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  • Viking-Longship-Aquavit-Terrace-at-dusk - At night the Aquavit Terrace aboard your Viking Longship transforms into a festive atmosphere perfect to enjoy a summer evening floating on Europe's waterways.
  • Viking-Longship-Aquavit-Terrace-day - Take in picturesque European landscapes and historic villages from the Aquavit Terrace aboard your Viking Longship.
  • Viking-Longship-Aquavit-Terrace-3 - Head to the contemporary Aquavit Terrace aboard your Viking Longship to relax, meet new friends and take in Europe's scenic waterways.
  • Viking-Longship-Lounge-Bar - Relax, be open to new vistas and meet interesting new people in the cocktail lounge aboard your Viking River cruise ship as you travel Europe's waterways.
  • Viking-Longship-Foyer - During your European cruise on a Viking Longship, you'll rendezvous with fellow guests in Viking Alsvin's spacious foyer before embarking on an excursion ashore.
  • Viking-Longship-Foyer-2 - The spacious, contemporary foyer of Viking's Longships evokes elegance and style.
  • Viking-Longship-Foyer-1 - A view of the foyer on the fleet of Viking Longships that sail Europe's waterways.
  • Viking-Longship-Restaurant-3 - Enjoy contemporary cusine in a light-filled setting as you take in Europe's breathtaking views aboard a Viking River cruise ship.
  • Viking-Longship-Exterior-Stateroom - An exterior stateroom aboard your Viking Longship will give you access to riveting views and bracing ocean breezes as you travel Europe's waterways.
  • Viking-Longship-Explorer-Suite - Experience dramatic sunsets in the comfort of your own retreat when staying in an Explorer Suite aboard your Viking Longship.
  • Viking-Longship-Veranda-Suite-02_95 - Never miss a moment of your cruise with uninterrupted views and a private balcony in the Veranda Suite of a Viking Longship.
  • Viking-Longship-Veranda-Suite - Unwind after a day of sightseeing in the upscale Veranda Suite during your Viking River Cruises travels through Europe's waterways.
  • Viking-Longship-in-Europe_ - A Viking Longship sails through a charming village. A typical itinerary will allow passengers to spend the better part of a day exploring cities, towns, castles and museums with a guide or on their own.
  • Viking-Longship-Aquavit-Terrace-at-dusk - At night the Aquavit Terrace aboard your Viking Longship transforms into a festive atmosphere perfect to enjoy a summer evening floating on Europe's waterways.
  • Viking-Longship-Restaurant-3 - Enjoy contemporary cusine in a light-filled setting as you take in Europe's breathtaking views aboard a Viking River cruise ship.
  • Viking-Longship-Lounge-Bar - Relax, be open to new vistas and meet interesting new people in the cocktail lounge aboard your Viking River cruise ship as you travel Europe's waterways.
  • Viking-Longship-Foyer - During your European cruise on a Viking Longship, you'll rendezvous with fellow guests in Viking Alsvin's spacious foyer before embarking on an excursion ashore.
  • Viking-Gullveig-Cologne2 - Viking Gullveig with Cologne, Germany, in the background.
  • Viking-Gullveig-Cologne - Viking Gullveig on her maiden voyage in Cologne, Germany.
  • Viking-Gullveig-photographers - Everyone's a photographer on the maiden voyage of the Viking Gullveig.
  • bridges-Amsterdam-Holland - Bridges in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Schwechatbach-Austria - Schwechatbach is a place in the Vienna Woods in Lower Austria.
  • Germany-Bamberg-Little-Venice - Klein-Venedig (Little Venice) is a colony of fishermen's houses on the River Regnitz in Bamberg, Germany.
  • Germany-Bamberg-abbey - Michaelsberg Abbey in Bamberg, Germany.
  • Germany-Bamberg-cathedral - A close-up of the entrance to Bamberg Cathedral in Germany.
  • Germany-Cologne-spires - Cologne's two large churches are visible from the Rhine River.
  • Germany-Cologne-city - The city of Cologne, Germany. See it during a river cruise on the Rhine.
  • Germany-Frankfurt-Main - Frankfurt, Germany, is located on the Main River and served by several cruise lines.
  • Germany-Frankfurt-Opera-House - Alte Oper (Old Opera), a concert hall and former opera house in Frankfurt, Germany, was destroyed by bombs in 1944. It was rebuilt and reopened in 1981.
  • Germany-Frankfurt-Zeil - Frankfurt's main shopping street Zeil features unusual architecture.
  • Germany-Frankfurt-St-Catherine - Hauptwache & St. Catherine's church in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Germany-Hamburg-sunset - Sunset over Hamburg, Germany.
  • Germany-Hamburg-Rathaus - The Rathaus, or city hall, of Hamburg, Germany.
  • Germany-Kiel-City-Hall - City Hall in Kiel, Germany.
  • Germany-Passau-Christkindlmarkt - The Passau Christmas Market, or Passau Christkindlmarkt, is set in the old historic town center of Passau.
  • Germany-Passau5 - The scenic town of Passau, Germany. It's called the City of Three Rivers: the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz all pass through it.
  • Viking-Freya-Cologne - Viking Freya cruises the Rhine past Cologne and under the Hohenzollern Bridge.
  • Viking-Freya-Cologne2 - Viking Freya cruises down the Rhine past Cologne Cathedral.
  • Viking-Freya-Frankfurt-bridge - Stroll across the The Iron Bridge (Eiserner Steg) in Frankfurt, which is over 100 years old.
  • Viking-Freya-Bamberg-cobblestones - The historic city center of Bamberg, Germany, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Viking-Freya-Bamberg-bridge - Old City Hall in Bamberg, Germany, is located on the river Regnitz near its confluence with the River Main.
  • Viking-Frankfurt-night - At night, the skyline of Frankfurt, Germany, is a beautiful blend of old and new.
  • Viking-Passau-Cathedral - Beautiful Passau, Germany, features St. Stephen's Cathedral with its distinctive caps on the bell towers.
  • Viking-Freya-Nuremberg-Christmas1 - Take time to browse at the Nuremberg Christmas Market; this stall sells prune men, a traditional Nuremberg gift.
  • Viking-Freya-Nuremberg-Christmas2 - Nuremberg is well known for its Christmas Market, with Christmas decorations and local delicacies.
  • Viking-Freya-Nuremberg - Take a tour of one of the many sights of Hamburg, the Heilig-Geist-Spital on the Pegnitz River.
  • Viking-Freya-Nuremberg2 - The Sinwell Tower in Nuremberg, Germany, was built in the late 13th century to help protect its castle complex.
  • Viking-River-Cruise-Passau - Scenic Passau, Germany, is one of many picturesque towns you can visit on a Viking river cruise.

