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The Cruiseable app on the iPhone 6.

Cruiseable releases iPhone 6 app

June 29, 2015

After six months of development, we're jazzed to announce that we've released the Cruiseable app for the iPhone.

Download it for free from the App Store.

Since Cruiseable's launch in March, we've been focused on giving people a much easier and visually rich way to discover, plan and book a great cruise vacation. Now, the new Cruiseable app for iPhone 5 or 6 allows users to research and book their perfect cruise vacation while on the go.

We designed the Cruiseable app to make it fun, informative and easy to use. As travelers search a variety of itineraries and guest experiences, our gorgeous, high-quality images whisk them away to ports from Juneau to Hong Kong

Carnival Corp. CEO Arnold Donald at Cruise Shipping Miami.

Shooting down 3 myths about cruises

June 24, 2015

Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald oversees nine cruise lines, each with a different personality and target market. The company he heads is a household name and a market leader, with about 100 ships in operation around the globe and a 48 percent share of the cruise marketplace.

“If people choose the right cruise, they’ll be a cruiser for life.”

And Carnival Corp. continues to grow: Nine new vessels are coming online in the next three years, and another nine have been contracted for after that. The company has built 30 new ships since 2007, Donald notes, and tallies 80 million passenger cruise days per year.

Donald recently briefed reporters in Miami on trends such as hybrid wi-fi, more personalization, more balcony cabins, variable pricing, increased presence in China and Australia, an eye on Cuba and other industry topics. In the process, he addressed three common myths about cruising.

Adventures by Disney announces additional 2016 river cruise sailings

June 23, 2015

From via

Looking forward to Adventures by Disney? You now have more options to enjoy this river cruise option now that new sailings have been added to the 2016 itinerary.

The cruise itineraries will take place in the months of July and August in 2016. Specific dates:

  • July 7-14, 2016
  • July 14-21
  • July 21-28
  • July 28 – August 4
  • August 4-11
Kirshan Murphy's insight:

"Travelers will visit eight destinations across four countries including Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Guests will be escorted by Disney Adventure Guides to tour scenes from the movie “The Sound of Music” in Salzburg, explore Devin Castle in Bratislava, and take a traditional Austrian folk dancing lesson in Melk."

To learn more, see


Singles cruises for seniors? Too much fun or hassle?

June 21, 2015

From via


"It's no secret – many seniors love cruise vacations. The convenience, onboard activities, shore excursions and personalized service make cruises particularly popular with mature travelers. Single seniors enjoy cruising, too."

Kirshan Murphy's insight:

Have you ever considered taking a singles cruise for seniors? This article breaks down what to expect.


Update on Cruiseable's development roadmap

May 15, 2015

In our continuing effort to create the world's most transparent travel company, we wanted to share with you the progress we've made since our last post on the subject, Bugs & features roadmap (which, in retrospect, sounds like a college course in entomology).

The next big feature set involves building out additional community elements, including integration of photos and videos from travelers, using the Rivet platform. (Rivet's a cool startup in Austin, Texas — check out their site!: Their tagline, "Inspire experiences between people and your brand," dovetails nicely with our mission.)

At Cruiseable,  we have agreements in place with 31 cruise lines, have reviews or previews of 360-plus ships, offer a database of more than 10,000 photos and have tools to help you select from more than 10,000 cruises out there. So you know there will be a bug or two with a startup that just launched in March and is whipping around the next bend.

Cruiser of the Week: Andrew Kamphey

April 27, 2015

For our second Cruiser of the Week, we have a new contribution by Andrew Kamphey of Los Angeles about 4 roadside attractions you shouldn't miss on Grand Cayman island.

It comes with some very cool photos of green sea turtles, a classic sports car, li'l lizard and more.

We've also just created a new sanding page for Cruiser of the Week. Let us know if you have a short writeup, review, story or series of photos that you can stitch together into a Visual List. 

Conference Room A on Celebrity Reflection: a modern facility ideal for getting business done.

