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Iceland in photographs

I've been thinking a lot recently about visiting Iceland now that travel no longer seems like a remote possibility. Growing up, Iceland seemed like a distant, somewhat foreboding place. But the more I read up on it, the more enticing and attractive it's becoming. 

I'm a bit of an outdoors buff, so you can see the attraction. There's mountain biking, hiking, glacier tours, kayak, river rafting, caving, whale watching, birding, even elf hunting (will have to look into that one!)

I'd especially like to ride one of those fantastic-looking Icelandic horses, if that's an option.

All this was sparked by a fun and endearing video I recently came across ...

So I went into the Cruiseable Galleria and pulled down these recent additions of Iceland photos to create this Visual List.

Between all the outdoor activities, Blue Lagoon, waterfalls, the Northern Lights and those lovely horses, I'm moving Iceland up to the top of my travel list. Let me know if you have any tips for traveling there!