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New to cruising Blog post December 6, 2016
St. John's, the port and main city of Antigua, taken from a cruise ship.

Roger Wollstadt / Creative Commons BY SA

St. John's, the port and main city of Antigua, taken from a cruise ship.

Why not take a cruise this winter

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When thinking about where you want to go to escape the winter blues, why not take a cruise? 

“Aside from the chance to escape to tropical destinations on a floating vacation, there are plenty of other enticements to cruise in December, January and February,” reports U.S. News and World Report’s Tanner Callais. 

One reason to consider a winter cruise is the price. 

Walter Christen's insight:

I enjoy taking cruises during the winter months. Yes, the prices can be better and there are fewer children and college aged passengers. One of the benefits I also have seen is that cruising in the Caribbean, the temperatures are lower allowing for some excursions that would be unbearably hot during the summer months. In November I did a Western Caribbean cruise aboard the Norwegian Jade and while still warm, it was comfortable.  I will be on the MSC Divina in February to the Eastern Caribbean.  Although I will forgo any snorkel trips (my passion), I have planned some excursions to see more of the islands we will be going to.

Of course if your dream cruise is to go to Alaska, you will have to wait until May. I do not know of any cruise line that does Alaska during the winter.



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