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  • Wonder-Lake-rep-Denali - Wonder Lake in Denali National Park lives up to its name.
  • Wonder-Lake-Denali-Alaska - Wonder Lake is the best known lake in Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • sunset-Sitka-Alaska - Sunset over Sitka Harbor, with Mount Edgecumbe in the background.
  • Kennecott-Copper-Mines - Explore the Kennecott Mines in McCarthy, Alaska, during a Princess expedition. The Kennecott mill town and copper mines are an extraordinary relic from America's past.
  • Haines-hills-Alaska - The picturesque town of Haines, Alaska.
  • bear-nap-Ketchikan-Alaska - A bear cub takes a little nap on a tree near Ketchikan, Alaska.
  • Mt-Roberts-Tramway - As you leave the Princess cruise ship pier in Juneau, you'll take a short walk to board a tram for the scenic ride up Mount Roberts.
  • Glacier-Bay-Marble-Islands - Marble Islands, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
  • mountain-range-Denali - The Alaska Mountain Range in Denali National Park in Alaska.
  • whale-leap-Glacier-Bay - A whale emerges from the water at Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
  • Glacier-Bay-National-Park-seen-from-Princess - Book a Princess cruise to take in the natural beauty of Glacier Bay, a U.S. national park just west of Juneau.
  • big-horn-sheep-Denali - Big horn sheep spar in Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • brown-bear-Nome-Alaska - A brown bear waits to make its next move in the grass of Nome, Alaska. Silver Discoverer takes you to experience memorable wildlife.
  • Anchorage-Eklutna-Lake-kayak - Kayaking on Eklutna Lake near Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Alaska-Railroad-Seward-Alaska - The Alaska Railroad runs from Anchorage up to Seward.
  • Anchorage-Iditarod-start - The start of the Iditarod in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Mt-Roberts-Tram-Juneau-Alaska - The view from the top of the Mt. Roberts Tram near Juneau, Alaska.
  • skyline-Anchorage-Alaska - The skyline of Anchorage, Alaska.
  • sunset-Sitka-Alaska-2 - Sunset near Sitka, Alaska
  • sea-lions-Glacier-Bay-Alaska - Sea lions stake a claim in Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska.
  • theater-Icy-Strait-Point-Alaska - Native theater in Icy Strait Point, Alaska.
  • totem-Haines-Alaska - A totem pole outside of Haines, Alaska.
  • Totem-Heritage-Center-Ketchikan-Alaska - Totem Heritage Center in Ketchikan, Alaska.
  • whales-Juneau-Alaska - Whale sighting near Juneau, Alaska, including humpback whales "bubble feeding" off a school of herring.
  • kayak-Icy-Strait-Point-Alaska - A kayak tour out of Icy Strait Point, Alaska.
  • downtown-Ketchikan - Downtown Ketchikan, Alaska, on a typically soggy day.
  • Icy-Strait-Point-Alaska-2 - Icy Strait Point, Alaska.
  • Valdez-Fishing-Derbies-Valdez-Alaska - The Valdez Fishing Derbies draw participants of all ages.
  • Lynx-Kroschels-Haines-Alaska - A large lynx is one of the local celebrities at the Kroschels Wildlife Center near Haines, Alaska.
  • native-Tlingit-Icy-Strait-Point-Alaska - A native Tlingit in Icy Strait Point, Alaska.
  • Tarr-Inlet-Icy-Strait-Point-Alaska - Tarr Inlet near Icy Strait Point, Alaska.
  • Anchorage-Aurora-Borealis - An aurora borealis over Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Anchorage-Alyeska-Resort - Skiing at the Alyeska Resort outside of Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Celebrity_Silhouette_Tracy_Arm_Fjord - Take in the pristine majesty of Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska during your Celebrity cruise.
  • Tracy-Arm-Fjord-closeup-Princess - Your Princess cruise takes you along the Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska, providing breathtaking views of mountains and glaciers.
  • Denali-Princess-Wilderness-Lodge-Alaska-2 - Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge sits in the middle of  Denali Nature Park and Preserve in Alaska. Surrounded by forests and wildlife, it offers Princess Cruises guests a comfortable place to stay with phenomenal views of the surroundings. Book it as part of a pre- or post-cruise with Princess.
  • Skagway-Fancy-Goods - Princess Cruises brings you to the doorstep of Skagway on the Alaska Panhandle, population 920, where you can check out its small-town charm.
  • Glacier-Bay-whale jump - A whale breeching in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
  • sea-kayaking-Alaska - Kayak through the icy blue seas of Alaska, one of the activities offered on your Princess cruise.
