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On the bridge with a cruise ship captain (Video)

Celebrity Infinity's chief officer discusses plotting courses & dinners


As part of our series, "Behind the scenes with the crew of Celebrity Infinity," here's a 3-minute hi-def video interview with Captain Michael Sympouras on the light-filled bridge of Celebrity Infinity. We spoke recently aboard the ship in San Francisco as the crew was preparing to depart for a 12-day sailing to Alaska.


We talk about how the crew plots the course to a destination and tracks the ship's progress via geolocation, second by second. 

Sympouras also talks about a cruise ship captain's schedule (3 months on board, 3 months vacation) and his interactions with guests.

And he describes the famed captain's table dinners on board that serve an exclusive dinner with personalized menus for members of Celebrity Cruises' loyalty program. 

I had a lot of fun talking talking with Capt. Sympouras, who was friendly and down to earth. Perhaps we'll share a glass of ouzo in Piraeus one day. 

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