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Stunning escapes in the South Seas (photos)

I'm eager to start a-wandering again! Where, oh where should I vacation this spring? I've been thinking about a vacation to the South Seas for some time, but where to go?

Tahiti and Bora Bora are glorious but very popular and very expensive.

Some of these other choices are harder to get to, but they all look inviting: Fiji, Tonga, the Cook Islands and Solomon Islands, even Vanuau or New Caledonia! Can you tell I'm an adventurer?!? (Yes, I know about Easter Island and Papua New Guineau, too. Maybe next time.)

I'll start researching which of these make sense for a cruise or a weeklong island getaway. But the photos here look incredibly inviting ... so hard to choose! Enjoy the photo gallery I put together like tossed salad.