  • Ketchikan-Alaska-harbor - Boats tied to the dock in Ketchikan, Alaska.
  • deck-McKinley-chalet-Denali - The McKinley Chalet Resort is in the heart of the Denali Canyon on the banks of the Nenana River, less than 2 miles from the entrance to Denali National Park. In summer, dining on the deck gives you a great view of the scenic vistas.
  • Humpback-whale-Princess - A humpback whale off the coast of Alaska during a Princess Cruises sailing.
  • Wilderness-Rail-Service-2 - Wanna race? Princess Cruises allows you to enjoy even more of Alaska by offering its Direct to the Wilderness Rail Service for fast travel.
  • iced-capped-mountains - Ice-capped mountains frame beautiful meadows in Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • lake-mountain-Denali - Throughout the day, lakes and mountain vistas create beautiful landscapes in Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • clouds-Glacier-Bay-Alaska - Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska.
  • Kenai-Princess-Wilderness-Lodge-view - At the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge in Cooper Landing, Alaska, you can hang out on the deck and take in scenic views of Kenai River valley. Book it as part of a pre- or post-cruise with Princess.
  • meadow-Denali - Wildflowers filled meadows can be found throughout Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • Mt-McKinley-Princess-Wilderness-Lodge - During a stay at Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge, you can take in beautiful views of the Alaska Range. Book it as part of a pre- or post-cruise with Princess.
  • bear-Denali-Alaska - A grizzly bear lumbers through Denali National Park in Alaska.
  • sea-lions-Glacier-Bay - Sea lions catch some rays on the boulders by the water in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
  • Norwegian-Sun-Alaska - Norwegian Sun cruises along the Alaska coastline with a backdrop of snowcapped peaks and emerald green trees.
  • White-Pass-Scenic-Railway - Princess Cruises offers the White Pass Scenic Railway for quick transportation from the ship to your inland itinerary.
  • Glacier-Bay-cruise-view - Passengers on a cruise ship in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
  • Harbor-seal-Alaska - During your Princess Cruises sailing to Alaska, you'll have the chance to see a diverse range of Alaskan wildlife, including the harbor seal.
  • Anchorage-skyline-summer - Summer in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Denali-Princess-Wilderness-Lodge-Alaska - Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge sits in the middle of  Denali Nature Park and Preserve in Alaska.  Book it as part of a pre- or post-cruise with Princess.
  • Glacier-Bay-stellar-sea-lions - Stellar sea lions of the rocks of Marble Islands in Glacier Bay National Park.
  • Creek-Street-Ketchikan-Alaska - On your Princess Cruises visit to Ketchikan, Alaska, be sure to check out Creek Street and the antique boardwalk on wooden pilings over Ketchikan Creek, home to restaurants, curio shops and, on some days, great salmon viewing.
  • caribou-Denali-Alaska - A caribou wanders across fields in Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • meadow-reflection-Denali - The meadows and mountains reflect in a pristine lake in Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • Glacier-Bay-Johns-Hopkins-Inlet - Johns Hopkins Inlet in Glacier Bay National Park.
  • Glacier-Bay-black-bear-cubs - Black bear cubs in Glacier Bay National Park.
  • Glacier-Bay-harbor-seal - A harbor seal in Glacier Bay National Park.
  • Alaska-Railroad-Denali-National-Park -  Ride the Alaska Railroad through the vast, rolling Denali National Park en route to your Inland Passage itinerary on your Princess expedition.
  • Glacier-Bay-brown-bears - Brown bears in Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska.
  • Anchorage-native-culture - Anchorage is home to members of all 11 Alaska Native cultural groups.
  • Wilderness-Rail-Service - Hop on the Direct to the Wilderness Rail Service to take in the scenery in Princess' glass-domed rail cars on most options.
  • Anchorage-moose-in-stream - Moose stop for a drink in a stream near Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Anchorage-moose-on-street - A moose near Chilkoot Charlie's (Koots) in Anchorage, Alaska, like a scene out of "Northern Exposure."
  • Libby-Riddles-2 - On some Princess Cruises itineraries, guests get an exclusive opportunity to hear Libby Riddles, second from left, as she recounts her journey to become the first woman Sled Dog Race champion.
  • Denali-Princess-Wilderness-Lodge-Alaska-4 - Taking in the scenic landscape from the deck of Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge in Alaska.
  • guide-raft-Denali-2 - In smaller rafts, everyone paddles through white-water rapids in Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • Glacier-Bay-sea-anemone - Sea anemone in Glacier Bay National Park.
  • Anchorage-skyline1 - The skyline of Anchorage, capital of Alaska.
