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Janet Fullwood

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Sacramento, California

About Me

Janet's passion for travel started with a stamp collection (where the world is Upper Volta?) and expanded to a 27-year career in travel journalism. She'll always have the bug...
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  • Cruise tip or discovery
    I like to methodically explore all a ship’s public places, map in hand. There’s almost always a delightfully private library, nook or cranny that few find.
  • My next cruise
    Anywhere off the beaten path. Asia, perhaps...
  • All-time favorite cruise
    Antarctica aboard the now-defunct M.S. Discovery.
  • Favorite tropical drink
  • Favorite beach
    Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. For people-watching, it can't be beat. Otherwise: any place with soft sand and clear, warm water. Like Champagne Beach, Vanuatu. Ahhhh.
  • Favorite cruise ship activity
    Sitting on deck and watching the sea go by.
  • Dream cruise destination
    An expedition-ship cruise to someplace exotic.
  • Desert island packing list
    A man with well honed  survival skills. A portable desalination system. A fully loaded Kindle with solar charger.
  • Claim to fame/Bragging rights
    Transited the Panama Canal on an Alaskan oil tanker, disembarked by climbing down the Jacob's ladder and jumping onto a moving tugboat.
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