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Driving Iceland's Ring Road

If you're cruising to Iceland, take a week before or after the cruise to rent a car and drive the 830-mile Ring Road, officially known as Route 1. In fact, there aren't that many roads in Iceland. While almost all of the Ring Road is paved, there are dozens and dozens of gravel roads that snake off it, some just a short distance like this one that ends between two glaciers. Others are many miles and some are definitely better than others, if "better" means navigable in a regular car and not requiring four-wheel drive. But even the potholes catch the brilliance of the sky and landscape so "better' in Iceland is relative. Most gravel roads are those less taken, and some give explorers the option of visiting the quieter side of a spectacular waterfall--the side where the tour busses can't go. 

Christine Loomis
A longtime travel writer and editor,  I'm on the board of the Society of American Travel Writers and chair of SATW's Western Chapter. I've taken 20 cruises on 13 different cruise far.