  • guide-raft-Denali - Guides lead groups of visitors through white water in Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • Glacier-Bay-Orca - Orcas in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
  • glaciers-Glacier-Bay-Alaska - Glaciers flank the bays of Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska.
  • snow-mountain-lake-Denali - The magnitude of the snow-capped peaks reflect in this lake in Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • whale-Icy-Strait-Point-Alaska - Whale watching near Icy Strait Point, Alaska.
  • kayak-Icy-Strait-Point-Alaska-1 - Icy Strait Point, Alaska.
  • Sitka-Alaska-harbor - Sitka Harbor is always bustling with boats.
  • fisherman-Seward-Alaska - A fisherman's catch in Seward, Alaska.
  • dogsled-Juneau-Alaska - Colleen Hilker: "That's me and my mom on our first sled dog excursion. We started out with a helicopter ride to see the sights around Juneau."
  • ATV-tour-Glacier-Bay-Alaska - Taking part in an all-terrain vehicle tour in Glacier Bay, Alaska.
  • actor-Icy-Strait-Point-Alaska - A Tlingit actor in Icy Strait Point, Alaska.
  • Anchorage-moose-with-flowers - A moose enjoys a snack near Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Anchorage-Brown-Bear - A brown bear in the mountains near Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Red-Onion-Skagway-Alaska - The Red Onion Saloon in Skagway, Alaska.
  • kayak-Juneau-Alaska - A kayak tour near Mendenhall Glacier outside of Juneau, Alaska.
  • welcome-to-Ketchikan-Alaska - Welcome to Ketchikan, Alaska's first city and the self-proclaimed salmon capital of the world.
  • Norwegian-Jewel-Aerial-Juneau - Norwegian Jewel during a port visit to Juneau, Alaska.
  • lucky-miss-saloon-Denali - Belly up to the bar at the Lucky Miss Saloon, Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • Celebrity_Millennium_Glacier_Bay - Celebrity Millennium gives you a close-up view of the immense peaks of Hubbard Glacier.
  • Celebrity_Millennium_Glacier_Bay_3 - Take in the grandeur of Alaska during a cruise aboard Celebrity Millennium.
  • Celebrity_Millennium_Hubbard_Glacier - Aboard Celebrity Millennium, you'll meander through the longest river of ice in North America, the Hubbard Glacier — also one of the most active glaciers of its kind in Alaska.
  • Copper-River-Princess-Wilderness-Lodge - Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge, an upscale Princess retreat featuring 85 rooms and suites with spectacular mountain and forest views, is located on 200 acres at the junction of the Klutina and Copper Rivers in Alaska. Book it as part of a pre- or post-cruise with Princess.
  • Libby-Riddles - On some Princess Cruises itineraries, guests get an exclusive opportunity to spend an hour hearing the inspiring story of Libby Riddles as she recounts her journey to become the first woman Sled Dog Race champion.
  • Sapphire-Princess-in-College-Fjord-Alaska - Sapphire Princess during an idyllic sailing through College Fjord, Alaska.
  • Mt-McKinley-Princess-Wilderness-Lodge-2 - Stay at the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge to take in remarkable views of the surrounding forest, mountains and rivers. Book it as part of a pre- or post-cruise to Alaska with Princess.
  • Radiance-of-the-Seas-in-Alaska - Radiance of the Seas sails through a strait hugged by glaciers in Alaska, giving passengers astonishing views of the snow-topped mountains along the coast.
  • strat-Glacier-Bay - The stratification of the glacier is clearly visible to visitors to Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
  • Regent-Seven-Seas-Navigator-in-Alaska-3 - Seven Seas Navigator carves a journey through breathtaking glaciers on her Alaska itinerary.
  • Regent-Seven-Seas-Mariner-Alaska - Seven Seas Mariner navigates through a channel carved by glaciers during a summer sailing to Alaska.
  • Island-Princess-College-Fjord - Island Princess offers guests a scenic view of College Fjord in Prince William Sound, Alaska.
  • Eagle-Crest-Restaurant-Alaska - A scene from "Northern Exposure"? Nah. A peek inside the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge's Eagle Crest Restaurant.
  • double-kayak-Glacier-Bay - Glide through peaceful waters in a double kayak in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
  • Crystal-Symphony-Glacier-Bay-Alaska-1 - Covering 3.3 million acres of rugged mountains, dynamic glaciers, temperate rainforest, wild coastlines and deep sheltered fjords, Glacier Bay National Park is a highlight of Alaska's Inside Passage.
  • mask-Glacier-Bay - A native mask in Glacier Bay National Park.
