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Adventure travel Blog post December 14, 2016
Crystal Symphony takes you past sweeping icebergs in Antarctica.

Courtesy of Crystal Cruises

Crystal Symphony takes you past sweeping icebergs in Antarctica.

Polar cruises

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Top destinations for cruise travels are usually the Caribbean and the Mediterranean routes, where you can relax on white beaches or be enchanted by the beauties of the great ancient empires. But there is something magical that awaits you if you choose the right route and decide to sail to the Poles. The spectacle of the Northern Lights is a truly extraordinary experience which happens in one of the most fascinating and uncontaminated places in the world, the North Pole. On the other side of the planet, Antarctica offers off-the-beaten-track sceneries and alternative adventures. Hence, a cruise to the Polar regions offers you new exciting experiences, they’re much less exploited destinations and you’ll have the opportunity to follow the paths of the greatest explorers of the past.

Walter Christen's insight:

Both polar regions are on my must cruise to list. To see the northern lights would be fantastic and the south pole would be a great adventure.

Living in Florida, I am unaccustomed to very cold weather but I still want to go.  Guess I will have to look online for thermal underwear and polar coats as I do not think I would find any locally. 



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