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New to cruising Blog post November 5, 2015
Book passage to your next Caribbean adventure on Carnival Dream.

Danny Lehman / Courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line

Book passage to your next Caribbean adventure on Carnival Dream.

Five things to consider before embarking on your first cruise

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There’s nothing quite like a cruise to help you unwind. The scented ocean breeze, calming open water and the chance to see several destinations in one holiday, they all have a unique appeal and a cruise can make it a reality. If you have never cruised before then some aspects can seem a little daunting, but here are five things to help you on your way and to keep in mind before you embark on your first holiday at sea.

Walter Christen's insight:

Five very good points for the first time cruiser.  In fact they are good even for the seasoned cruiser.  Here is my take:

Get there the night before - Unless you live close to the cruise terminal, it is smart to arrive at least the day before your cruise.  In Florida, where I live, many of the hotels near the cruise terminals also offer free transfers to the terminal. 

Don't forget your medications - If you need to take medications on a regular basis, make sure you take a ample supply.  On a 7 night cruise I usually bring at least a 10 day supply. Also remember to pack these medications in your carry on and not in your checked luggage.  They should be with you cruise documents and passport.  If you also take over the counter medications, it is a wise move to pack a supply with you.  Although the ship may have what you need, the prices are usually high.

Take note at the lifeboat drills - Although you may never need to know the information from the muster drill, better safe than sorry.  Also do not think you can duck out of going to the muster drill.  On every cruise I have taken, they do check via roll call or scanning of you sea card to insure that every one attends.

Get the right insurance - On every cruise I have taken I have always included the cost of insurance.  Although I have never had to use it, it does give you piece of mind that you car covered if something does happen.

Know the dress code - If you have a real aversion to dressing up for dinner, there are some cruise lines that would better than others.



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