  • moose-Denali - Yes, you know you are in Alaska when you see your first moose in Denali National Park.
  • Glacier-Bay-National-Park-seen-from-Princess-2 - From your Princess ship you can take in the grandeur of Glacier Bay, 3.3 million acres of rugged mountains, dynamic glaciers, temperate rainforest, wild coastlines and deep sheltered fjords.
  • College-Fjord-overlook-Princess-Cruises - Take a one-of-a-kind voyage through scenic College Fjord, Alaska, and experience a glacier up close on a Princess cruise.
  • Diamond-Princess-in-College-Fjord-Alaska - Take in ice-covered mountains and glaciers during your Diamond Princess cruise through College Fjord, Alaska.
  • Denali-Princess-Wilderness-Lodge-Alaska-3 - When guests visit Denali National Park, Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge is the most convenient place to stay. The entrance to the park is less than a mile from the lodge.
  • Glacier-Bay-lodge - Glacier Bay Lodge, nestled under the spruce trees that line Bartlett Cove, offers the only hotel accommodations within the park.
  • mountain-Denali - Excursions to Denali National Park offer the opportunity to see the beautiful mountains of Alaska.
  • reflect-Glacier-Bay - A glacier reflects in the waters of Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska
  • road-Mt-Mckinley-Denali - A ribbon of road leads to Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • Tracy-Arm-Fjord-Alaska-1 - Sail through Tracy Arm Fjord, the magnificent fjord in Alaska near Juneau, on your Princess cruise.
  • Sapphire-Princess-in-College-Fjord-Alaska-3 - Take in the snowy caps and immaculate terrain of  College Fjord, Alaska, during a cruise on Sapphire Princess.
  • Princess-Cruises-guide-Alaska - A guide has some fun with a young passenger during a Princess Cruises sailing through Alaska's Glacier Bay.
  • Wilderness-Rail-Observation-Platform - Many Princess Cruises guests extend their stay in Alaska and take in the scenic landscapes on the observation platform of their glass-domed rail car.
  • Taste-of-Alaska-buffet - While cruising through Alaska, passengers aboard  Princess can try regional seafood specialties in the Taste of Alaska buffet.
  • Bald-Eagle-Denali-Alaska - A bald eagle in Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • Seward-Alaska-harbor - The harbor in Seward, Alaska.
  • fishing-bear-Ketchikan-Alaska - Fishing Mama-bear style in Ketchikan Creek, Alaska.
  • fox-Denali-Alaska - A fox with a tracking collar in Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • tanker-mist-Valdez-Alaska - A tanker near Valdez, Alaska, swathed in mist.
  • zipline-Juneau-Alaska - Ziplining over hills and trees near Juneau, Alaska.
  • tide-pools-Valdez-Alaska - Cloud sprays and tide pools outside of Valdez, Alaska.
  • Anchorage-Bald-Eagle - A bald eagle near Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Anchorage-Coastal-Trail - Biking on the Coastal Trail in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Anchorage-frosty-bear - A bear in winter near Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Glacier-Bay-puffin-swim - Swimming puffins in the waters of Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
  • Glacier-Bay-moose - A moose in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
  • Glacier-Bay-black-bear-dandelions - A black bear feasting on dandelions in Glacier Bay National Park.
  • Glacier-Bay-brittle-star - A brittle star in the waters of Glacier Bay National Park.
  • Glacier-Bay-brown-bear - A brown bear in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
  • Glacier-Bay-junco - A dark-eyed junco in Glacier Bay National Park.
  • juneau-waterfront.jpg - The waterfront of Juneau's cruise ship harbor.
  • Norwegian-Pearl-Aerial-Alaska - Norwegian Pearl cruising in Alaska's sparkling blue waters.
  • Norwegian-Pearl-Aerial-Alaska-4 - Norwegian Pearl cruising in Alaska waters against a backdrop of rugged coastline and snow-capped peaks.
  • Radiance-of-the-Seas-in-Alaska-3 - Pristine waters serve as a mirror as Radiance of the Seas glides past a glacier in Alaska.
  • Sapphire-Princess-in-College-Fjord-Alaska-2 - One of the many beautiful destinations that Sapphire Princess cruises through is scenic College Fjord, Alaska.
  • shops-in-juneau.jpg - A stretch of shops along North Franklin Street in downtown Juneau, Alaska.
  • Diamond-Princess-in-College-Fjord-Alaska-2 - Picture yourself in the middle of a postcard: A shot of Diamond Princess cruising through College Fjord, Alaska.
  • stretch-of-shops-in-juneau.jpg - A stretch of shops along North Franklin Street in downtown Juneau, Alaska.