Viking Gullveig: Longship overview & photo tour

Have you sailed on Viking Gullveig? We'd love to hear your take and see your photos. The following information was curated by Cruiseable.


Launched in 2014, Viking Gullveig was designed for river cruising.  Since entering the river cruise market, Viking River Cruises has received numerous awards for its itineraries and innovative ship designs and onboard programming.

Some of the innovative spaces on Viking Gullveig include the indoor-outdoor Aquavit Terrace at the bow of the ship, an expansive Sun Deck and interiors that represent spacious public spaces, lots of natural light and light-blonde wood accents. Viking Gullveig is a "green" ship because of energy-efficient hybrid engines, solar panels and an organic herb garden.

Longships can transport 190 guests in comfortable, understated elegance, with hotel-style beds and amenities like 26-inch flat-panel TVs and in-room refrigerators.

Who will like sailing on Viking Gullveig

Viking River Cruises attracts an older demographic that is continuously getting younger. If you have an interest in exploring art, culture or history, then sailing on Viking Gullveig will make an ideal vacation, especially with the onboard educational activities available.

Other options: Viking river ships ply the rivers of Europe, Russia, Egypt and Asia, and Viking is introducing an ocean-going fleet starting later in 2015. See other Viking sailings.

For guests who want a river cruise experience that's more upscale — less crowded, more amenities, often bigger cabins — you may want to check out itineraries from AmaWaterways, Uniworld or Scenic Cruises. But remember, Viking is one of the most popular river cruise lines in the world and remains a good choice if you're just beginning to try river cruising. 

Where Viking Gullveig sails

Viking Gullveig sails the following itineraries:

  • Danube Waltz takes cruise passengers on an eight-day voyage, where they will visit countries — Austria, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia — along the storied Danube River. See the range of architectural wonders in Budapest and Bratislava, sail through the Wachau Valley and take a tour of the 900-year-old baroque Benedictine abbey at Melk.
  • Romantic Danube is an eight-day journey along the “Blue Danube.” Explore both sides of Budapest, experience Vienna’s imperial architecture and culture, and tour riverside towns in Austria’s Wachau Valley. Explore a baroque abbey and stroll cobbled streets lined with half-timbered houses.
  • Grand European Tour is a 15-day cruise along the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers. Cruise passengers will visit everything from the windmill-studded tulip fields in Holland to Germany's fairytale castles, as well as the Main-Danube Canal and Austria's Wachau Valley vineyards.
  • Tulips & Windmills 10-day itinerary introduces cruise passengers to some of Belgium’s most beautifully preserved medieval cities as they journey through the Low Countries. Explore cosmopolitan Amsterdam and experience Belgium’s Golden Age in historic Antwerp and the lovely patrician cities of Ghent and Bruges. 

