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Friends come together to take a kayak tour in the tropical waters of Aruba.

Courtesy of Aruba Tourism

Friends come together to take a kayak tour in the tropical waters of Aruba.

6 reasons for taking a Group Cruise

See why Group Cruises have the highest guest satisfaction rating in the travel industry

OK, so you've been invited on a Group Cruise, or you've heard about them, and you're wondering if you should go for it. A Group Cruise is where people who share common interests, or folks who belong to a club or organization, join together to make merry on the same voyage — and reap the rewards by doing so.

Today Cruiseable is rolling out a one-of-a-kind Group Cruises feature to make it easier for you to get a lower cruise fare by taking part in a Group Cruise or by organizing one. Here's our news announcement about it. 

We've collectively sailed on lots of group cruises over the years. So we'd like to lay out the following six reasons to go for it! And we'll explain below why this could turn into the vacation of a lifetime. 

1More and more people are turning to Group Cruise vacations as a great way to bring everybody together. These birds-of-a-feather gatherings are perfect for sharing your interests, passions or hobbies with a wider circle of friends. They're also ideal for multigenerational families who want to spend some time — but not all of their time — together.
2There is no cooking, no laundry and no shopping (except for cool keepsakes). There's little or no waiting in line, no rental cars, no gas bills and no worries.
3You unpack once and let the ship's crew do the rest. You don't want to bring a whole lot anyway because your day will be filled with activities.
4A steward cleans your cabin twice a day (including providing fresh towels), and there is 24-hour room service, and it's all included in one price.
5One price includes all accommodations, all meals and activities on board the ship, and entertainment.
6Depending on the group, you're often welcomed with a private cocktail party and group photos as mementoes.
Enjoy bumper cars, basketball and rollerskating with your family or colleagues on  Anthem of the Seas.
Courtesy of Royal Caribbean InternationalEnjoy bumper cars, basketball and rollerskating with your family or colleagues on Anthem of the Seas.

Today's ships offer a wealth of activities

By the way, these are not your father's cruise ships anymore, these are multi-generational floating resorts! Today's state-of-the-art cruise ships offer something for everyone from rock climbing to ice skating, rollerblade tracks, swimming pools, whirlpools, exercise facilities, movie theaters, Internet cafes, sports bars, libraries, video arcades, kids programs, spa and wellness services, shopping, casino gaming, cooking classes, enrichment seminars, guest lecturers, computer classes, yoga and more. There is plenty to keep your whole group entertained and happy.

Today group cruises appeal to everyone from the kids and grandchildren, young adults and college students, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and swinging grandmas and grandpas. Every age group is catered to, so if you step aboard in the right spirit, you're bound to have the time of your life. (As Princess says, Come back new!)

Celebrity Constellation's contemporary suites are designed to cater to all your needs while you travel.
Michel Verdure / Courtesy of Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Constellation's contemporary suites are designed to cater to professionals and families. 

Staterooms & sleeping quarters to fit your needs

Sleeping arrangements are far more flexible than you might imagine. Ships offer a variety of stateroom categories with different bed configurations and different room sizes, depending on your budget. Generally, the lowest price fares are found in the interior staterooms on board. From there, an ocean view stateroom lets you see the ocean and passing landscapes from a porthole or window, a balcony stateroom provides your own private space to take in the sea breeze just outside your cabin's sliding door, and suites are available for more room and more amenities.

With a group, you don't have to have the same kind of rooms: Each member of your group can choose which type of accommodations best fits his or her budget. Some cabins can sleep four or five guests in one room, so families with small children do not have to buy more than one cabin.

If you're worried about having to travel a long way to your port, remember that cruise ships depart from 22 ports in the United States and Canada these days, so getting on a Group Cruise with friends, colleagues or loved ones has never been more convenient. Today, you can find a cruise ship within driving distance of most U.S. cities, including Miami, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Galveston, New Orleans, Los AngelesSeattle, and Boston, to name a few.

Dining & entertainment options 

Catch high dive acts in the Aqua Theater aboard Allure of the Seas.
Courtesy of Royal Caribbean InternationalCatch high dive acts in the Aqua Theater aboard Allure of the Seas.

What about dining, you ask? Each cruise line will make sure that every evening your group enjoys a lavish meal together — or apart, allowing you to switch seats at will or even to dine in separate restaurants and to socialize with other passengers you may meet on the ship. If you want to spend a quiet evening away from the group, no problem. Many cruise ships offer alternative dining options that give you a chance to enjoy dinner on your own. The best part of all: There's no cleanup after dinner.

On top of all that, there is award-winning entertainment, first-rate Broadway and Las Vegas-style musical revues, comedians, magic shows, piano bars, high-energy discos and live music to keep your group entertained from sundown to sun up. We often hear participants in Group Cruises say that the chance to socialize and share a common experience with colleagues was a highlight of the trip.

For your group, you'll have special events like private cocktail parties, group shore excursions, late-night fun and festivities will help everyone in your group to get to know one another much better.

Ready for your Group Cruise?

Group Cruises have the highest guest satisfaction rating in the entire travel industry. Cruise line studies show that groups that travel together on a cruise will return as a group within two years of their first trip! There must be a reason, and it just might be time for your to get out there and find out for yourself. 

Contact Cruiseable today to get all the information you need to begin planning your group cruise — Cruiseable is the only travel company to return all the savings from group cruise bookings to the group itself! We'll act as your Group Cruise Concierge, so email us at [email protected] or call direct at 1-877-322-3773 and we'll be happy to provide all the information you need! 

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