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  • Northern-Lights-Norway-from-Hurtigruten-Nordlys - Travel on the Hurtigruten expedition ship Nordlys to see the amazing sky show of the Northern Lights. This aurora was seen over Lofoten, Norway.
  • lake-Bergen-Norway - Lille Lungegårdsvannet in Bergen, Norway.
  • Tromso2-Norway - Fjords seen from the south beach of Tromso, Norway.
  • fjord-pony-Norway - Fjord Pony foal at Herdal Summer Farm, Norddal, Norway.
  • sunrise-Oslo-Fjord-Norway - Sunrise over the Oslo Fjord in Norway.
  • Nordlys-Skjervoy-Northern-Lights-Jan-Olsen -  The Northern Lights perform a night dance for passengers aboard Hurtigruten’s Nordlys in Skjervoy, Norway.
  • hurtigruten-cruise-norwegian-fjords.jpg - The Northern Lights over the Norwegian fjords, as seen on a Hurtigruten cruise.

Hurtigruten's ms Nordlys: Cruise to the far north & see the Northern Lights

Have you sailed on Hurtigruten's ms Nordlys? We'd love to hear your take and see your photos. The following information was curated by Cruiseable.


Nordlys is named for the Northern Lights, the spectacular natural phenomenon visible on Hurtigruten voyages between October and March. The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, appear in the sky of the Northern Hemisphere as green, and sometimes red, flaming "waves." Nordlys, built in 1994, fittingly features art, decor and colors inspired by nature's spectacular light show. Norwegian artists and designers created a distinctive environment on board, providing elegant, comfortable places for passengers to relax and enjoy the voyage, including the Panorama Lounge.

Who will like sailing on ms Nordlys

If you're an adventure-cruise enthusiast looking for a one-of-a-kind cruise vacation in the wild and beautiful regions of the north but with all the creature comforts of home, Hurtigruten’s ms Nordlys is an excellent choice.

Where Nordlys sails

Nordlys offers cruise packages along the coast of Norway, sailing from either Kirkenes or Bergen.

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Cruises on this ship

Cruising on ms Nordlys combines a spirit of adventure and exploration with a destination rich in history, culture and stunning natural scenery. It's all experienced from comfortable, modern accommodations and public spaces. 


One dining highlight on Nordlys is the addition to the menu of seasonal, locally sourced food. There is one main restaurant onboard and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. It's open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the cost of meals is included in the cruise fare. In addition to the dining room, there is also a 24-hour cafe with snacks and drinks available for an additional cost.

Fjords in Norway.
Gary Bembridge / Special to CruiseableFjords in Norway.


While there's not much organized entertainment onboard Hurtigruten ships, that’s not a problem. Instead, passengers are inspired by the dramatic landscapes and seascapes of the north and the personal connections they have a chance to make. There are plenty of comfortable places to relax, alone or with newfound friends. Inside are cozy lounges with views and there's space outside to roam and take in the surroundings. Hurtigruten's working ships provide transportation and services to local communities along the route, giving international passengers unique insight into the Norwegian people and culture.


Staterooms on Nordlys are comfortable, functional and offer a variety of configurations, from standard cabins to mini-suites and suites.

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Top highlights on this ship

  • What: Nordlys
  • Where: Northern Lights seen at sea
  • Itineraries take in more than 1,100 miles of Norwegian coastline between Bergen and Kirkenes.
  • Because these are working ships providing transportation and services for local residents, cruise passengers experience Norway's people and culture in a uniquely personal way.
  • The ethereal Northern Lights and midnight sun are among the sights passengers might see.

Fast facts

622 Passengers [?]
55 Crew
6 Decks
1993 Maiden voyage
11,204 Tonnage [?]
399 Length in feet
63 Width in feet (max beam)
17 speed mph

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