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Tandem ziplining with a friend across Wild Canyon in Baja California.

Jessica Hartmann / Special to Cruiseable

Tandem ziplining with a friend across Wild Canyon in Baja California.

My ziplining experience across a canyon in Cabo

On my trip to Cabo San Lucas in Baja California, one of the highlights was my ziplining adventure. It seems you can find ziplines at nearly any cruise port in Mexico, the Bahamas or Caribbean these days, but the Cabo ziplines were thrilling and impressive.

What to do during your visit

My friend and I chose a zipline experience in Wild Canyon, Mexico, a fairly short drive from downtown Cabo, and we arrived early in the morning to avoid the afternoon heat. You'll find eight ziplines throughout the course. 

Getting geared up with helmets, gloves and harnesses.
Jessica Hartmann / Special to CruiseableGetting geared up with helmets, gloves and harnesses.

The zipline excursion takes a total of 2 1/2 to 3 hours. There's an extensive amount of hiking in between the lines, so be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes. One woman from our group was wearing sandals and was struggling quite a bit. 

While ziplining, you can expect to see views of the ocean through the canyon, and test your limits while crossing over suspension bridges, like the one I wrote about here. If you get stuck, you have to turn around and pull yourself manually to the end, so be forewarned -- this happened to me twice. The employee informed me that I needed to eat more tacos so that the additional weight would get me to the end of the line successfully! (Maybe he was looking for a tip?)


Taking flight across Wild Canyon on one of the course's eight lines.
Jessica Hartmann / Special to CruiseableTaking flight across Wild Canyon on one of the course's eight lines (click to enlarge).

Five out of the eight lines are tandem, requiring two people to go together, or three people in the case of a family. The reason for this is the need of additional weight to make it to the other side of the line. The children mostly always went with an additional person for each of the lines.

Here I am ziplining backward over Wild Canyon.
Jessica Hartmann / Special to CruiseableHere I am ziplining backward over Wild Canyon.

Traveler tip

Bring a water bottle with you since it gets extremely hot and the hike between lines will leave you parched. I didn’t bring a water initially and had to beg the activities guide to bring me one halfway through! Additionally, wear a shirt that you don't care about. I was wearing a white tank top and it was brown by the time I left. When riding tandem, the person in back places her shoes (which have been hiking in dirt ) underneath of the first person’s arms, causing dirt to smear into your shirt.

How about you? Have you been ziplining before? How did it compare to this?

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