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Photo gallery: Lindblad Expeditions wilderness adventures

I'm ready to go on an adventure cruise ... or expedition cruise, if that's the actual term. I've been on more than 40 "traditional cruises" on Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Disney and others. But I could use a completely different kind of experience.

I'm been spending a lot of time on Cruiseable and have been looking at my options, using bliss filters and reading up on expedition cruising. And there's one company that looks especially awesome: Lindblad.

So, partly to get me inspired to make a trip to some farflung place like the Galapagos, Amazon, Central America, Iceland or Antarctica (maybe too cold for my tastes), I've put together this list of wildlife and wilderness you can see on a Lindblad cruise. The Falklands look more exotic than I expected.

Don't credit me for the photos... I didn't take them! (And I used the descriptions provided for the most part).