  • Tracy's-King-Crab-Shack.jpg - The landmark tourism spot Tracy's King Crab Shack is within walking distance of the cruise pier in Juneau, Alaska.
  • eagle-sitka-raptor-center.jpg -  An eagle recovering at the Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka, Alaska.
  • Diamond-Princess-in-Alaska - Diamond Princess has 700 balconies — perfect for you to take in the sweeping panoramas and seascapes.
  • eagle-sitka-raptor-center2.jpg -  An eagle recovering at the Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka, Alaska.
  • Denali-National-Park-wildflowers - Explore Denali National Park and Preserve — 6 million acres of mountains, wildlife and pristine landscapes bisected by one ribbon of road — during your Princess Cruises voyage.
  • Regent-Seven-Seas-Navigator-in-Alaska - A voyage to Alaska on aboard Seven Seas Navigator will be the experience of a lifetime.
  • mist-Glacier-Bay - Mist covers part of the glaciers on a cool morning at Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
  • glacier-cave-Glacier-Bay - Close to shore in Glacier Bay, you can see caves formed as the glacier melts.
  • Norwegian-Pearl-Aerial-Alaska-3 - Enjoy the view of Alaska's magnificent coastline aboard Norwegian Pearl.
  • Glacier-Bay-Princess-Cruises - A Princess ship cruises through scenic Glacier Bay, Alaska.
  • Regent-Seven-Seas-Navigator-in-Alaska-2 - Discover the awe-inspiring landscapes of Alaska during your cruise aboard Seven Seas Navigator.
  • Dawn-Princess-Ketchikan-Alaska - Dawn Princess in Sitka Alaska, operating tenders (small ships to ferry passengers).
  • Celebrity_Millennium_Glacier_Bay_2 - Slicing through the ice of Alaska is one of the mesmerizing experiences you'll have aboard Celebrity Millennium.
  • Norwegian-Sun-Alaska-Hubbard-Glacier - Board Norwegian Sun for a white cruise to Alaska's Hubbard Glacier.
  • Trail-at-sunset-about-9pm - Dusk starts to fall on a hiking trail at 9 pm on Kodiak Island, Alaska.
  • Kodiak-landscape - Travelers take in the expansive landscape on Kodiak Island off the southern coast of Alaska.
  • Admiralty-Island-with-fish - A scene on Admiralty Island, just south of Juneau, Alaska.
  • Alaska-Christine-Loomis-king-salmon - Cruiseable's Christine Loomis shows off the king salmon she caught off Kodiak Island in Alaska.
  • Flyfishing-Admiralty-Island - Christine during a morning of flyfishing on Admiralty Island, southeastern Alaska.
  • Green's-Creek-Admiralty-Island - Green's Creek on Admiralty Island, Alaska.
  • Kodiak-Alaska - The harbor in Kodiak, Alaska.
  • Petersburg-Alaska - A glimpse of the seaport of Petersburg, Alaska.
  • Totem-in-Alaska - A totem in Alaska.
  • Tracy Arm - Majestic Tracy Arm Fjord lies 45 miles south of Juneau.
  • Alaska-ferry - A ferry off the coast of Alaska.
  • forget-me-nots.jpg - Forget-me-nots, marked by blue petals surrounding a yellow eye, are the the state flower of Alaska.
  • Alaska Zoo Bear - Roy Neese.Visit Anchorage.jpg - A brown bear in the Alaska Zoo. Set in a forest, the zoo focuses on arctic animals and is a rescue site for abandoned or injured wildlife.
  • Anchorage Museum - Ashley Johnston.Visit Anchorage.jpg -  Explore Alaska’s early beginnings and the rich Alaska Native culture at one or more of the many museums and cultural centers in Anchorage.
  • Beer Samples Midnight Sun Brewery - Jack Bonney.Visit Anchorage.jpg - Alaska has more breweries per capita than any other state, such as Midnight Sun Brewing Co. in Anchorage.
  • Biking Anchorage Trails - Roy Neese.Visit Anchorage.jpg - Biking during summer along one of Anchorage's numerous bike trails.
  • Hiking Flattop Mountain -  Roy Neese.Visit Anchorage.jpg - Just 20 minutes from downtown Anchorage, Flattop Mountain is the most-hiked peak in Alaska.
  • Music in the Park - Roy Neese.Visit Anchorage.jpg - Downtown Anchorage brims with parks that are filled with festivals, music and events most days all summer long.
  • Ship Creek Fishing - Ken Graham Photography.jpg -  There's nothing better than fresh Alaska wild caught seafood.
