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New to cruising Blog post December 23, 2016
Enjoy live music and classic dishes in Norwegian Escape's Manhattan Room.

Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

Enjoy live music and classic dishes in Norwegian Escape's Manhattan Room.

6 things everyone gets wrong about cruise ships

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As a longtime avoider of mega cruise ships, I had a lot of assumptions going into my first large-ship cruise. It would be crowded, I thought. I would be incapacitated by seasickness. My only dining choices would be sub-par buffets. Realizing I was floating on a raft of preconceptions before even leaving port, I spoke with some fellow cruise-ship avoiders to develop a list of common reasons people don’t cruise. Once onboard, I set out to prove each of these cruise ship myths right or wrong. Here’s what I found.


Walter Christen's insight:

I get asked by friends and family about these myths all the time. While there are always exceptions, I firmly believe these are myths. Here is my take.

Rooms will feel tight - Yes the rooms are smaller and depending on which cabin category and cruise ship they can be pretty small.  My advice is to look at all of the information available on square footage and make your decision wisely.  Some people do not mind a small room as they are rarely in the room except to sleep. I prefer a slightly larger room with a balcony if possible.

It's crowded - While it may look crowded when embarking on a cruise, I have found that once onboard, there are plenty of places to spread out. My suggestion is to take a good walk around the ship after boarding and find the quite out of the way places you may want to try later.

It's only buffets - This is far from true.  One of my rules on a cruise ship is that I partake of the dining room if it is open for service, and I do not have a early tour, I like being served and it makes my meal extra special.  There are occasions that the dining room is closed and usually happens when the ship is in port. It should be noted that the buffets on may cruise ships have greatly improved and offer a very varied menu.

You'll get seasick - My whole family is lucky that we do not get seasick very easy.  I find that the larger cruise ship give the best chance of not getting seasick.  If you are prone to getting sick, take appropriate precautions and also be careful where you book your cabin.  Best place is lower on the ship in the middle. 

You'll have to talk to strangers - No one will make you talk to anyone you do not want to. When my wife and I cruise, we request a table for two for this reason.Actually we met some very good friends of ours on a cruise while waiting on line for a excursion.

You can only skim the surface of destinations - I have never felt this way.  I enjoy seeing a lot of different places while on a cruise.  Also since I do cruise often, I do sometimes go to the same ports.  Half the fun is finding something different to do on a return stop and to see how things change over the years.




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