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 Carnival Splendor sails in and around the Caribbean during winter months. Summer cruises include Eastern Caribbean destinations as well as cruises to Atlantic Canada and New England.

Carnival Splendor announces milestone voyage to Vietnam, Guam & Malaysia

May 16, 2018

Oct. 30, 2019, marks the beginning of Carnival Journeys with the start of a 24-day trans-Pacific crossing on Carnival Splendor from Long Beach, Calif., to Singapore.  The cruise is not only the lengthiest single voyage the line has ever offered but the first time Carnival has ever sent a ship to Guam, Vietnam and Malaysia on a North American departure.

Passengers on this trip will be offered a variety of activities that include sessions on photography, cooking, arts and crafts and celestial navigation, along with a 1980s-themed Throwback Sea Day. 

Adventures by Disney Announces Additional 2016 River Cruise Sailings - Travel Agent

January 22, 2018

From via

Looking forward to Adventures by Disney? You now have more options to enjoy this river cruise option now that new sailings have been added to the 2016 itinerary.

The cruise itineraries will take place in the months of July and August in 2016. Specific dates:

  • July 7-14
  • July 14-21
  • July 21-28
  • July 28 – August 4
  • August 4-11
Kirshan Murphy's insight:

"Travelers will visit eight destinations across four countries including Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Guests will be escorted by Disney Adventure Guides to tour scenes from the movie “The Sound of Music” in Salzburg, explore Devin Castle in Bratislava, and take a traditional Austrian folk dancing lesson in Melk."

To learn more, visit the link above and also

Antarctica Cruise | Travel to the Southern White Continent

January 22, 2018

From via

Explore the White Continent with Hurtigruten and MS Fram. Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.
Walter Christen's insight:

Hurtigruten cruises to Antarctica.  Possibly the greatest adventure. 

A tidewater glacier breaks off, or calves, on Margerie glacier in Glacier Bay, giving birth to several icebergs.

Alaskan cruise excursions: From glaciers to dog-sledding -

January 22, 2018

From via

The entire scenic trip seemed like an epic film rolled out on grand scale on this 1,945-nautical mile trip up and down Alaska's Inside Passage. The 82,000-ton Noordam ship, with its 2,000 guests and 800 crew, may have looked to the humpback whales and orcas like their prehistoric parent as it cruised grandly northward from Vancouver, British Columbia. At 6:30 am on the first morning at sea, as I lounged on my perfectly wonderful veranda, a humpback sounded with a wave of his gigantic tail. I was sure that Holland America had staged it, on cue.


We traveled north by northwest and the natural setting of mountain ranges, sea and islands were draped in layers and tones of dark grey, silver grey and black by the mist and soft cloud cover. It was a day for taking in the vista but also to explore the ship: 11 decks high, two swimming pools, four hot tubs, 14 passenger elevators, 1 Promenade deck for leisurely walks, a Culinary Arts Center, The Destinations Cafe with computer stations (need better and faster connections), library and game rooms, clothing and jewelry shops, casinos, entertainment venues, the ever busy Greenhouse Spa with its myriad body and face treatments (I indulged in the hot stone massage).  


Walter Christen's insight:

Alaska is a must see cruise destination. This article covers Juneau, Glacier Bay, Ketchikan and Glacier Point Wilderness Safari in Haines during the writer's sailing on Holland America's Noordam. 


Hurtigruten adds new expedition ship – MS Norway Explorer

January 22, 2018

From via

Hurtigruten will be adding one more ship to its current fleet of 13 with the purchase of a new expedition ship that will temporarily be named MS Norway Explorer.

“The new ship’s maneuverability and optimal size will bring Hurtigruten’s guests even closer to nature,” says CEO Daniel Skjeldam. “We invest in our fleet to ensure that Hurtigruten remains a world leader in sustainable explorer travels along the Norwegian coast and polar destinations as well as enrich our guests’ unique experiences by expanding our service at destinations such as Greenland, Svalbard and Antarctica.”

The ship was built in Portugal in 2009 at the Viana do Castelo shipyard and is now making its way to Scandinavia. The ship will undergo a total reconstruction including adapting for polar waters; upgrading the cabins, suites and public spaces for the 320 passengers; and adjusting the power plants and emissions so as to meet Hurtigruten’s high standards, the ship will then join the fleet along the Norwegian Coastal Voyage route. The new ship will replace the Midnatsol, which will join the MS Fram in Antarctica for the 2016/17 season.