  • Bald-Eagle-Over-Water.jpg - Half of all bald eagles in the world live in Alaska.
  • Glacier-Set-Between-Mountains.jpg - See Sawyer Glacier, at the end of the Tracy Arm fjord, on an American Cruise Lines sailing of Alaska's Inside Passage.
  • Hugh-Miller-Inlet-Aerial.jpg - See the Hugh Miller Inlet, part of Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park, during a voyage on American Cruise Lines.
  • Icy-Strait-Coastline-with-Mountains.jpg -  See pristine Icy Strait Point and enjoy woodland walks or water activities during an American Cruise Lines voyage.
  • kayaker-on-water.jpg - Kayak at Icy Point Strait or other scenic spots along Alaska's Inside Passage on an American Cruise Lines vacation.
  • Ketchikan-Shoreline-Marina.jpg - See the marina of Ketchikan, Alaska, and its scenic surroundings on an American Cruise Lines sailing.
  • Mendenhall-Glacier-with-Whale.jpg - Watch whales breach the waters of Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska during a sailing on American Cruise Lines.
  • Moose-in-Forest.jpg - Explore Alaska's Inside Passage on American Spirit and get close-up views of moose and other wildlife.
  • Glacier-Bay-Bear-Track-Mountain.jpg - Bear Track Mountain, part of the pristine scenery of Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve in Alaska.
  • Skagway-White-Pass-Train.jpg - Guests on American Cruise Lines can ride the White Pass train and enjoy a closer look at Alaska's landscapes.
  • Skagway-White-Yukon-Railroad.jpg -  Reach the Yukon Railroad through American Cruise Lines and ride the White Pass to enjoy panoramic views of Alaska.
  • Stikine-Jet-Boat.jpg - Explore the Stikine River in southeast Alaska on a jet boat ride, offering beautiful views of snow-capped mountains and lush riverbanks, during an American Cruise Lines voyage.
  • Tlingit-Totem-Pole.jpg - See the Tlingit Totem Pole and learn about Native culture in Pioneer Square, Seattle, on an American Spirit cruise.
  • Tracy-Arm-Hot-Chocolate-Bar.jpg - The full-service hot chocolate bar on the sun deck of the American Spirit in Tracy Arm, Alaska, is a warm treat in this cool climate.
  • Tracy-Arm-Ice-Waterfall.jpg - Take in majestic waterfalls in Tracy Arm Fjord during your cruise through Alaska's Inside Passage on American Cruise Lines.
  • Whale-Tail-in-Alaska.jpg - Whale watching is one of the many activities guests can enjoy on an American Cruise Lines sailing in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Whales-Duo-Wide.jpg - Catch a glimpse of orcas, humpback whales and other marine life during your American Cruise Lines vacation.
  • Mendenhall-Glacier-scene.jpg - Mendenhall Glacier is surrounded by several hiking trails, including Nugget Falls Trail.
  • Mount-Juneau-hiker.jpg - A hiker at Mount Juneau, which offers views of downtown Juneau.
  • whale-bubble-net.jpg - During the summer, you can spot humpback whales engaging in bubble net feeding. 
  • American-Spirit-Whale-Alaska.jpg - Let the American Spirit take you to Alaska, where you take in the majestic scenery while whale watching.
  • sitka-totem-in-park.jpg - At Sitka National Historic Park, wander through the forest along scenic paths where totems depict the rich culture of the Tlingit people.
  • Naa-Kahidi-Dancers-Sitka.jpg - Enjoy a performance of ancient songs and dances by the Naa Kahidi Dancers during your visit to Sitka, Alaska.
  • Raptor-Center-Stage-Sitka.jpg - Visit the Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka to see injured bald eagles being nursed back to health.
  • Sitka-Harbor-with-rainbow.jpg - A rainbow frames the Sitka Harbor. Take a scenic waterfront cruise and or take a water taxi to nearby nature attractions.
  • Sitka-shopping.jpg - Experience shopping the way it used to be: Sitka boasts all independent, locally owned shops with nary a chain in sight.
  • sitka-black-tailed-deer.jpg - The Sitka black-tailed deer,  a subspecies of mule deer, spotted on the outskirts of Sitka.
  • Ponant-Katmail-bear.jpg - A bear, spotted on a Ponant cruise, takes a dip on a warm day in Alaska's Katmai National Park.
  • Ponant-glacier.jpg - See the glaciers of Alaska from a whole new perspective on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Katmai-bear2.png - Visit Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska, known for its brown bears, on a Ponant cruise.
