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  • Hurtigruten-Nordnorge-in-Norway - Hurtigruten's Nordnorge navigates its way through Einfahrt in den Trollfjord on a tour of Norway.
  • Hurtigruten-Nordnorge-in-Norway - Hurtigruten's Nordnorge navigates its way through Einfahrt in den Trollfjord on a tour of Norway.
  • Hurtigruten-Nordnorge-in-Norway-2 - Surrounded by imposing mountains, Hurtigruten's Nordnorge travels along the Hjørundfjorden fjord in Norway.
  • Hurtigruten-Nordnorge-in-Norway-3 - Travel aboard Hurtigruten's ship the Nordnorge and explore Molde and other majestic landscapes along Norway's coastline.
  • Hurtigruten-Nordnorge-in-Norway-4 - Hurtigruten's Nordnorge sailing during an autumn day along the Hjørundfjorden fjord in Norway where the water has the appearance of glass.
  • Hurtigruten-Nordnorge-in-Norway-5 - Hurtigruten's Nordnorge receives a caravan of well-wishers as she sails down the narrow peninsula into the village of Brønnøysund, Norway.
  • hurtigruten-cruise-norwegian-fjords.jpg - The Northern Lights over the Norwegian fjords, as seen on a Hurtigruten cruise.

Hurtigruten's Nordnorge: Scenic cruising along Norway's western coastline.

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Ms Nordnorge is named for her country's northern area. Nord-Norge literally means the northern part of Norway, much of it the region inside the Arctic Circle. Nordnorge was built in Norway in 1997 and is the second ship to carry on the name of one of the original Hurtigruten vessels. Between 2002 and 2007, ms Nordnorge transported guests to the remote and dramatic environs of Antarctica.

Today, Nordnorge sails the coast of Norway. While onboard, guests can admire the work of artists such as Johanne Marie Hansen-Krone, Ellen Lenvik and Dagfinn Bakke. The interior décor very captures the Art Nouveau and Art Deco influences and is both elegant and comfortable.

Who will like sailing on Nordnorge

If you're an adventure-cruise enthusiast looking for a unique cruise vacation in the wild and beautiful regions of the north but with all the creature comforts of home, Hurtigruten’s ms Nordnorge is an excellent choice.

Where Nordnorge sails

Norfnorge sails a variety of Norwegian coastal cruises. Fom Kirkenes, ports can include Tromso, Lofoten, Seven Islands (Svalbard) and Kristiansand. If you choose to sail from  Bergen, then you will visit Alesund, Trondheim, Lofoten, Tromso, Honnigsvag, Kirkenes, Tromso, Lofoten, Seven Islands (Svalbard) and Kristiansand.

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Cruising on ms Nordnorge combines a spirit of adventure and exploration with a destination rich in history, culture and stunning natural scenery. It's all experienced from comfortable, modern accommodations and public spaces. 


One of the dining highlights on Nordnorge is the addition of locally sourced food to the menus on a seasonal basis. There is one main restaurant onboard and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the cost of meals is included in the cruise fare. In addition to the dining room, there is also a 24-hour cafe with snacks and drinks available for an additional cost.

The Grand Hall of Oslo City Hall, Norway.
George Rex / Creative Commons BY-SAThe Grand Hall of Oslo City Hall, Norway.


There is not a lot of organized entertainment onboard; what keeps passengers engaged is the riveting scenery just outside the ship. There are plenty of comfortable places to relax, including cozy lounges, and there's space outside to roam and take in the scenery, too. Because this is a working ship providing transportation and services to local communities along the route, international passengers are treated to a uniquely personal introduction to Norway's people and culture.


Staterooms on the Nordnorge are comfortable and functional. They come in a variety of configurations, from standard cabins to mini-suites and suites, offering something for everyone. 

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Top highlights on this ship

  • What: Scenic cruising
  • Where: Hjørundfjorden fjord in Norway

  • What: Majestic landscapes
  • Where: Norway

  • What: Nordnorge
  • Where: Coast of Norway
  • Norway's western coastline offers coastal villages, vibrant cities and thrilling access to marine life.
  • Because these are working ships providing transportation and services for local residents, cruise passengers experience Norway's people and culture in a uniquely personal way.
  • The ethereal Northern Lights and endless midnight sun are among the sights passengers might see.

Fast facts

623 Passengers [?]
70 Crew
6 Decks
1997 Maiden voyage
11,384 Tonnage [?]
400 Length in feet
63 Width in feet (max beam)
17 speed mph

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