Walter Christen's insight:

Adventure Expedition Cruise Line Hurtigruten is adding a new ship to their fleet and will be sailing the Norwegian coast after a complete overhaul and upgrade. The beautiful landscapes, ports of call rich in culture and history are only a few of the reasons to consider Hurtigruten.  Don't forget about the northern lights.

See what the Cruiseable Team think about Hurtigruten:

  • Hurtigruten’s Norwegian Coastal Cruises cover more than 1,100 miles between Bergen and Kirkenes.
  • Hurtigruten offers shore excursions ranging from coastal city tours to snowmobiling across the Tundra, viewing the Northern Lights or getting up close to Arctic birds on birding expeditions.
  • Ships visit 34 ports of call along the Norwegian coast, with some calls just 30 minutes and others as long as six hours.
  • Every Norwegian Coastal Cruise crosses the Arctic Circle.

How to maximize your animal viewing on an Alaskan cruise

January 22, 2018

From via

Even vacations have goals: On a Caribbean cruise, you want to see beaches. On a European cruise, you want to see museums and historic sites.

Those are easy goals to achieve. But many travelers booking their first Alaskan cruise want to see wildlife, and they wonder how hard it is to ensure they will. After all, beaches, museums and ruins stay put, but whales and bears tend to move around.

So how hard is it? According to cruise experts, it isn’t hard at all.

Walter Christen's insight:

I can attest to the fact that you would be hard pressed to not see wildlife on an Alaska cruise.

I took our family on an Alaska Cruise on Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas a few years back.  When in Juneau, I did a photography tour that included whale watching.  Seals, Whales, Eagles, and one bear were all seen on the tour.  The tour operator was very knowledgeable about where we would see the most and also very helpful in giving hints and tricks to capture the moments with your camera.

Another memorable moment was when we had completed our ports of call and were heading back to Vancouver.  While eating dinner, a pod of whales were very close to the side of the ship. What a way to end a fantastic journey.

Alaska was one of the most beautiful places I have been.  The scenery and wildlife were amazing.  This is one destination I do plan on doing again, although I think next time I will extend the trip to also go to Denali.

See what the Cruiseable team has for travel guides in Alaska ports.

Are you brave enough? 10 cruises for adventure

January 22, 2018

From via

Some adventure travel types may scoff at the idea of getting on a cruise ship, thinking of it as being too conventional. They should get over that. There are places in the world that are best seen and experienced on water, including little-visited emerging destinations. Check out our picks for the 10 best adventure cruises.

Walter Christen's insight:

For the dedicated adventure traveler, this list would be a good start.  Out of the 10 on this list I have been to two of them.  Alaska on Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Seas and Hawaii although that was not via a cruise ship.  A few of these are on by bucket list.

Here is the list

Antarctica and the South Shetland Islands

The Galapagos


The Arctic

The Peruvian Amazon

Australia's Kimberley

Greenland and the Northwest Passage



The Marquesas

Get ready to sail with the Grand Expeditions of Silversea

January 22, 2018

From via

Luxury expedition cruise line Silversea is thrilled to announce the launch of Grand Expeditions. Sailing from October 2015, Silversea has created five epic, once-in-a-lifetime combined voyages, each offering guests a unique experience from sea, to land, to sea again.

Ranging from 18 to 34 days, the Grand Expeditions will begin with an expedition cruise in the Galapágos Islands, before connecting to a land adventure, and finally ending with a further expedition cruise exploring the coast of Central America, South America, or Antarctica.

The all-inclusive Grand Expeditions package is orchestrated by Silversea and incorporates cruise fares for Silver Galapagos and Silver Explorer at 20% off the individual published rate. Also featured in the package are hotel accommodation, land tours, return air travelbetween Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands, intra-tour air travel and ground transportation, as well as charter flights to Ushuaia, if applicable.

Walter Christen's insight:

Silverseas Grand Expeditions sailings are a very interesting concept, combining two different cruising itineraries with a overland adventure tour in the middle.  Using both their Silver Galapagos and Silver Explorer ships, these 5 different expeditions look to be exciting adventures appealing to both adventure and luxury cruisers.

Silversea Arctic Tips - 9 questions you should ask before exploring the Arctic on Silver Explorer - Tips For Travellers

January 22, 2018

From via

The biggest regret I have about my trip on board Silversea’s Silver Explorer to the Arctic was that I did not have it at the top of my bucket list years ago. Over the course of ten days I discovered that I had missed out on an incredible adventure, and experience, that could have thrilled me ages ago. While indulging in the pampering, good food and service on board, each day was a revelation about the majesty, beauty and fascination of nature in this isolated part of the world. I saw, heard and felt vast glaciers calve off huge chunks of ice. Chuckled as perky Atlantic Puffins peered back as we explored their remote nesting spot and felt my heart lift as lumbering polar bears sniffed at us before going about their business of seeking out food. This is an incredible trip, and one that I want to help anyone thinking about doing it to get the most out of. This is the aim of the following nine questions I believe travellers should ask with my answers and tips on heading to the Arctic.