  • Ponant-Alaska-bay.jpg - Share the bays of Alaska with a variety of watercraft. Le Boreal offers expedition cruises to Nome, Savoonga, St. George, Katmai and other scenic locations.
  • Wilderness-Explorer-kayaker.jpg - Kayakers paddle back to the Wilderness Explorer in Alaska.
  • Wilderness_Discoverer_in_Alaska.jpg - Wilderness Discoverer in Alaska, with all hands on rails and fully flagged.
  • Wilderness-Adventurer-skiff.jpg - Skiff with passengers from the Wilderness Adventurer, returning after an excursion.
  • Wilderness-Discoverer-kayakers.jpg - Kayakers depart from the Wilderness Discoverer for their daily excursion.
  • Safari_Quest_in_Alaska.jpg - Safari Quest moored in Alaska's Inside Passage.
  • S.S._Legacy_in_Alaskan_fjord.jpg - The S.S. Legacy, framed by blue ice, settles into a fjord in Alaska.
  • SS_Legacy_in_SE_Alaska_waterfall.jpg - The 88-passenger S.S. Legacy stops by a waterfall in southeastern Alaska.
  • Safari_Endeavour_glacier.jpg -  Safari Endeavour sails past a glacier in an Alaskan inlet.
  • portage-glacier-in-alaska.jpg - The Portage Glacier near Anchorage, Alaska.
  • orca-in-juneau.jpg - An orca caught in mid-jump in Juneau, Alaska.
  • Lindblad-Expeditions-Alaska-Bald-Eagle.jpg - See a majestic bald eagle during a Lindblad Expedition visit of Baranof Island, Alaska.
  • Lindblad-Expeditions-Alaska-Brown-Bear.jpg - A large brown bear wades into a stream in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska.
  • Lindblad-Expeditions-Alaska-Kayaking.jpg - Kayak the beautiful waters of Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska, on a Lindblad expedition.
  • Lindblad-Expeditions-Alaska-humpback-whale.jpg -   A humpback whale surfaces to greet visitors on a Lindblad Expeditions excursion.
  • bear-Kelp-Bay-Alaska.jpg - A brown bear pays little heed to visitors during a Lindblad Expeditions visit to Kelp Bay, Alaska.
  • Alaska-killer-whales.jpg - A family of killer whales surfaces in the Johnstone Strait in Vancouver during a Lindblad Expeditions tour.
  • Alaska-Williams Cove-Dawes-Glacier.jpg - A waterfall streams down Dawes Glacier at William's Cove in Alaska.
  • Alaska-Brown-Bear-Salmon.jpg - While on a hike of the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, see a brown bear as it hunts for salmon.
  • Alaska-humpback-whale.jpg - The tail of a humpback whale emerges from the water in Alaska during a Lindblad Expeditions voyage.
  • Alaska-brown-bears-fishing.jpg - Three brown bears fish for pink salmon in a stream in Alaska during a Lindblad Expeditions tour.
  • Alaska-killer-whale.jpg - A large killer whale surfaces in Chatham Strait, Alaska, during a Lindblad Expeditions tour.
  • National-Geographic-Seabird-in-Alaska.jpg - Sail to Le Conte Bay in Stikine Flats, Alaska, aboard National Geographic Sea Bird during a Lindblad Expeditions trip.
  • Alaska-humpback-whale-breaching.jpg - An adult humpback whale breaches after disaffiliating from a group along the west side of Chatham Strait in Southeast Alaska during a Lindblad expedition.
  • alaska-sea-lions.jpg - Travelers taking a Lindblad Expeditions tour observe a sea lion colony in Inian Pass near Cross Sound, southeastern Alaska.
  • celebrity-millennium-in-alaska.jpg - Celebrity Millennium gives you close-up views of the grandeur of Hubbard Glacier.
  • Hubbard-Glacier1.jpg - Sail by the Hubbard Glacier on Seven Seas Mariner.
  • Hubbard-Glacier2.jpg - View the Hubbard Glacier of Alaska on Seven Seas Mariner.
  • Juneau-Wildlife-Refuge-moose.jpg - See the Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge in Juneau, Alaska, during an excursion on Regent Seven Seas Cruises.
  • Juneau-woodlands.jpg - See the wild expanses of Juneau, Alaska, on your Regent Seven Seas cruise.
  • Seven-Seas-Navigator-in-Alaska.jpg - Regent's Seven Seas Navigator sails through Glacier Bay in Alaska.
  • fish-and-sea-urchins.jpg - A great sculpin, or double ugly, along with a Pacific wire crab (top right) and two dozen colorful sea urchins captured and documented before they were returned to Auke Bay in Alaska.
