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Adventure travel Blog post March 26, 2016
Silver Galapagos carries 100 passengers, and every suite has an ocean view.

Courtesy of Silversea Cruises

Silver Galapagos carries 100 passengers, and every suite has an ocean view.

Adventures aboard the Silver Galapagos

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At first glance, the Galapagos Islands look like scrubby, desolate bumps of land in the middle of the ocean.  But when you actually set foot on the beach, you immediately see an amazing abundance of wildlife.

You’ll see birds called boobies with red feet and blue beaks, napping sea lions, giant tortoises, iguanas and, if you’re lucky, Galapagos penguins. There are also magnificent frigate birds with chests that puff up like red balloons, sea turtles that pop their heads out of the water to look at passing kayakers, finches, bright red crabs, herons and even owls.

Many of these species are found only here in the Galapagos, located in the Pacific Ocean about 600 miles west of Ecuador.  And what’s fascinating and almost disconcerting is that the birds and animals look directly into your eyes and don’t fly or scurry off.  They have no natural predators and are therefore fearless.

Walter Christen's insight:

I imagine that the Galapagos Islands are on many adventure travelers bucket list. Silverseas 100 guest Silver Galapagos would be a great way to check this off the list.

I am an avid amateur photographer and would love the oppurtunity to capture the wildlife with my cameras.



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