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Theme cruises Blog post April 10, 2016
Grapevines in Bordeaux, France, the legendary wine-growing region.

Paul Tridon / Creative Commons BY

Grapevines in Bordeaux, France, the legendary wine-growing region.

The 6 best 'Booze Cruises' in the U.S. and Europe

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Get ready to cheers: These grown-up cruises are overflowing with tastings, onboard seminars, and excursions to vineyards, cellars, and breweries.

For cruise lovers, nothing says vacation like the wind blowing through your hair, the horizon hanging just ahead, and perhaps most importantly: your favorite adult beverage, gripped firmly in hand. Happily, many cruises have graduated from the days of "Bahama Mama" umbrella drinks served in tacky souvenir glasses to numerous high-end "booze cruises" that make for surprisingly sophisticated sailings. Here, we round up the most buzzworthy alcohol-themed sailings—whether it's wine, champagne, beer, or spirits that best wet your whistle—spanning a range of ships, large and small. Yes, we'll drink to that.

Walter Christen's insight:

Intersting take on adult beverage themed cruises. While my wife and I do enjoy attending wine tasting events on our cruises, It never occured to me to take a theme cruise related to wine, or any other alcohol beverage for that matter.

Whether your passion is wine, champagne, bourbon, or beer the cruise lines have it covered. Reading the descriptions, I could think of quite a few of my friends that would enjoy these themed cruises.