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River cruises Blog post October 30, 2017

An Avalon Waterways cruise on the Irrawaddy River in Burma offers an amazing adventure

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Burma is an enchanting land in the middle of a transformation. After decades of harsh rule under a military junta, the Burmese people are riding a wave of optimism as the country, also known as Myanmar, transitions toward a more open relationship with the Western world, and a new government promises more political and economic freedoms.  I was lucky to visit Burma during an adventurous Irrawaddy River cruise with Avalon Waterways on its new ship Avalon Myanmar. It was an amazing experience, seeing a land with such a unique history and people unfailingly friendly and welcoming. Most Burmese people are as interested in new visitors to their little-seen farming and crafts trade villages as we are in seeing how they live and their proud traditions.

Walter Christen's insight:

An Avalon Waterways river cruise aboard the Avalon Myanmar is great way to see and experience the culture and people of Burma/Myanmar. Fascinating sites and history make this a must see region for the adventurous cruise traveler.