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Maritime makeover: 5 cruise ship refurbishment trends

In an effort to sustain interest in their existing fleets, cruise lines are pouring millions of dollars into their older ships to have them stay on par with their newer ones. That means far more options for travelers across the board. Besides the usual basic maintenance and sprucing up, here are a few of the trending improvements rolling back onto the classic vessels.

Additional Dining Options

More Staterooms

Extra Cabin Comfort

New Water Slides

Better Entertainment


Walter Christen's insight:

Seems that every few years all of the cruise lines revamp their existing cruise ships to appeal to a broader audience. It is normal now to have more dining options on even older ships.  I have also sailed 3 times on Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas. Twice before they modified the ship and the last time after they made the ship longer (cut it in half and added a section) to increase the number of cabins, larger pool deck area and provide a grand atrium.  I found it fascinating on how they accomplished this.