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Blog post November 7, 2023

Why Cruiseable?

We're here to bring simplicity to cruise discovery & booking

When you want to take a cruise today, it’s as if you’re a time traveler. Step right this way into the Wayback Machine!  Offline, travel agents want to send you print brochures by snail mail. Online, your only choice is a cruise booking site straight out of 1990s central casting, where you're required to navigate page after page of drop-down menus and browse through teeny-tiny thumbnail images.

Enough with the time travel!

At Cruiseable we’ve built a sleek, modern, visually rich cruise discovery engine that lets you browse through thousands of beautiful images — of both ships and destinations — accompanied by trustworthy travel journalism instead of marketing hype.

A community platform for cruisers & travelers

Cruiseable is a new kind of consumer travel publication, booking site and — most important — a community platform where cruisers and travelers can come together to share their passion for cruise travel. (We're not a cruise news site; head to CruiseCritic or your favorite cruise blogger for that.)

Get the feel of a place through thousands of destination photos and scores of original travel & port guides

Perhaps the most exciting aspect about Cruiseable is not our thousands of gorgeous licensed photos or our cruise discovery tools, but our visual library: Register at Cruiseable (it’s free) and you can use any of these thousands of images in your own write-ups, reviews, stories or photo galleries on Cruiseable. You can see these high-resolution images on any ship page or destination page, or by doing a search, or by heading to our Galleria

Not into cruising? That’s cool, too (though we’ll getcha eventually!). We’re also a site where you can browse through thousands of destination photos and scores of original travel guides and port guides, giving you the essential info you need when visiting a place.

The Northern Lights put on a majestic display for guests aboard Hurtigruten’s Vesteralen. It's part of this Visual List</a>.
Laurent Patin / Courtesy of HurtigrutenThe Northern Lights put on a majestic display for guests aboard Hurtigruten’s Vesteralen. It's part of this Visual List.

A rich collection of online visuals 

We've collected, curated, optimized, tagged and added caption and copyright information to more than 10,000 images from 30 cruise lines and more than 100 tourism organizations. 

Just back from a trip? We're developing a new form of travel storytelling called Visual Lists. Share your best photos or create a Visual List that tells your story. Here’s my wander list about Peru and a friend's bucket list about her Alaska cruise.

Or go ahead and dream! Explore the Caribbean, Alaska or Tahiti. Here, have a chocolate or nice spa and massage followed by dinner, dancing and drinks at a ship lounge after a full day on a tropical beach

We hope you'll share your wanderlust and discoveries with your friends and social networks — we've built in sharing buttons next to every article and image. See? We're about the art of serendipitous discovery, intelligent decision-making and extraordinary experiences, not just dumb searches for the cheapest take-me-anywhere fares.

Technology, journalism & booking expertise

We have four core beliefs that animate us:

  • Tech: We want to help bring a new wave of social and mobile technology innovation to the cruise sector, and we have the Silicon Valley chops to do it.
  • Journalism: We believe facts and information, not marketing or salesmanship, are what people want when researching a cruise.
  • Transparency: We're trying to build the world's most transparent travel company.
  • Community: We're out to connect the genius of crowdsourced intelligence with travel journalism, pro photography and travel agency expertise. Too many sites think it has to be one or the other. We think curation and creation, amateurs and professionals can play nice together.

Our team has diverse and varied backgrounds: We're journalists, technologists, cruise bloggers, social media pioneers, curators, cruise industry veterans and travel pros. Several of us belong to the Society of American Travel Writers. We have fulfillment partnerships in place starting with three top-tier full-service travel agencies that share our values of putting a great customer experience above all else.

Our roots are in Silicon Valley as well as in Miami and New York, so we built Cruiseable as a tech-friendly community platform for cruisers and travelers to use, not just as a site or app to view pretty pictures.

We hope you’ll join us as co-creators in telling the stories of fantastic people, places and experiences around the globe. Thanks for stopping by!

JD Lasica
I'm Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Cruiseable. Follow your cruise bliss to any land where it may lead. Let's connect! I'm @jdlasica on Twitter.