Celebrity Cruises: Incentive trips to get your team fired up

April 22, 2015

Ijust came across the news that Salesforce has chartered an entire cruise ship to serve as a meeting venue and floating hotel for its sprawling Dreamforce tech conference in San Francisco, which will swell San Francisco (population 837,000) by more than 130,000 visitors for four days in September. They've even rechristened Celebrity Infinity as the "Dream Boat" for the week (hey, cruise ship nicknames have a long tradition, right, Princess?). 

So I reached out to Ron Gulaskey, Global Director of Corporate, Incentives and Charter Sales for Celebrity Cruises, to get some specific examples of how cruise incentive trips and corporate charters work.

Here's our 20-minute interview (and here's the full transcript if you prefer to read it): 

Gretchen Ludwig and Erika Helstrom at a TravelMassive event in San Francisco.

Travel Massive: Inspiring travelers to collaborate

April 17, 2015

Anyone who's spent any time in the travel industry knows that the sector is riddled with silos. Folks in the cruise, hotel or airline industries rarely collaborate or exchange information with people in other sectors. 

But then Travel Massive entered the scene and began busting some silos.

The global organization was founded in 2009 in Australia by Ian Cumming  and Alicia Smith, who's now a marketing manager with World Nomads. It started out as a way to connect travel professionals — travel bloggers, travel and tourism companies, startups and travel journalists — with the goal of creating a series of meetups where people could connect, socialize and exchange knowledge. 

This graphic shows the shift in device usage aboard cruise ships from 2010 to 2014.

Infographic: Smartphone use explodes on cruise ships

March 23, 2015

How do we communicate with family, friends and our social networks during a cruise? A study just released by MTN Communications shows a dramatic shift in our device usage in just four years' time.

We were impressed enough by the findings that Christine Davila of our team whipped up the infographic above — please share on your own social networks or blog!

Three reps from the Peru delegation at Cruise Shipping Miami 2014.

Heading to Cruise Shipping Miami 2015

March 14, 2015

Last year two of our team members attended Cruise Shipping Miami for the industry's annual trade show. I'll be attending again as media on March 17-19, along with our senior marketing manager.

This year's event is especially noteworthy for three reasons:

  • We're officially launching the Cruiseable website on Wednesday, March 18. (If you're reading this blog post, you're already here!)
  • We're releasing the Cruiseable mobile app for the iPad on Wednesday, March 18. Download it here.
  • We're hoping to add additional team members. 

I'll bring my fancy-schmancy Canon 5D and 70-200mm lens again this year — I get one heck of a workout lugging it around!

Here's my Flickr set from last year's event, and one of my favorite shots at top with three representatives of the Peru pavilion.

Bugs & features roadmap

March 14, 2015

In the spirit of transparency that we're trying to bring to the cruise and travel space, we're sharing with you many of the programming bugs that our startup is working quickly to vanquish.

And we'll also share some of what's ahead for Cruiseable. Have other ideas of what you'd like to see in a cruise discovery & booking engine and mobile app? Please share in the comments! We'll update this list every week.

The Best Fitness Areas on Norwegian Cruise Line Ships

From via

You can get a good workout during your cruise at the best fitness areas on Norwegian Cruise Line ships. The ships, like Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway, have a wide variety of activities to challenge you.

Freestyle cruising means you can enjoy your vacation the way you want. On your own schedule. If you're like me, that schedule is going to include a daily workout or at least some physical activity to let you know you properly enjoyed a complete day. Norwegian Cruise Line offers freestyle "Cruise like a Norwegian" sailings that its legions of fanatics enjoy so much. And Norwegian Cruise Line includes a range of cool fitness options onboard its ships -- especially its newest vessels. 

Walter Christen's insight:

John Roberts gives a very good overview of what workout and fitness areas are available on Norwegian Cruises present and future ships.  There is no need to miss your workout routine while on vacation.


See Carrie Finley-Bajak's look at the Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway calls New York as it's hope port and sails to the Caribbean year round.

And here is Danielle Fear's look at the Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Getaway calls Miami as it's home port and alternates weekly between the eastern and western Caribbean.