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Ethics, disclosure & transparency policy

How we're building a different kind of travel company & publication

Cruiseable is a travel startup – an independent enterprise and publication made up of technologists, journalists, cruise bloggers, curators and travel professionals. Unlike the vast majority of players in this space, we are not owned by a travel giant, big travel agency or cruise corporation.

We're here to make it easier for people to discover, plan and book great cruise vacations. And we’re trying something new and different. Ahead of its time? We think the time is right.

Let's be clear about what we are not: We’re not a site or app that offers a shady deal of the day to lure people in the door. (However, you’ll find great values and bargains throughout the site.)

We don't accept advertising. 

We’re not a site using an affiliate model to lure you in only to make a buck by sending you off to a travel giant with buildings filled with anonymous call center operators.

At Cruiseable, we want your cruise experience to be amazing. 

Our internal guidelines

In the course of building Cruiseable, we’ve had lots of discussions about church and state – the term journalists use for making sure business considerations don’t influence editorial outcomes.

Here are some of the principles we’ve reached a consensus about – it’s a work in progress so please offer your own ideas as well!

  • We use our full names on the site and hope you will, too. At Cruiseable, you own your own words, and we own ours.
  • We believe in transparency and accountability. There may be occasional reasons for people not to use their real names when discussing their experiences with business entities – we get that. But we’ve seen the downside of anonymous trolling and insiders looking to game the system. So we’re embracing this ethos: Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Let's be open an transparent with each other. That way, everyone wins.
  • We disclose when we participate in press trips as a guest of the cruise lines. In all such cases, we make clear in advance that our coverage will include the negatives along with the positives of the trip.
  • While we may accept advertising some day, we do not accept paid placement for positioning an offer on our site or app. The articles and contributions spotlighted on our home page are chosen by our editorial team.
We won’t accept money to write an article about you. We don't write about businesses based on business relationships.
  • We don't write about businesses, such as a tour operator or trip insurance company, based on any existing or sought-after business relationship. And we don't exclude them from our coverage just because we don't work with them.
  • We can't write with confidence or knowledge about every cruise line in the world, so we'll spotlight those that we work with: It's a big list, covering about 95% of the global market! If you want to write about a cruise line not in our database — say, a small eco-friendly cruise line that arranges trips to the Galapagos — we'd love to publish your guest post. 
  • You cannot buy a link on Cruiseable. You cannot pay someone to write an article to promote your site. You cannot add a spammy link in a comment (we’ll give you one warning before giving you the boot).
  • Yes, we earn some income from booking cruises for clients. The cruise lines pay us a fee for each booking — and we're super-transparent about it. There are thousands of cruises available to book through Cruiseable, and the ones we spotlight are the ones we judge to offer a special value or experience for cruisers.
  • Curation is in our DNA. At times we quote liberally from other publications. In such cases, our policy is to cite the original source of the material. If we slip up, let us know!
  • We are not a walled garden. We link out. We celebrate a multiplicity of voices and opinions. Let a thousand cruise communities bloom! (Yes, you too, CruiseCritic; we love you.)

Building a transparent travel company

For far too long, the workings of the travel industry has remained sheathed in a black box, marked by secrecy and opaqueness. That needs to change. We provide all the tools and information you need to make your vacation decision up front. We believe in full disclosure, putting the customer first, letting you know what additional fees and taxes you'll encounter, and being ethical and transparent throughout the process.

In short, we're trying to build the most transparent brand in the travel business.

We'll sometimes fall short of these lofty goals, no question. When we do, we hope you'll call us out on it. We’ll make mistakes, Lord knows, so please offer a reality check and help balance anything that doesn’t ring true in your view.

Signed, the founding team

JD Lasica
Giacomo Balli
Carrie Finley
Shannon Kircher
Danielle Fear
Gary Bembridge
Christine Loomis
Jessie Fetterling
Scott Mattoon

Cruiseable team
The Cruiseable editorial team consists of award-winning travel writers, cruise bloggers and journalists.