Walter Christen's insight:

A Truly excellent article about what to expect on a cruise on Silversea's Sliver Explorer to the Arctic. Gary Bembridge gives a fantastic account of his cruise and information on what to expect, what you will see and what to take along with you.

A cruise to the Arctic circle is one of my goals. This article has me pushing up the priority on my list.

Seven unmissable dive sites in the Cayman Islands - Lonely Planet

January 22, 2018

From via

Locals will tell you the Cayman Islands offer the best scuba diving in the Caribbean. Given the triumvirate of islands boasts a unique dive site for every single day of the year – and this isn’t just marketing speak – it’s easy to believe them.

Already a go-to destination for stingray spotting and dramatic drop-offs, this British Overseas Territory also offers some superb wreck dives within a pirate’s ahoy from the shore. The Caymans’ vibrant reefs are also something of a success story. With the Caribbean thought to have lost a staggering 80 percent of its coral in recent years, largely due to the effects of global warming, a 2013 study found Cayman coral health had bounced back to levels not seen since 1999.

While every diver has their favourites, we’ve scoped out seven of our own top spots to strap on a tank and dive in.

Walter Christen's insight:

If you are into scuba and/or snorkel this list from Lonely Planet gives you a real good idea of the places you may want to visit in the Cayman Islands.

I have been to the Cayman Islands quite a few times and the destination is one of my favorites in the Caribbean. I love to go snorkeling and bring my own gear (fins/mask/snorkel) with me.

I was last in Grand Cayman this past January aboard the Celebrity Cruise Lines Constellation.  I did a snorkel tour there aboard a catamaran and visited the USS Kittiwake which was placed on the north side of Seven Mile Beach.  The captain of the catamaran tour was a free diver and took my GoPro down with him into the center of the ship.  Fantastic video and memories I will not forget. 

Survey: Few Americans booking new Cuba cruises - USA TODAY

January 22, 2018

From via

The thaw in relations between the USA and Cuba has set off a race among cruise companies to start up sailings between the countries. But so far, few Americans are booking the trips, according to a survey conducted for USA TODAY by one of North America's largest travel sellers.

The survey of 1,034 travel agents who book cruises by Travel Leaders Group found that just 2.9% have taken a booking for one of the recently announced Cuba voyages.

Still, nearly 42% of travel agents queried said they've had a customer express interest in the trips.

Walter Christen's insight:

When I first started hearing about all the cruise lines starting up the cruises to Cuba, I was very excited. I for one want to visit this country and see the historic sites.

For America travelers though I think it will be a while before it becomes a mainstream destination in the Caribbean. There are still many restrictions with the people to people exchanges allowed and there is no "on your own touring" allowed.

I would imaging at some point Cuba will become one destination for a Caribbean cruise that visits other ports of call as well. 

Carnival Cruise line will be sailing to Cuba, in the near future, with their new Fathom brand. Norwegian Cruise Line and Oceania Cruises are also looking at providing cruises to Cuba.

Cruising to adventure in the land of ice and polar bears

January 22, 2018

From via

Standing at the bow of one of expedition cruising's hardiest ships as it crunches northward through a carpet of ice, Cecilia Donnelly is almost giggly with excitement. And who can blame her.

The steel-reinforced Fram has just arrived at the edge of the Arctic ice cap, and for the moment, at least, the 67-year-old retiree from Riverside, Calif., can lay claim to being one of the northernmost travelers in the world.

"This is fantastic!" Donnelly gushes as the 318-passenger Fram smashes into a car-length ice chunk, sending a shudder through the vessel. "In all my dreams, I never thought I would make it to the edge of the North Pole."

Fantastic, indeed. And an increasingly sought after experience. A growing number of adventurous travelers are signing up for expedition cruises to the realm of ice and polar bears at the top of the planet, prompting expedition cruise operators to offer an ever larger array of Arctic itineraries.

Walter Christen's insight:

A cruise to the arctic region is on my bucket list.  This article about Hurtigruten's 7 day circumnavigation of Spitsbergen aboard the MS Fram really piqued my interest.