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Family travel Blog post November 30, 2016

5 Thanksgiving cruises that are perfect for families

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This Thanksgiving, forget the cooking and cleaning and instead focus on spending quality time with your loved ones onboard one of the five best holiday cruises for families. With sailings throughout the holiday week, these cruises keep all the traditions intact, while adding fun and inventive ways to celebrate the feast. From pumpkin-pie cocktails to post-dinner NFL games shows on jumbo screens, the comforts of home have never been more buoyant.

Walter Christen's insight:

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to take that multigenerational family cruise or a group cruise with friends and family.  Imaging not having to cook and clean for the holiday and also not worrying about fitting all the leftovers in the refrigerator. Missing the black Friday craziness is also a plus. 


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