that are off the beaten path. Add in complimentary shipwide dining, immersive entertainment and beautiful, sophisticated, playful flourishes, and it's hard to resist the allure of Virgin Voyages.

Virgin Voyages offers ADA-compliant accommodations across all its ships to accommodate guests who use wheelchairs. 

Fast facts

3 Ships
2014 Founded
Fun & experimental Style
Plantation, Fla. HQ

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