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Best cruise lines for chocolate lovers

I've had a sweet tooth since a very early age but, thank God, I also have a metabolism that lets me burn off those calories without doing TOO much damage.

Every couple years I take a cruise (not in the past year though!). Somehow I manage to keep the pounds off, probably because I’m walking around those ports all day, hitting the fitness center now and then, and keeping the dance floor busy till all hours.

And now that I’m thinking about another cruise later in the year, it just may be that the cruise line with the best chocolate might win my affection.

Who to turn to for the Ultimate Chocolate Decadence - Calories Be Damned?

By the look of things in your Gallery, Celebrity is certainly tempting. So is Royal, Norwegian and some of the luxury lines like Regent. But the new Chocolate Journeys from Princess Cruises just caught my eye and I think we may have a winner here, people!

(I hope I'm doing this wishlist thing right.)