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Fall fun in Cabo & Mazatlan (photos)

On a cruise aboard Grand Princess to the Mexican Riviera earlier this month we went to four ports. We tendered at Cabo San Lucas, still a gorgeous seaside destination known for its snorkeling and the beautiful rock formations.

The most famous of the formations is El Arco at the south point of Lands End. One classic spot, best reached by tour boat, is Lovers Beach on the calm Sea of Cortez side, while Divorce Beach, a short walk away on the Pacific Ocean side, is very rough and unswimmable.

If you head here in March, Cabo and is known for its college spring break scene, and lots of students head here for winter vacations, too. Visitors will find many stores, restaurants and vendors lining the beachfront, and sail fishing is one of the top sports. It's a great vacation resort area.

Farther south, we visited the seaport of Mazatlan. It was a raining day, but we toured the city. We went along the beach, which is being reconstructed for bicycle lanes and walkways. The city is known for its fishing, shrimp and many other shellfish sold on the streets daily. 

Highlights included the cliff divers doing daredevil dives (for a fee) on the shoreline, Devils Cave, public art statues as well as the oldest and longest beach in Mazatlan. Silver stores line the sidewalks and beautiful hotels. Pottery and all types of Mexican delicacies such as vanilla and sea salt are sold in the marketplace. Handmade dresses, shoes, belts and clothing can be bought listening to the mariachis as you walk through the marketplace back to the Grand Princess.

We found the Mexican Riviera to be a great place to vacation and learn the customs of Mexico.

Robin Lampert
The worst thing is to get off a cruise and not have a next one planned.  I have 12 coming up in year or more.