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New to cruising Blog post June 28, 2016
The Bionic Bar is where robots will mix your drinks.

Courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

The Bionic Bar is where robots will mix your drinks.

Is going on a cruise the hippest thing in travel now?

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A couple of years ago, when you heard people say they were going on a cruise you would normally picture retirees in straw hats, sandals and brightly colored and flowered shirts.

Nowadays cruise travel passengers include the young, middle aged and, of course the retirees.

But what has changed? Well for beginners, cruise ship companies have made it very attractive for passengers, and the younger, hipper crowds are starting to realize that maybe it makes sense to go on a cruise, see several different countries in one trip and eat, drink and party to their heart's content.In addition to this, cruise companies have done extensive market research and turned out many new destinations, new activities, both on-ship and onshore, as well as created themed cruises, increased the length of cruise trips and are putting water slides, rock climbing and even bars operated with robotic tenders on new ships, all in an effort to facilitate the changing patterns of the cruise ships travel market.


Walter Christen's insight:

I firmly believe there is a cruise that would appeal to anyone no matter what age group they happen to be in.  What I would be looking for in a cruise experience many not be what you are looking for. All of the resources on and the bliss filters can help you find that perfect cruise for you.



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