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How to get into the Uffizi Gallery on free admission days

Uffizi Gallery is the top-visited museum in Florence and attracts visitors from every part of the world. Advance booking of tickets is the best way to explore the beauty of this modern art museum. But very few people know that there are certain days in which the Gallery allows free admission of visitors like January 1, December 25. 

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Uffizi Gallery

How to get into the Uffizi on the free admission days?

Vouchers are provided to the visitors to enter the Uffizi Gallery on the free days. These vouchers are issued by the interactive kiosks at the Loggia near door no. 1. 

In the vouchers, check-in times are mentioned which you have to be submitted at the entrance gate. Visitors have to arrive at the time on the destination, the maximum delay of 15 minutes can be tolerated. 

The free vouchers are continuing to issued as long as it will be available. 

Note: There is one person one voucher system on the free days. 

One should keep in mind that the vouchers are only to enter on the specific time slots of a specific free day. It can not be used as reservations and you have to stand in line for the entrance. One person can’t get more than one voucher, and if you are traveling in a group each should have their own voucher.  

New Alternative Way

The new system of getting digital vouchers is started on 5th January 2020, to reduce the long queues for the vouchers. 

The official website of the Uffizi gallery issued a system for the digital vouchers. You have to provide your phone number in which the verification code will be sent. The verification code has to be copied on the form of website. In the form, you have to mention the number of visitors and select the time slot among the available slots. After the end of the procedure, you can send the request through a simple click. You will receive a confirmation code in the message before the 15 minutes of your admission. Now you only have to show this digital entrance voucher on SMS at the entrance for your admission. 

Note: On free days,  there is no ticket reservations and priority admissions for the pass holders. Only disabled people, pregnant women and school groups (there is a daily quota for school groups set by the director