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Silver Endeavour: Luxury expeditions on a megayacht

Details about this one-of-a-kind ship

Silver Endeavour is fitted with state-of-the-art offshore dynamic positioning technology, with computer-controlled systems to automatically maintain the ship’s position with its own propellers and thrusters. This enables the megayacht to float atop coral reefs and other underwater wonders without utilizing anchors, which can damage the terrain or other underwater wonders in waters too deep for anchors.

With the use of a Remote Operated Vehicle, passengers can see sunken galleons, warships and passenger ships, and with dynamic positioning, it will just hover over deep sunken attractions without using anchors.

Interested in a cruise on this ship?

If you're interested in a cruise on Silver Endeavour, contact a Cruiseable travel consultant at 1-877-322-3773 or by email. You'll get a better deal than you can get by contacting the cruise line directly. Bookings have begun. 





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