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New to cruising Blog post February 17, 2016
Book a romantic cruise to the Caribbean on Oasis of the Seas.

Michel Verdure / Courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

Book a romantic cruise to the Caribbean on Oasis of the Seas.

Tips for cruising

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Cruising is an experience no one should miss out on. My family absolutely loves to cruise. It’s something we have done since I was little and although we don’t get to go as often now, I will never forget those memories. It is truly an amazing vacation for couples and families alike. Every cruise line and ship offers something different and unique. Be sure to research every line to make sure you find the ship that is right for you. If it’s your first cruise start smaller then work your way up to the bigger ships, that way you won’t be totally overwhelmed. There are Alaskan cruises, Caribbean cruises, European cruises, and more!

Your first cruise can be a bit intimidating. I have definitely learned some things along the way, and I hope others can learn from my mistakes and discoveries!

Walter Christen's insight:

I just returned from a Royal Caribbean cruise on Saturday, so this is still fresh in my memory. Here are some tips for first-time cruisers on Cruiseable:





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