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Salvador, Brazil: Brilliantly colored mashup of cultures (photos)

The third port in my recent itinerary aboard the gorgeous Crown Princess on a 21-day repositioning cruise from Argentina to Fort Lauderdale was Salvador, Brazil. Also know as Salvador de Bahia, it's the third largest city in Brazil with 2.9 million people.

As the first capital of Brazil, from 1549 to 1763, Salvador witnessed the coming together of European, African and Amerindian cultures. It was fun to walk and ride along all the streets taking in so many public wall murals in this coastal city that combines the new and old.

The historic district is located above the the main areas. It's filled with houses of warship of all religions and colorful old architecture containing stores at the bottom and apartments above. The newer lower city contains hotels, upscale housing and stores. The beaches are beautiful, with Porta da Barra Beach said to be among the top 10 most beautiful in the world. Tourism makes up 80% of the area's income, with the rest fishing and small manufacturing.

When you come off the ship you're met by Bahian women and live music: The women tie a bracelet to your wrist and you are told to make a wish and when it falls off your wish will come true.

Robin Lampert
The worst thing is to get off a cruise and not have a next one planned.  I have 12 coming up in year or more.