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A day in beautiful Lisbon (photos)

Lisbon, or Lisboa as the locals call it, is the capital of Portugal, the oldest country in Western Europe, founded  by Julius Caesar. Lisbon is made up of small municipalities totaling about 2.7 million people. Lisbon proper has about 500,000. 

The people of Lisbon are very different than other ports we  visited on our Seven Seas Explorer sailing: very friendly, low key and always willing to help you with everything. The city of Lisbon itself is such a mix of old narrow streets, trolleys, stores, so narrow that cars can hardly get through. Then there are financial and commercial areas with very modern buildings, parks, sculpture gardens, monuments and more. Set on seven hills, the city overlooks the river Tagus.

The longest suspension bridge in Europe is made by the same person who designed the Golden Gate Bridge. One of my favorite spots in town was the municipality of Cascais, where entertainment is abundant, beaches beautiful, concerts and plays free and the streets are filled with outdoor cafes and stores.  

Lisbon's parks are adorned with sculptures, architectural buildings, walking paths and many other recreational things. During my daylong outing here I saw old Roman aqueducts, lovers key park and the popular landmarks Jerónimos Monastery (Hieronymites Monastery, or simply The Abbey) and Se de Lisboa cathedral. So different than the rest of Europe, Portugal is a wonderful country to visit as are the people wonderful to be with.

Robin Lampert
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