  • sea-urchin.jpg - A sea urchin caught, before it was returned to the water during a Gastineau Guiding expedition.
  • double-ugly.jpg - Tour guide Katy Bear holds up a great sculpin for passengers in Auke Bay.
  • Sasha-humpback-whale-alaska.jpg - A humpback whale in Auke Bay, Alaska, identified as Sasha, seen during an excursion out of Juneau.
  • lupins-in-sitka.jpg - Purple and white lupins bloom in Sitka, Alaska.
  • ketchikan-view-from-ship.jpg - View of Ketchikan, Alaska, from aboard ms Oosterdam docked in port.
  • hubbard-glacier.jpg - A look at Hubbard Glacier, 200 miles northwest of Juneau, Alaska, from ms Oosterdam.
  • hubbard-glacier-ice-sheet.jpg - A sheet of ice along the edge of Hubbard Glacier, 200 miles northwest of Juneau, Alaska.
  • hubbard-glacier-tour-boat.jpg - A small tour boat passes along the edge of Hubbard Glacier in Alaska.
  • hubbard-glacier-greenery.jpg - Greenery interspersed with snow on Hubbard Glacier in Alaska.
  • wildflowers-in-juneau.jpg - Wildflowers in Juneau, Alaska.
  • falcon.jpg - A falcon on the mend in the Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka, Alaska.
  • hubbard-glacier-from-ms-oosterdam.jpg - A shot of Hubbard Glacier from ms Oosterdam.
  • sitka-raptor-center-stream.jpg - A brook running through the Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka, Alaska.
  • Glacier-Bay-crab - A crab in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
  • St-Michaels-Cathedral-sitka-interior.jpg - A shot of the interior of St. Michael's Cathedral in Sitka, Alaska.
  • reindeer-Denali-Alaska - Reindeer in a meadow in Denali National Park, Alaska.
  • St-Michaels-Cathedral-sitka-interior2.jpg - A shot of the interior of St. Michael's Cathedral in Sitka, Alaska.
  • log-rolling-Ketchikan-Alaska - Log rolling demonstration in Ketchikan, Alaska.
  • float-plane-in-Auke-Bay-Harbor.jpg - A float plane touches down in Auke Bay Harbor, Juneau, Alaska.
  • golf-Haines-Alaska - A round of golf in Haines, Alaska.
  • park-ranger-Glacier-Bay-National-Park - A park ranger gives visitors a briefing about a portion of Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska.
  • glacier-ponds-Valdez-Alaska - Glacier ponds glowing bright blue, outside of Valdez, Alaska.

Alaska: Guides & resources to prepare you for your big adventure

The vibe

It’s almost impossible to overuse superlatives when it comes to Alaska. To start, there’s the vast, untamed wilderness, its glaciers, waterfalls, icebergs, deep forests and deeper bays, all defying adequate description. Mist-wringed peaks almost dare humans to conquer them. Brown bears, whales and eagles might appear on any given day. But it’s not just about nature, though that alone would be enough for most of us.

There’s also a richness of culture. Native American, Russian and Norwegian communities still thrive in Alaska, and the hardy spirit that launched the Klondike Gold Rush lives on. Modern cities, rustic towns, incomparable Native American artwork, stellar shopping, fishing, mountain climbing, photo ops and as much adventure as anyone can handle all await in Alaska.

Top reasons to go

  • Whether flightseeing around it or admiring it from afar, Denali (the former Mt. McKinley), North America’s highest peak at 20,320 feet, is awe-inspiring.
  • The marine wilderness of Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve includes tidewater glaciers, snow-capped mountain ranges, ocean coastlines, deep fjords, and freshwater rivers and lakes.
  • Kenai Fjords National Park is a land where the Ice Age still lingers, where glaciers, earthquakes and ocean storms are still the architects.
  • Who doesn't want to see bears, sea otters, eagles and whales? In Alaska, it's always possible.
Orcas in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
National Park ServiceOrcas in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.

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Forget-me-nots, marked by blue petals surrounding a yellow eye, are the the state flower of Alaska.
Rude / Creative Commons BY-SAForget-me-nots, marked by blue petals surrounding a yellow eye, are the the state flower of Alaska.

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“No talk of Alaska would be complete without mentioning the crown jewel, Denali National Park. About 250 miles north of the nearest coastal town, Anchorage, Denali boasts more than 6 million acres of rugged beauty. It includes Mount McKinley, as well as abundant wildlife.”

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“Don't leave Alaska without sampling local berries such as mossberries, salmonberries, and lingonberries. Farmers markets are best bets.”

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