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Visiting the Falklands on Princess

On the Emerald Princess in January, we cruised from Buenos Aires around South America's horn to Santiago, the capital of Chile. One of our first ports was the Falkland Islands, and we tendered to Stanley, the capital. The main island, East Falkland, is sparsely populated, with many more penguins than people.

There are remnants of the war between the United Kingdom and Argentina scattered on the hills. The main source of income is sheep and tourism. The views are beautiful and you can walk right up to the penguins, but you're not allowed to touch them. 

The town of Stanley has many visuals of the UK, and across the inlet are the names written in stone of the ships lost in the Falklands War between the United Kingdom and Argentina. 

 The next port of call was Montevideo, capital of Uruguay. It was once the home of the Spanish Citadel, and buildings are art deco and colonial in style. The center revolves around the Plaza de la Independencia. The city is known for its Angus steaks in its port area. The port has old rusted fishing boats that sunk during the war and storms.

Robin Lampert
The worst thing is to get off a cruise and not have a next one planned.  I have 12 coming up in year or more.