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Blog post April 29, 2022
Experience an evening in the charming old town of Bratislava while on a European river cruise aboard AmaLyra.

Courtesy of AmaWaterways

Experience an evening in the charming old town of Bratislava while on a European river cruise aboard AmaLyra.

AmaWaterways charts a cultural cruise through Europe

AmaWaterways’ two previous Seven River Journey Through Europe itineraries proved so popular that the river cruise line has launched a third itinerary, this one for autumn 2023.

Departing August 24, 2023, the Seven River Journey Through Europe: Autumn Edition is a 46-night journey across 14 different countries along the Seine, Scheldt, Maas, Rhine, Moselle, Main and Danube rivers, visiting charming villages and glittering cultural capitals along the way.

Guests will fly into Paris and depart for their first river cruise on August 24 on board the AmaLyra for six days. Along the way, the enchanting French countryside awaits, with a stop at the town of Honfleur, where some of the greatest Impressionists were inspired, as well as the beaches of Normandy before ending in Rouen.

The second part of the journey includes a short flight to Amsterdam, where guests will board the AmaCerto on August 29 and wind their way down the Scheldt and the Maas rivers, visiting the culinary capital of Brussels, as well as Kinderdijk, Utrecht and more. Scenic windmills, centuries-old castles and charming canal cities await on this round-trip leg of the journey.

The third part of the journey traces the Rhine and the Moselle rivers. Departing from Amsterdam on September 5 on the same ship, guests can enjoy some extra time in lovely Amsterdam before heading off in search of Germany’s many riverside castles and the Moselle’s gorgeous vineyards. Stops include Rüdesheim, an exclusive stop at the Lahneck Castle and more before ending in Luxembourg.

From Luxembourg comes the fourth part of the journey. On September 12, AmaCerto will sail from Luxembourg along the Rhine and Moselle rivers to dreamy Basel, Switzerland, stopping at fairytale villages like Cochem, Bernkastel, Tier and Strasbourg along the way.

A view of the scenic Middle Rhine Valley in Germany — prime river cruising country.
Andrew Cowin / Courtesy of Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V.A view of the scenic Middle Rhine Valley in Germany — prime river cruising country.

Once in Basel, AmaCerto will begin the fifth part of the journey on September 19, sailing the Rhine and the Main rivers to the medieval towns and cities of Rüdesheim, Miltenberg, Bamberg and Strasbourg, before ending in Würzburg.

Then begins the last river: the Danube. Guests will board the AmaVerde on September 25 and sail down from Eltmann to Budapest, visiting four incredible capitals of culture and history: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade.

Guests will spend a day in beautiful Budapest before heading back onto the AmaVerde on October 2 for the final leg of their seven-river journey; by now, the leaves along the river should be just starting to change their colors. Passing the famed Iron Gates, travelers along this stretch can explore farmland, medieval fortifications and more, visiting Croatia, Slovakia and Serbia along this stretch before ending in Giurgiu, Romania on October 9.

A sweeping view of Europe and its important rivers, the Seven River Journey: Autumn Edition is currently priced at $26,999 per person with enough space for 144 guests. Transfers between ships, excursions and delicious food and wines are always included onboard the itinerary.

“We are thrilled by the response to our Seven River Journeys as innovating our services, exceeding our guests’ expectations and providing new opportunities for our valued travel partners to earn attractive commissions have been at the core of all our decisions and contributed to AmaWaterways’ success over the past 20 years,” said Kristin Karst, executive vice president and co-founder of AmaWaterways.

“As the travel industry continues its recovery, many affluent travelers have added resources to discover the world and are searching for a longer, immersive, stress-free journey to make up for lost time and experiences,” she added.

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