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Valencia, Spain: Modern art meets old-time charm

I’m just back from a glorious cruise on Seven Seas Explorer — I was lucky to have been on one of the early sailings of this luxurious new ship. More about the ship in a future post but here are some photos of Valencia, Spain, one of the highlights of our itinerary.

Valencia, located on Spain’s southeastern Orange Blossom Coast, may be best known for its oranges, the World Cup and the movie backdrop of “Tomorrowland” with George Clooney as well as upcoming “Dr. Who” episodes. This port was a combination of magical modern buildings and old town Spain.

The new area, dominated by the City of Arts and Sciences complex, was amazing, with a ride over the new bridge, which resembled the Harp Bridge in Dublin. To the left was the modern Aquarium and to the right a new development with sculptures, gardens and the museum of National History as well as the new opera house. The buildings reflected in a pool of blue water with sculptures throughout. The museum was made to look like dinosaur bones – very modern. A tram takes you from one building to another through underground tunnels, and you can spend a full day or more just in that complex.

The excursion continued to the old town of Valencia, passing the docks and buildings of the World Cup (the city will host Spain's World Cup qualifying games). The old city is made up of cathedrals, classic sculptures, forts and pieces of castles. There was once a river running through the middle of Valencia; it’s now a park with many walking and driving bridges over it. They still call it the river even though there’s no water except a few fountains.

The main square in Valencia is surrounded by stores, outdoor vendors and many cafes with gorgeous fountains in the middle. Spain is known for its squares and fountains, old and new. The artist Miro created the blue decorations on the museum walls.

This is a wonderful city to wander and sit in outdoor cafes and watch the fountains and people, climb the castle steps and see the beaches, sailboats and fishermen in port. If you have the chance to visit during a cruise, do it!

Robin Lampert
The worst thing is to get off a cruise and not have a next one planned.  I have 12 coming up in year or more.