Ratings & awards

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Cruises on this ship

River cruising: It's about destination immersion

River cruising is about the destination probably more so than the ship. The ports of call shadow the onboard amenities; however, Viking helps guests learn about the local culture, history and highlights of the places that they visit. Don't be surprised to see local dishes on the menu or local entertainers sharing their music, dancing and stories.

Viking Gullveig includes daily tours with the cruise fare, which makes the hassle of figuring out logistics less challenging. Most tours are done around lunch and then you are free to do what you choose until the ship leaves port. You'll be given a nightly briefing in the evening before dinner to get updates on the next day’s call to discuss the upcoming day’s activities, tours and logistics. Plan to attend the session to discover highlights of the upcoming town's history, art, food, music and architecture.

Viking Gullveig sails in Cologne, Germany.
Rolf Heinrich / Creative Commons BY-SAViking Gullveig sails in Cologne, Germany.


Viking Gullveig has one restaurant called, fittingly, The Restaurant. The atmosphere is casual yet elegant. Dinner is at a set time, and you are welcome to sit with whomever you wish. When Gullveig is not scheduled to leave port until later in the evening, treat yourself to a night on the town and sample cuisine at a nearby restaurant (at your own expense, but a nice way to experience the local culture).

This from the cruise line’s website about their dining options on board: “For breakfast, choose from a selection of pastries, cereals, breakfast meats, egg dishes, fresh fruit and selected cheeses. At lunch, select from the soup and sandwich bar, or from a choice of entrées and dessert. And for dinner, expect a five-course menu with regional specialties. Wherever you sail, you will find enhancements reflecting the itinerary — it is all part of experiencing the local culture."

Don’t miss: Al fresco dining aboard Viking Gullveig. One of the unique features on Viking Gullveig is the Aquavit Terrace, which is an outdoor space for you to watch the river while enjoying a coffee, cocktail, pint or al fresco dining. The Aquavit Terrace is equipped with grills for outdoor cooking.


There are 95 outside staterooms on Viking Gullveig (two Explorer Suites, seven Veranda Suites, 39 Veranda Staterooms, 22 French Balcony Staterooms and 25 Standard Staterooms). The top category on a Viking Longship is an Explorer Suite. These spacious cabins measure 445 square feet and offer 270-degree views from a wraparound veranda.

Overall cabins are average size for a river boat, but there is plenty of closet space and extra storage available under the bed. The bathroom has a pocket door, which is a nice feature because that design saves space.

Entertainment & activities

River cruising is very mellow. You won't find any large production shows or comedy clubs. What you will enjoy is some light piano music played by the house musician and local entertainers who are brought onto the ship to sing, dance or tell stories from the local perspective. After dinner, cruise passengers can hang out in the lounge and have an after-dinner drink, or they can walk back into town if the ship is not leaving port until later in the evening.

To complement your onshore excursions, take part in immersive learning and enhancement activities both on board and ashore. Classes in cooking specialties such as apple strudel and Alsatian flammkuchen; traditional performances of folk music and dance or waltzes by Strauss; and tastings of local cheeses, coffees, liqueurs and other delicacies are some examples of in-depth experiences that are included as an essential part of discovering more about the places through which you cruise.

Fun facts

  • Viking Longships are 443 feet long and 38 feet wide because those are the maximum dimensions possible for river ships navigating the locks on some of Europe's waterways. If they were even two inches longer or wider, they wouldn't fit in some locks. 
  • Viking names its ships after Norse mythology. As Wikipedia tells us: "Gullveig is a being who was speared by the Æsir, burnt three times, and yet thrice reborn. Upon her third rebirth, Gullveig's name becomes Heiðr and she is described as a knowledgeable and skillful völva."

Your take

Have you cruised on Viking Gullveig? What was it like? We'd love to hear about your own experience.

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Top highlights on this ship

  • What: River cruising
  • Where: Viking Gullveig

  • What: Cocktail lounge
  • Where: Viking Gullveig

  • What: Foyer
  • Where: Viking Gullveig
  • Sun deck with 360-degree views and shaded sitting area; organic herb garden and solar panels; putting green, chess and walking track
  • Free shipwide wireless Internet service
  • Balcony cabins have floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors
  • Aquavit Terrace at the bow of the ship is great place to watch the river roll by
  • Ecologically friendly hybrid engines producing less vibrations for a smoother ride
  • Restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows for panoramic views
  • Observation lounge and bar with floor-to-ceiling glass doors
  • Library corner and onboard boutique

Top dining options on board

The Restaurant

  • Style: Varied
  • No additional cost
  • Open: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Aquavit Terrace

  • Style: Varied
  • No additional cost
  • Open: Al fresco dining

Fast facts

190 Passengers [?]
45 Crew
4 Decks
2014 Maiden voyage
5,000 Tonnage [?]
443 Length in feet
37 Width in feet (max beam)
17 speed (mph) [?]

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