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Rome: Digging the culture (and ancient ruins)

On my Seven Seas Explorer sailing in the Mediterranean this summer, visiting Rome was like stepping into a world of yesteryear. Between the Catacombs, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, many ruins and the beautiful cobblestone streets, it seems like another world.  

First stop was the Catacombs, where the beautiful lush gardens would make you think it was a garden, but down underground were row of crypts — no pictures allowed.

The Vatican, the most popular excursion of all cruise lines, is crowded, yes, but the architecture is beautiful and gives you a feeling of peace. The world-renowned Colosseum is being upgraded in places and finished in others. 

The tour we took provided a look at various ruins, including an excavation (starting soon) of a site that once provided a race track for fighters on horse-drawn carts. My favorite sight in Rome was Trevi Fountain.

The port of Civitavecchia, about 40 minutes from Rome, was where Cunard's Queen Elizabeth was docked as well as ferries and other cruise ships. I spent some time sitting on the pool deck enjoying the blue skies and breezes and having a drink.

Rome is wonderful — you can spend days here. If you're thinking of a pre-cruise stayover, consider three nights. 

Robin Lampert
The worst thing is to get off a cruise and not have a next one planned.  I have 12 coming up in year or more.