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Family travel Blog post August 18, 2015
Disney Magic in port in the Caribbean.

Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

Disney Magic in port in the Caribbean.

Disney Cruise Line adds limits to alcohol policy

From via

Disney Cruse Line is altering its alcohol policy, adding restrictions to what passengers may bring onboard to consume during their voyages.

Starting with cruises that leave Sept. 30, Disney Cruise Line guests will be allowed to bring a maximum of two bottles of unopened wine or champagne — no larger than 750 milliliters — or six beers — no larger than 12 ounces — on board at the beginning of the trip and at each port-of-call.

These beverages must be packed in carry-on bags or luggage. They cannot be in checked-in luggage.

Bringing liquors and spirits onboard will be prohibited.

Walter Christen's insight:

Although Disney Cruise Line has made their alcohol policy stricter, it is still more lenient than most other cruise lines.  The ability to have confiscated alcohol returned at the end of the cruise is an interesting twist.

When my wife and I cruise we do not bother bringing on anything additional to drink.  We do not drink much as it is, and we do like to explore the ship when we first get onboard.  The thought of having to carry the extra weight around all afternoon is not appealing. 



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