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Sunset on a Cuban beach.

Courtesy of Fathom

Sunset on a Cuban beach.

Photo gallery of first US cruise to Cuba

I'll get there some day, but for now will have to admire events from afar

With all the news about the first US cruise ship to go to Cuba, it just makes me long for warm breezes, cool drinks, and great music.  I found these Instagram photos taken during the past week, following the Fathom ship Adonia's historic arrival in Havana on Monday. Here's a short photo gallery to celebrate the occasion. 





Havana, you are full of secrets, aren't ya? (👗: fabulous @katherine.way)

A photo posted by Angie Orth ✈️ Travel Writer (@angieaway) on




Hanging with Terry, the cool Bar Manager aboard the #Adonia #havana #traveldeep #fathomtravel #cuba

A photo posted by Emil E. Vega (@emilevega) on



Morning on the waterfront in Havana, Cuba #traveldeeper #adonia #cuba

A photo posted by CHRIS HUNT PHOTO & FILM (@chrishuntphoto) on



Scenes from Havana. #TravelDeep

A photo posted by Cheryl-Anne Millsap ~ (@camillsap) on




Castillo de la Real Feurza, Old Havana #Cuba

A photo posted by Cheryl-Anne Millsap ~ (@camillsap) on