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Adventure travel Blog post October 30, 2015

Star Ships: New sciences cruises offer pristine cosmic views

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A new line of science-themed cruises lets passengers stargaze from the open ocean, a unique location far away from city lights.

Princes Cruises and Discovery Channel have created a line of science-themed cruises called "Discovery at Sea." The excursions feature activities like diving with sharks, spending time with exotic wildlife, looking at auroras and stargazing.

Viewing the night sky from a location far away from city lights can be a magical experience, but it usually requires traveling to very remote locations (which, for some people, is part of the fun). But stargazing on a cruise ship is unique, because the vessel can travel to locations completely devoid of light pollution, and yet viewers are never more than a few steps away from the ship's accommodations

Walter Christen's insight:

I have always enjoyed looking up on a cruise ship to see the stars. If you can get to a upper level on the ship where there are no lights above you, the views are amazing. Princess Cruises has the right idea to offer guided tours of the heavens.

Although I do not think a telescope would work (the ship is moving), a pair of binoculars could come in handy.