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Adventure travel Blog post August 19, 2015

Silversea Arctic tips: 9 questions you should ask before exploring the Arctic on Silver Explorer

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The biggest regret I have about my trip on board Silversea’s Silver Explorer to the Arctic was that I did not have it at the top of my bucket list years ago. Over the course of ten days I discovered that I had missed out on an incredible adventure, and experience, that could have thrilled me ages ago. While indulging in the pampering, good food and service on board, each day was a revelation about the majesty, beauty and fascination of nature in this isolated part of the world. I saw, heard and felt vast glaciers calve off huge chunks of ice. Chuckled as perky Atlantic Puffins peered back as we explored their remote nesting spot and felt my heart lift as lumbering polar bears sniffed at us before going about their business of seeking out food. This is an incredible trip, and one that I want to help anyone thinking about doing it to get the most out of. This is the aim of the following nine questions I believe travelers should ask with my answers and tips on heading to the Arctic.

Walter Christen's insight:

A truly excellent article about what to expect on a cruise on Silversea's Sliver Explorer to the Arctic. Gary Bembridge gives a fantastic account of his cruise and information on what to expect, what you will see and what to take along with you.

A cruise to the Arctic circle is one of my goals. This article has me pushing it up on the priority list.



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