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Top 10 places to visit this summer

I get several travel magazines at home and I keep on top of the latest updates from web publications too. So I was intrigued to come across Fodor Travel's list of Top 10 places to go this summer.

It turned out that I agreed with three or four of their suggestions, while I didn't much care for the other half. (Not surprising, right? How many travelers would like all 10 recommendations from any publication?)

So I decided to put together this visual list of 10 places I think are worth a visit this summer, either by cruise ship, plane, train or automobile. Here's Fodor's list, with my own edits:

1. Guadeloupe

2. Guam (sorry, if I have to fly across the ocean for thousands of miles, it would be to Fiji, Tahiti or New Zealand) ... my pick: Melbourne

3. Lithuania (not at all interested) ... my pick: Quebec City

4. Maine

5. National parks (that's kind of cheating, Fodor's! So many parks) ... my pick: Snake River, Oregon

6. Normandy (too much trouble in most of Europe, but Scandinavia's been ) ... my pick: Norway

7. Philadelphia (I think we'll see enough of Philadelphia with the Democratic convention this month) ... my pick: New Orleans

8. San Sebastian, Spain (I'm not familiar with this place, i'm sure it's fine, but I'm sticking closer to North America for the most part) ... my pick: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

9. Sicily

10. Stratford-upon-Avon (not at the top of my list) ... my pick: Cape Town

By the way, I like the selection of photos in Cruiseable's Gallery, nicer than the usual stock photos.