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Camel riding: A different kind of day trip in Cabo

The last two days I've written about my first-ever ride on an all-terrain vehicle and my ziplining experience across Wild Canyon near Cabo San Lucas in Baja California. 

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Today I'll tell you about my first camel ride — and, you guessed it, I didn't have to travel to the Middle East for that one. It, too, took place at Wild Canyon, just outside of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

My friend and I during our half-hour camel ride.
Jessica Hartmann / Special to CruiseableMy friend and I during our half-hour camel ride.

The excursion took two hours in all, though the total amount of time spend riding the camel was 30 minutes. To start the tour, we were educated and introduced to the camels. We were required to wear clothes over our head, as the sun was very strong, and they said this was the ‘‘local’’ way.

We were required to wear head coverings as a precaution against heatstroke.
Jessica Hartmann / Special to CruiseableWe were required to wear head coverings as a precaution against heatstroke.

After the guided camel ride through the canyons, we were able to interact with the camels. We had the opportunity to feed the camels carrots, as they are the camels’ favorite snacks. The catch was, we had to feed the carrots from our mouths, as the camels wanted to give us kisses, or a ‘‘beso.’’ Or so we were told. 

Getting friendly: Feeding carrots to a camel.
Jessica Hartmann / Special to CruiseableGetting friendly: Feeding carrots to a camel (click to enlarge).

Personal experience: My first time on a camel

This was my first time riding a camel or even being so close to one. I imagined the ride would be something similar to riding a horse, which I have done many times. Not so much -- the camel rides were quite a bit bumpier and more uncomfortable. But the camels were very friendly, giving off gentle vibes. And the trainers, using treats to induce the camels to stay on path, added up for an overall enjoyable experience. I had thought the total ride time would have been two hours, but a half hour was plenty for my liking.

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